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What’s in Your Wallet? November 28, 2013

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P1070479L. to R.

  • Dual threat–blueberry/cherry mashup. I know nothing about the missing pie(ce).
  • Traditional canned pumpkin–if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m not.
  • Pumpkin from scratch. It looks like a piece would keep you alive for a week and clean your colon.
  • Cherry. This keeps the wife happy.
  • Coconut cream. I put a spell on you. Because you’re mine.
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Second Look at the Book Club? October 3, 2013

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Update and graphical representation of Sobek and son after the shooting range.

“Now we move on to the khopesh.”

Early Birfday Wishes March 10, 2013

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…because I’ll probably wake up late & won’t be able to put it up tomorrow when it’s time.


Here’s a picture of some monster who grabbed the note & took Moses’ clothes in order to wish Brew a happy birfday.


Special Update:


Hot Tub Nirvana for $100 (Re-Post, Not The Crap Tree, But ‘Tis the Season) December 21, 2012

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I can’t do better than the actual title. The other night, after some bloggy reading about “worst Christmas presents ever,” I asked Mrs. Skinny what my biggest Christmas failure was.  She’s polite and demurred. But I convinced her to lay it on me.

Here is the graphical representation:


To address your question, the answer is “No. I did not have Lauraw crate Dave in Texas and ship him to my wife 13 years ago.” If you care for the back story, I’ll continue it below.


slice of life November 26, 2012

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I came home from lunch Sunday and found my youngest son wearing a pair of these:

Youngest son: “Dad, check these out!”

Me: “Um, what are they?” (in my head, it sounded like WTF?)

Oldest son: “His gay shoes.”

Mom: “Hush!”

Youngest son: “They’re for running.”

Me, after a pause: “Like outside? You wear them in public?”

Youngest son: “Yeah, they’re good for circulation.”

He’s a diabetic, so circulation’s a big deal, but I kind of felt like he checkmated me with the circulation comment, because I was ready to give him a bad time on the goofy shoes. Apparently they’re kind of a big deal, but I’d never heard of them before yesterday.

I feel like I get older everytime I talk to that kid.



Happy Thanksgiving November 22, 2012

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We were so close to the best Thanksgiving in at least 4 years.

Feeling Guilty November 2, 2012

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Say Hello to the newest Bystander/Moron/Hostage… October 30, 2012

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  Samantha AKA “Sam the Sheepdog”.  She’s a 2-month old Great Pyrenees/Akbash puppy who came to live with us on Sunday.  Here’s a picture of her with her new bestest buddy, Mo’ Money.  When we drove down to get her Sunday, I was thinking “where’s that puppy we picked out last month?”, because she’s almost doubled in size since the first weekend of October.

(L to R): Samantha “Hunter Dog”, Moses

  She’s really taken to Moses from the get-go.  We set up a crate in the dining room for her to stay in while we’re at work/school, but on Sunday night I fell asleep on the couch with her snuggling with me, and last night Moses and I decided to have a “secret” and let her sleep with him (Mom is out of town until Thursday, so it’s “guys week with Sam”).  I think this is her first experience inside a house, so she’s been a little shell shocked dealing with indoor issues, but she’s good on “accidents” so far.






Allow me to vent August 23, 2012

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Do you know what I find offensive? Soccer moms, driving gigantic SUV’s (an Excursion to be exact) with “Support Our Troops” and “God Bless America” plastered on the back that are absolutely horrified at the prospect of their 18 year old daughter going out with one of those troops because they just aren’t the kind of people she wants around her daughter.

The kid met a girl that seemed absolute perfect for him. She likes hunting, country music and video games. She’s tall and athletic. Her Conservative parents are involved in the Tea Party, 2nd Amendment groups, charities and church. She even told him up front that she’s saving it for marriage which amazingly my 23 year old son has also been doing. The only problem he had with her was the age difference. They’d both be Freshmen in college this year, but he got delayed by that whole “fighting for freedom” thing. She seemed like she really liked him a lot and he liked her back. The funny thing is the fact that since both of those kids were raised right they’re honoring her mother’s wishes.

Apparently mom found out about their budding friendship, took one look at his “friends” on Facebook (almost all of them GI’s) and decided the age difference and his “friends” were just not going to fit into her daughter’s future. She supported the troops in theory, but apparently in reality she found them to be a bunch of foul mouth, drunken thugs that killed people for a living. All true, but that doesn’t make them bad people.

Brian is the best man I’ve ever known and he’s not good enough to be part of their family.  Utter bullshit.

Little Man, Big Soda June 17, 2012

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Little DBS is home June 10, 2012

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Just wanted to let you guys know that our son (aka Little DBS) is safe at home. He’s been back from Afghanistan for a couple of weeks and finally got a chance to come home for a visit. He said his time in country wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but it was still pretty bad. He only got into 3 firefights and had to deal with some IEDs. One friend got shot in the leg, but he’ll be okay. Brian was there and since he’s the Corpsman he got him bandaged up and out of there. He said it took 5 minutes for the helicopter to arrive, but it felt like an eternity. Another guy got shot in the head, but his helment saved his life and one guy got shot in the chest, right in the vest so he was good too except for bruising. Little DBS might need surgery for a torn muscle in his shoulder, but I’m not sure if that’s from his job or from something else. Praise the Lord everybody that was part of his group came home alive and with all their limbs.

Some of the stuff he told me about the IEDs would give me nightmares to live through. His guys came out alright, but the civilians that were nearby did not. He’s convinced that on at least one occasion their Afghan nationals that they worked with led them into an ambush by telling them to take a different route on a convoy. On that trip he said a bullet went through his window, past his head and pierced the window behind him. Close call. We put a lot of burden on these guys. I don’t know how they handle it. Brian seems alright, but he doesn’t seem as carefree and loving as the boy we sent away 5 years ago. That might just be because he’s grown up. I just hope that all these men will be able to deal with their memories in a positive manner. I already talked to Brian about motorcycles, suicides, drugs and alcohol killing more returning vets than the war itself. He’s pretty level headed and mature so he seems good to go on those subjects. I’m not against motorcycles or drinking, I just want to make sure he understands reckless behavior might be a sign of PTSD.

Saturday we found him a used car that will take him through college. It seems to be in good mechanical shape although a little beat up. He’s happy with it at least. His plan is to attend Oklahoma and get a degree as a Physicians Assistant. Apparently there’s a really good program at Tennessee aimed at training Corpsman/Medics into PA’s that’s he’s thinking about, but he wants to be closer to home after being gone so long. He won’t be living at home, but at least he’ll be close enough that his family and friends are all less than an hour away if he needs us.

The Navy isn’t giving him his terminal leave so he won’t be getting out until September, which means he won’t be able to start college until the next term. He thinks he’s getting screwed over (he is), but I pointed out that screwing guys over as they leave is a long tradition in the military. I know more guys that got denied terminal leave than guys that were granted it.

For those unfamiliar with terminal leave its means all that vacation time you saved up during your hitch can be used at the end so that you can get paid and receive benefits while you’re home looking for a job, starting college, looking for a home, etc… The military doesn’t always allow you to take leave when you want to because of mission requirements so it’s not unusual for a guy to have a couple of months leave still available when they’re discharged. It’s cheaper for the military to just buy back your leave days (minus per diem, BAQ, BAS) than it is to pay them while they’re on leave.

One more thing. I’m not much of drinker, but my son and I for the first time drank a beer together yesterday at a local Mexican restaurant. He paid.

Happy Last Day of School! May 25, 2012

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My daughter got a present for me. This is also the first photo my wife has ever sent me from a phone.

“Can I please take your car, Mom? I hate driving my friends in dad’s ugly car that no one would care if it got dinged.”


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