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The Sarandon Seal of Approval May 11, 2023

Posted by geoff in News.

Leftie flake Susan Sarandon is still at it:

Actress Susan Sarandon was arrested this week at the New York State Capitol while protesting for raising the minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers, according to a report from the New York Post.

Reportedly, Sarandon, 76 is part of the organization One Fair Wage, which argues that minimum wage increases that exclude tipped workers “negatively impacts women and single moms of color the most.”

I was watching Carson reruns recently, probably from the 70s, and Susan Sarandon was the guest. My jaw dropped as I watched spout off fuzzy new age idiocy while Carson tried to listen politely.

I had never thought she was particularly bright, but she came off as mentally handicapped. And then my amazement turned to a bit of anger, as I recalled that she has had the gall to lecture the world on a variety of leftwing topics from her podium of stupidity.

So I feel confident in summarily dismissing the tenets of One Fair Wage. Sarandon supports it? Must be rubbish.



1. vaitguy - May 11, 2023

If it quacks like a socialist…

2. skinbad - May 11, 2023

I think she was surprisingly “un-woke” on “me too.” She didn’t like Hillary, either (probably wasn’t hard left enough for her). “Fuzzy new-age idiocy” is likely her political affiliation.

I’m sorry I know this much about the topic.

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