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I’m still alive August 27, 2017

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20170812_16462520170812_164552Not much time to post, I’ve been home for the first time in over a month and over the weekend spent less than 24 hours total at home because when you’ve been gone that long there’s always a crap load of stuff that needs doing. Here’s a picture I got somewhere down around Virginia. If I remember correctly we were at a brake check parking lot at the top of 5 miles of 6% grade hauling 45,000 pounds. It was pouring rain hard enough to force us to pullover at one point by the time we got the bottom of the mountain. It was actually the day that whole antifa vs skin heads thing happened. As we rolled through I noticed police and fire trucks posted at every on ramp and off ramp. I’m guessing to prevent blocking the freeway.

Need to head off to church in a minute. We’re supposed to head back to Allentown, PA to pick up our tractor later today. We live in the OKC area and no that’s not normal to be parked so far away when you have home time. It’s about 1500 miles from here. If I’ve got time before I hit the road I’ll try to post about it later. We have to be back by Tuesday morning for a delivery and won’t be home again until October 3rd. If the wheels aren’t turning, you aren’t earning.

Until then, enjoy this nice sunset from Mississippi.



GoPro Mystery July 18, 2017

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…with a happy ending.

A Rare and Coveted Innocent Bystanders Endorsement April 24, 2017

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My dad has quite a few pictures on slides. When I was a little tyke, he would sometimes shoot them up on the wall for the viewing pleasure of me and my brothers–which I remember being a lot of fun. Some were from his tour of duty in Japan with the Army and many others were from his college days and the early married years with my mom. Over the years, I’ve occasionally thought about those and thought that “someone” really needed to get on the ball and digitize all those slides before everything is lost and dad and mom aren’t around to remember any of the details of the pictures.

Well. It is finished. My wife’s sister bought a little machine and did her dad’s slides and we got our hands on it. After doing all the slides, Mrs. Skinny got started on all the negatives she had in boxes and we got all those done as well. We’ve probably scanned about 5,000 total. I’m sure there are competitors to what we used that would work well, but I have to say I’m fairly impressed with the gadget. It’s a “jumble All-in-One.”

There is less handling with negatives, so they go quite fast. Of course the slides are handled one at a time, but still, if you work at it for an hour, you’ll get a lot done. If you have been dreading such a project, I recommend getting something like this and getting it done. They are about $130 on Amazon.

Old Classic vs Uptown Funk November 21, 2016

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Hot / Crazy Matrix October 1, 2016

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For you guys who are still dating. Slight language warning (Bi7che$).

Gleason July 13, 2016

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Tissue Alert.

Just Keep Swimming June 22, 2016

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Serious tissue alert!

You have to go to the Legal Insurrection blog to see the video.

Well worth your time.

Healthy living June 5, 2016

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Apparently trying to be healthy disagrees with me. I decided to take my German Shepherd for a walk. She’s not the most social animal in the world, but she is obedient and HIGHLY protective. About a block from our home we passed a house with 3 medium sized dogs in the backyard. Two of them were pit bulls and the third a mixed breed of similar size. One of the pits decided to engage my dog so it got out of it’s yard, ran down the street and tried biting my dog on the neck. Riley, our GSD, kept herself between the pit and myself while trying to latch onto any part of the other dog that would fit into her jaws, so the entire dog in other words. The pit bull realized it had made a mistake and broke off the engagement and ran back home at which point Riley sat down next to me and gave me the “Why are you laying on the ground crying like that?” look. Looking at all three of their dogs I would guess that the guilty party is a very young dog that hasn’t learned to mind it’s own business yet.

During their little debate she yanked me around and I got pulled down into the concrete sidewalk, all 300 lbs of me. I had a leather training lead and a prong collar on her since I’m trying to control her habit of pulling hard on the leash. Mostly it’s working. I think the knee is the only real damage, but I’m seeing my neurosurgeon tomorrow and will mention it to him. We might need more x-rays to see if it hurt my new hardware in my back because I can tell you right now, that’s going to hurt in the morning. Hopefully it’s all good because I don’t want anything to happen to the other dog just because the owner made a mistake. I talked to them about it and explained the importance of keeping control of larger dogs for their safety and the safety of others. It could have turned out much worse than it did.

The Babylon Bee May 12, 2016

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It’s like the Onion, if the Onion focused on American Christian culture and was actually funny most of the time. A friend of mine who used to be the music minister at my church turned me on to it a few weeks back and now I find myself checking it regularly for new content. It’s probably not funny to people who don’t spend much time around  Christians, but I usually find stuff I want to share with my friends at least once a week.


Trigger Warning: If you like Donald Trump, Benny Hinn or Joel Osteen, you might not like the humor. They’re frequently part of the jokes since so many Christians have opinions, often conflicting, on them.

NASHVILLE, TN—Taking inspiration from grim Hollywood reboots like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, B&H Kids announced Wednesday that it would be relaunching the Bibleman series of superhero stories in a dark and gritty resurrection of the purple-and-gold caped crusader.

“While previous Bibleman encounters have seen the titular hero happily dispatching villains intent on destroying the church and the Word of God, this time Bibleman is really taking the gloves off. The Israelites didn’t show mercy to the Midianites, and neither will the new-and-improved Bibleman to his foes. We’re talking blood and guts galore,” the statement released by B&H Kids stated in part.

Prank Zombie Apocalypse April 13, 2016

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Older brothers convince younger sister that the Zombie Apocalypse has happened.

Bored Daughter + Compliant Pooch = March 15, 2016

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What a Difference a Day Makes February 11, 2016

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An amazing performance by an eight-year-old girl.