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How to Get a Job November 27, 2017

Posted by Retired Geezer in Economics, Entertainment.
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Easy Peasy.

We are Not Immune November 17, 2017

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Saw this car today near Camp Geezer ™.


How are things in your town?


I Apologize October 19, 2017

Posted by skinbad in Entertainment, Heroes, Humor, Obama's Legacy, Privacy, Stupid shit.

I’m over 50 years old and I should have probably outgrown things like this, but no. I hit a clickbait thing a few weeks ago and got a serious case of the GLAR syndrome. The story is here.

Short version: for a few bucks you can buy a lot of “For Rectal Use Only” stickers. I made the investment. My wife can’t stop shaking her head in disbelief at the stupidity, but I’m kind of a hero to my kids at the moment. I got 1,000 stickers for about 5 dollars. There are plenty to share.

You’re only limited by your imagination.

Ready Player One September 12, 2017

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Full disclosure: I’ve been a videogamer since I bought my first computer, a Commodore 64.

I read this book years ago. I liked it so much that I got the Audiobook so Mrs. Geezer and I could listen to it on one of our road trips. She enjoyed it even though she isn’t a gamer.

In fact, she said she wants to listen to it again, the next time we take a roadtrip.

After watching this trailer, I’m really excited about the movie.

Your mileage may vary.

Weasels and Thistles and Snakes, oh my! August 29, 2017

Posted by Retired Geezer in Entertainment, Gardening.

This year I have noticed an overabundance of Milk Thistles also called Prickly Lettuce around Camp Geezer ™.

Those suckers pop up quickly even where there is no irrigation. They are like gigantic, 3-foot Dandelions. I hate them!



Puddles July 6, 2017

Posted by skinbad in Art, Entertainment, Humor, Music.

I’m a new, big fan of a clown. It’s not that I find that terribly surprising–I’m not creeped out by clowns, I just don’t really think about them one way or another. Anyhoo, as many time-wasting link-clickers can attest, the Wide World of the Web is chock-full of click bait. And I’m pretty good at ignoring it. But I have clicked a couple of America’s Got Talent videos recently. There’s a deaf girl (Mandy Harvey) who did a great job singing an original song. You can find it if you’re interested. Then, a few days ago, I clicked on something about a clown that brought the house down.

This guy:


Empty Parking Lot November 25, 2016

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Mrs. Geezer and I ventured out into the Black Friday festivities today.

Yep, the Target parking lot was empty, just like this commercial says.

Hurt, Hurt, Hurt. November 21, 2016

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I had never heard this song until I saw the Johnny Cash video. I figured he wrote it.

Here are 3 versions of the song, including the original, (which is my least favorite).


Here’s Johnny’s video:





Which is your least favorite?

Where the Heck is Matt November 7, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Entertainment, Gardening.

Here’s a little pre-election fun for y’all.

God Only Knows November 1, 2016

Posted by Retired Geezer in Entertainment.

How many people can you identify?

geoff’s invitation to Idaho September 15, 2016

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Golden Rhythm Section July 25, 2016

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Mrs. Geezer will be in heaven when she sees this.