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Dirt Blindness August 23, 2011

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This will probably be one of the hardest things I will ever write, let alone post on the internet for the world to see.  But it’s something I think is important.  Not just to me.  Or to my wife.  Or my therapist, or the parole officer, or the nice gentleman who sells tamales in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  I think it is important for anyone who has ever struggled with something, thinking they were alone, not realizing that there’s help out there.


Happy Independence Day! BEST UPDATE YET! July 4, 2011

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Hope you are having a great day, and pause a moment to ponder how lucky we are to live in this unique and blessed country.

UPDATE: Cathy’s Flag!

Yummy and Patriotic!

Flag at Casa de Michael

Casa Dave-O.

Happy Independence Day you goofballs.

Important Update!!

Wow! It's Huge BrewFan! (That's what she said)

Autumn Blues October 6, 2010

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This is a long gardening post. Prepare to be bored to shreds, after the jump.

Pond Negative


Reason #357,294 Why Michael Should Never Drink Again July 20, 2010

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Be afraid.  Be very afraid.



Lazy Saturday May 22, 2010

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Here’s some Schubert:


Slo-Mo Science Wins Again May 9, 2010

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Slo-mo+Water+Hydrophobic surface=Win!

Lines From A Doctor’s Office April 7, 2010

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The annual checkup, which I am obliged to follow upon ordering prescription refills and my asshole doctor decides it’s been a year since he’s seen me, and wants to reconnect.

This guy has been my GP for 18 years. I like him, because he is an asshole, like me.

Doc: ok, down to your skivvies, you know what’s next.

me: I think you drag me in here once a year just to feel me up.

Doc: (bitchy voice) goddammit, you’d think the nurses would keep the gloves supplied in here *sound of glove snapping on a wrist*.

me: I only care about the one you have right now. I don’t give a shit about the next victim.

Doc: Oh you think I enjoy this, do you?

me: If you think you’re gonna get some sympathy from me for your career decisions, you are sadly mistaken.

Doc: Shut up and spread em.

me: *whistles and looks at the ceiling.

Doc: Your prostate feels just fine to me.

me: I don’t quite know how to take that, is that information or a compliment?

Doc: Let’s call it both.



December 12, 2009

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Good Stuff September 6, 2008

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Most of you have surmised that I visited with Michael and Cathy this past week on my way back from work stuff.

Allow me to say this about de Casa Michael.


Allow me to say this about their welcome and hospitality, which I’ve enjoyed now more than one time.


Suffice to say, a good time was had by all.

TOUR GUIDE BATBEAR (which is the cutest darned thing ever, that I am given to understand Geoff’s daughter designed and wanted to send to them.  The little bugger has Joe Boxer shorts, which Michael pointed out to me, I did not look.

So, here it is the good stuff

Crimefighting dog, who Kevlarchick said she shared a bowl of water with.  I’m telling you now, that dog got some serious lovin.

But we loved on Kevlarchick way more.  She was a sweetie punkin.


Three more oldies but goodies April 4, 2008

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Reasons to quit drinking.


The Few, The Proud, The Throat-Lumping January 20, 2008

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Go here to see the new Marine Corps commercial.

via Michelle Malkin, who has some backstory on the Corps’ trouble with San Francisco.

Valor. Honor. January 14, 2008

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doing the job

Via Hot Air today.