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A Veteran Laid to Rest January 28, 2019

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They could not find his family members. So the Central Texas Veteran’s Cemetery asked that members of the community attend his service this morning.


They hoped he would not be buried alone. He wasn’t. Hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to a man they did not know. Overwhelming support and honor.

Killeen is very much a military town. There are lots of retired veterans here. I expected people would show up this morning. I did not expect the hundreds that I saw. When I crested the hill on 195 this is what I saw. I have no idea how long the line was behind me but I saw something today that was fine and good.






Memorial Day 2018 May 28, 2018

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I don’t think I can embed this excellent video so I’ll just put the link here.

May we, as Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg, “highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”




Japan. February 28, 2018

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So, there’s a show about a samurai who refused to kill a cat.

Here’s a couple still promo images.

Here he’s sneaking up on the cat and probably thinking, “This has got to be the shittiest contract I’ve ever gotten.”


But of course, they ended up the best of friends! Yay! Showing this pic to Japanese ladies makes them all turn fertile at once.



This is the trailer.


In one episode, the cat got fleas and needed a bath. The samurai sings a song. You’ll like this song.

The show is called ‘Neko Zamurai’ and the cat is a bigger star than any of us will ever be.

Thank you and have a delightful day.

The Form of the Destructor Has Been Chosen January 27, 2016

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I couldn’t help it, it just popped in there.

Crap Tree 2015 December 5, 2015

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For Michael and the rest of you knuckleheads that I love.

May you all have a Merry Christmas.

Please do note the shotgun shell lights you could still smell the cordite on em if you were here.  IF.




Journalists Are Dumb People November 17, 2015

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Journalists are basically hair models whose mouths spew Democrat party tickertape. We would get better reportage if we replaced any one of these styrofoam heads with a person randomly chosen from any fast food line in America.

As her many respondents pointed out, this person works for CNN. Which even with their ratings is still considered The Media. And neither she nor any of her colleagues covered the Beirut bombings on CNN. So she indicts her own employer and coworkers for this oversight in coverage.

Sadly, many people also took the time to comb through her twitter account for any mention of the attacks in Lebanon, and it too was empty of any references to those events. So she further indicted herself as a “racist.”

The reason the word racist is in scare-quotes is because both the Lebanese and the Syrian people, are white people. Which destroys her whole premise plus…she should know that, shouldn’t she? If you’re accusing people of being afraid of other people because of their race, shouldn’t you do a little double-check? Or is she just so certain that these people can’t be white because they don’t look anything like the CNN newsroom?

Reflections on Veterans Day November 11, 2015

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I wanted to write something wordy and serious in honor of Veterans Day, but quite honestly there’s probably enough of that going around already. My father, myself and my son are all veterans. I’m just glad we’re celebrating our involvements in various conflicts with Veterans Day instead of Memorial Day.

Air Force Dad

The DBS 27 years ago. I was on a plane to Korea a few days later.

For Michael January 24, 2015

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the white

The flowers showed up 15 minutes before the service started. I think it would have driven Michael nuts, so that’s something. He was a bit of a planner and organizer.

My favorite Michael story with Cathy was about the first IB gathering, a Superbowl party at their home in Ohio. They were planning food for this big get together and for some reason they took my chili recipe from a post seriously.

That recipe was total bullshit. I loaded it up with insane hotness that no human would consume. Habanero, too many jalapenos, Tabasco, diesel fuel and some nuclear waste (even Tushar would have said “dude”).  I was just funning with everybody.  Anyway I was on my way to their house and Cathy called me and wanted to ask if she could tone down the habanero. I was completely confused.. tone down the what? For what?

And she said “your chili recipe”.

My chili recipe? What chili recipe? “From the blog post”.

A moment while driving on the interstate in Ohio.. then I remembered.  “You MADE THAT SHIT?”

Yes, it seemed a little hot so we were wondering if we could cut some of the peppers. I laughed.. “YOU CAN’T MAKE THAT IT WAS A JOKE. DON’T EAT THAT, IT’S PURE GASOLINE IT WAS A JOKE. RUN! CALL THE FD, GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER OUT IT’S TOXIC WASTE”

She said something about Michael wanting to make it for me (which could be a clue).

I think he actually liked supremely hot sauces more than me, he kept pimping that Marie whatever nuclear stuff all the time.

Anyway we all laughed about it and I remember drinking a beer with him later and telling him “I can’t believe you even made that shit” and all the while he kept insisting it seemed legit to him.

That was kind of our friendship. I loved tweaking him and seeing when I could get a rise out of him. Sometimes he’d take the bait, sometimes not. But we always laughed about it after. I’m gonna miss that.

These pics are purposefully not centered. Out of respect for the friendship he gave me. Which was huge.

the note

The Silence April 3, 2014

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About six miles from Maastricht. in the Netherlands lie buried 8,301
American soldiers who died in “Operation Market Garden” in the battles to
liberate Holland in the fall and winter of 1944-5. Everyone of the men
buried in the cemetery, as well as those in the Canadian and British
military cemeteries has been adopted by a Dutch family who mind the grave,
decorate, and keep alive the memory of the soldier they have adopted. It is
even the custom to keep a portrait of “their” American soldier in a place of
honor in their home. Annually on “Liberation Day” Memorial Services are
held for “the men who died to liberate Holland.” The day concludes with a
concert. The final piece is always “IL Silenzio,” a memorial piece
commissioned by the Dutch and first played in 1965 on the 20th anniversary
of Holland’s liberation. It has been the concluding piece of the memorial
concert ever since.

In 2008 the soloist was a 13 year old Dutch girl, Melissa Venema, backed
by Andre Rieu and his orchestra (the Royal Orchestra of the Netherlands).
This beautiful concert piece is based upon the original version of taps and
was composed by Italian composer Nino Rossi.

Delta Guard August 8, 2013

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I’m posting this just to make DinT cry.

Return to Black Hawk Down July 22, 2013

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Stolen from fellow Idaho Blogger, Clayton Cramer.

Father of Ted Cruz – Speech July 9, 2013

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