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Net Neutrality Explained September 12, 2018

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Get Off My Lawn March 6, 2018

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Dave Stuff March 2, 2018

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I try to use descriptive, catchy post titles.

Anyway the weather was nice last Sunday so I decided it was time to power wash the deck area and hang up some lights to make the place all cheery and shit.


I know, gross right? Spider webs, bugs, leaves, dirt


Section After.png

Much better.

I know all this stuff gets made in China (or somewhere in Asia).  Christmas lights are not particularly complex so if there was a manual I ignored it like I do complicated stuff where I really should RTFM but still won’t.

But the vendor in it’s relationship with Amazon insisted that I get this information via the following email, including a an explanation of why these lights might not be exactly the “white warmness” I might have been expecting, AND a warranty and a sincere promise to resolve any customer dissatisfaction accompanied with a plea to please not rat them out on the item page.

I realize their English is much better than my Mandarin but these things are just so fun.

First, an Important notice regarding the warm white color (as advertised)

Section 2

A friendly greeting, an interesting explanation of why the product might not be exactly what I ordered but yet “It is not wrong item sent if you receive the color difference version”

It is definitely warm white if you compare it with white version, or maybe Slublog.

Then some handy instructions for troubleshooting.

Section 3

If bulb burns out, replace bulb. It will turn on.

And then a promise to resolve any problem but please don’t bust our balls with bad remark on item page.

Section 1

They did say please and kindly so were I disappointed with the warmth of whiteness I would reach out to them before posting an irate customer thing.  Besides I never do that cause everybody looks like an asshole when they do.

Besides, I think they’re quite warm and I am satisfied.

Thank you, MZD8391 Customer Service Team!

Japan. February 28, 2018

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So, there’s a show about a samurai who refused to kill a cat.

Here’s a couple still promo images.

Here he’s sneaking up on the cat and probably thinking, “This has got to be the shittiest contract I’ve ever gotten.”


But of course, they ended up the best of friends! Yay! Showing this pic to Japanese ladies makes them all turn fertile at once.



This is the trailer.


In one episode, the cat got fleas and needed a bath. The samurai sings a song. You’ll like this song.

The show is called ‘Neko Zamurai’ and the cat is a bigger star than any of us will ever be.

Thank you and have a delightful day.

Drillbillies February 6, 2018

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I’ve got to link this story just so Lauraw can add a photo to her rotation. Dude went after his cousin with a Dewalt. It’s time to ban high-capacity lithium batteries.

Police: Roy man attacked cousin with drill


Frightening January 18, 2018

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Can you see yourself?

We are Not Immune November 17, 2017

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Saw this car today near Camp Geezer ™.


How are things in your town?


Carnival Scam Science October 26, 2017

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Have you ever won a stuffed animal for your Sweetie at the Fair?

You beat the odds.

Do you own a Car? July 31, 2017

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You might want to watch this:



Millennial International July 11, 2017

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A Worthy Cause!

Critical Chicken Update April 18, 2017

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Chicken population has gone from seven to three in the last month. I think we might have stumbled on a clue a few evenings ago.

Obama’s Legacy: Cybersecurity is Suddenly a Priority January 7, 2017

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So the administration and Democrats have finally realized the need for improved cybersecurity. Of course, while they were bumbling about in happy oblivion, those of us in the trenches have been seeing our medical, financial, and online information being compromised at increasing rates for more than 10 years.

Here’s what breaches and record exposures have looked like from 2005 – 2015:


There were 980 data breaches in 2016, with 35,233,317 records exposed.

Since 2005, we’ve had 6,789 breaches in total, and 886,544,750 records have been exposed. That means pretty much everybody in the United States has had their information exposed at some point.

But that never bothered the Obama administration before the election. Now that they lost an election, however, it’s suddenly important.

This has been the most self-centered administration I have ever seen.