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“I think the body has begun to cool.” January 4, 2013

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“Wow” on this story. Just wow. Granted, haven’t really heard the other side’s story, but, holy cow. This 80-year-old man’s wife dies and police are searching his cupboards for her pain medication within ten minutes of her death. Someone needs firing if this is remotely close to what happened.

Online Shopping in Real Life December 29, 2012

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Anybody get as frustrated as I do with the Online Shopping Experience?

The Follicle As Statement Of Personal Power -lauraw December 2, 2012

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In the Middle East, the moustache makes the man.

You are not taken seriously there, without a serious moustache. A full, lush crumb-catcher makes you look older and wiser. Those who cannot grow a proper soup-strainer are turning in greater numbers to artificial enhancement.

Tulunay says he now performs 50 to 60 mustache implants per month on patients who largely hail from the Middle East and travel to his country as “medical tourists.”

Several other surgeons told CNN they have seen an increasing number of patients seeking the procedure, with most patients ranging in age from 30 to 50.

The procedure is known as follicular unit extraction and involves removing follicles from areas of the body with dense hair growth and implanting them in the desired mustache area.

Status is important, and ‘looking the part’ is especially so in other parts of the world. Any side-issues that affect others’ perception of our status become areas of vital self-improvement.

Asked my husband to grow a moustache a decade ago and I think it looked good on him back then. He grows a nice full ‘stache.

Shaving it off did not impair his social status, as far as I know. Well, no. I mean, I don’t really know.

Shit, he could have a moustache again right now. I couldn’t tell you with any certainty.

Honestly I don’t think I’ve actually looked straight at him in over a year.

I still like him and intend to keep him if I can.

slice of life November 26, 2012

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I came home from lunch Sunday and found my youngest son wearing a pair of these:

Youngest son: “Dad, check these out!”

Me: “Um, what are they?” (in my head, it sounded like WTF?)

Oldest son: “His gay shoes.”

Mom: “Hush!”

Youngest son: “They’re for running.”

Me, after a pause: “Like outside? You wear them in public?”

Youngest son: “Yeah, they’re good for circulation.”

He’s a diabetic, so circulation’s a big deal, but I kind of felt like he checkmated me with the circulation comment, because I was ready to give him a bad time on the goofy shoes. Apparently they’re kind of a big deal, but I’d never heard of them before yesterday.

I feel like I get older everytime I talk to that kid.



Hitler Finds out about the Debate October 28, 2012

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This video has some pretty clever lines.

The Cane July 27, 2012

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Years ago my dad learned how to do these custom “thread jobs” on graphite fishing rods, using colored threads to make interesting patterns of cross-wrapping, attaching the eyes of the rod using the same thing, and affixing them with epoxy. He did it as a hobby first, and later as a side business. His goal was to make about $5000 in profits selling em to buy mom a new engagement ring for their 35th (I think) anniversary. They were beautiful pieces of work. He made way more than that, and it was a nice side bit of income for him for 15 years. I have a dozen of em still.  End to end, probably took about 15 hours to make each one.

A few years ago, he got bored and needed something to do, and started buying walking canes and doing the same thing to them. He must have made over 200 of them for the past 2 years. He’d take em to nursing homes, VA hospitals around Dallas, and give them away.

This is one of the 10 or so he gave me, he just asked me to do the same. So I handed out the others at the local VA, but kept this one. Had it for a year.

I never even thought I’d have to use it one day, but I have been. It’s kind of a special thing to me now, even though he passed away before it became something I needed, and not just something I wanted to hang on to.  Because he made it.

So it’s something special that reminds me of him, and is also helping me get well.

That Fracking Thing . . . July 19, 2012

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I think it might really be doing something to the water. Duchesne  County is a rural area of Utah that has experienced a bit of an oil boom. I’m not sure if “Mother of the Year–Chemical Dependency Division” voting has already taken place, but Duchesne County is going to be disproportionally represented. How about a quick parenting quiz in case any new parents out there are Googling for appropriate responses to life’s little challenges with children.

1. A 30-year-old man sends your 13-year-old daughter an iPhone so that she can take nude pictures of herself to send to him. You should

a. Call the Police

b. Take a picture of a Great Dane’s balls and send it to the man and then call the police

c. Smash the phone, mail it back, and then call the police

d. Help your daughter figure out the iPhone so you can get some nude pictures of her to send to a “very good friend of the family”

2. Your nine-year-old son is irritating you by cleaning your living room. You should show your irritation by

a. Not letting him clean anything else

b. Cleaning it yourself

c. Sending him outside for awhile

d. Pointing a loaded handgun at him and threatening to kill him

Pro-Parent Tip–The Ds aren’t appropriate. Rule of Thumb: If your actions are likely to cause people to wish God would send just one more cleansing flood, try to think of another option.

Real Men of Genius June 19, 2012

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Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius

(real men of genius)

Today we salute you, Mr. Oversized Scrap Metal Thief.  *

(Mr. Oversized Scrap Metal Thief)

Any two-bit guttersnipe can filch a step-ladder from someone’s carport, but it takes real talent to hang four 12-foot aluminum beams out of the back window of your Grand Prix.

(You’re an unbalanced load)

Leaving the construction site in broad daylight you drive down the road desperately holding on to your stolen goods while watching out for street signs and power poles.

(Thank God for automatic transmission)

You didn’t even kill any cyclists or pedestrians in your mad dash to the recycling center.


And even though you told some nosy Nellies to mind their own beeswax, they were still able to call the police and describe your car between uncontrollable fits of laughter.

(Stupid cell-phone narcs)

So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, easy buck guy, because you can’t re-sell the “coppers” you’re going to be around for the next few months.

(Mr. Oversized Scrap Metal Thief)

*You should click it for the picture

Happy Last Day of School! May 25, 2012

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My daughter got a present for me. This is also the first photo my wife has ever sent me from a phone.

“Can I please take your car, Mom? I hate driving my friends in dad’s ugly car that no one would care if it got dinged.”

Zimmerman Facts April 17, 2012

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I can’t figure out how to embed this video but it’s worth watching.



Happy Birthday March 15, 2012

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To me. The big 44 for me today and this video makes me feel even older. I had the biggest crush on her when I was 13.


Home Invasion – Utah March 6, 2012

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