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Critical Chicken Update April 18, 2017

Posted by skinbad in Crime, Economics, Food, Nature Shit.

Chicken population has gone from seven to three in the last month. I think we might have stumbled on a clue a few evenings ago.

Obama’s Legacy: Cybersecurity is Suddenly a Priority January 7, 2017

Posted by geoff in Crime, News, Obama's Legacy.
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So the administration and Democrats have finally realized the need for improved cybersecurity. Of course, while they were bumbling about in happy oblivion, those of us in the trenches have been seeing our medical, financial, and online information being compromised at increasing rates for more than 10 years.

Here’s what breaches and record exposures have looked like from 2005 – 2015:


There were 980 data breaches in 2016, with 35,233,317 records exposed.

Since 2005, we’ve had 6,789 breaches in total, and 886,544,750 records have been exposed. That means pretty much everybody in the United States has had their information exposed at some point.

But that never bothered the Obama administration before the election. Now that they lost an election, however, it’s suddenly important.

This has been the most self-centered administration I have ever seen.

Toy Fail – Spying! December 9, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Science.

Be careful, parents.

What’s wrong with this OTHER picture? November 23, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Fashion.

Another title could be: I’m thankful I don’t live here!

You gotta click the link to see the worst traffic jam, evah.


What are you Thankful for?


What They Used to Teach in Schools July 10, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Politics.

Back 100 years ago.

Read it and weep:


Bored Daughter + Compliant Pooch = March 15, 2016

Posted by skinbad in Crime, Family, Fashion, Handblogging.


Dancing Traffic Light February 7, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Fashion.

How are things in your town?


The Form of the Destructor Has Been Chosen January 27, 2016

Posted by daveintexas in Art, Blogroll, Crime, Ducks, Economics, Gardening, Heroes, Honor, Law, Mufuckin Pie!, Nature Shit, News, Science, Sex, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Stupid shit, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.


I couldn’t help it, it just popped in there.

Crow Trees January 25, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Ducks.

Only posting this because I liked the way the picture turned out.



Hard to enjoy your breakfast burrito when the crows are roosting 20 yards away.

Burglars for Gun Control December 14, 2015

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Man Laws.

Car Tattles on Hit and Run Driver December 9, 2015

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Entertainment.
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Reminds me of those things that some fools people put in their cars to monitor their bad driving habits.

Here’s the hilarious video:


“There was no accident,” Cathy Bernstein stressed to the emergency response dispatcher who had called her.

Her car begged to differ.

“Attention!” the automated call from the black Ford Escort’s vehicle emergency system had said after detecting a crash and calling emergency number 911.

“A crash has occurred in a Ford vehicle. Press 1 at any time for location information or press 0 to speak with vehicle occupants.”

A recording of the call obtained by local station WPBF features Bernstein, a 57-year-old from Port Lucie, Florida, telling the dispatcher (repeatedly) that there hadn’t been any accident and that no, she hadn’t been drinking.

Nor had she hit a guardrail, she said; another car had pulled out in front of her, but she had no idea why her car would call in a nonexistent accident.

The dispatcher was a bit skeptical.

Read the whole thing.

She was actually involved in two hit and run accidents.

Alcohol may have been involved.

Crap Tree 2015 December 5, 2015

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For Michael and the rest of you knuckleheads that I love.

May you all have a Merry Christmas.

Please do note the shotgun shell lights you could still smell the cordite on em if you were here.  IF.