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Tribute to AZ Firefighters July 3, 2013

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Can’t link the video, you should just go there.


Throat lump warning.

Portrait of a Warrior June 15, 2013

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I don’t remember seeing this before so I’ll post it.

(Throat Restriction Warning)

Bowe Bergdahl May 27, 2013

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Last year, Mrs. Geezer took me to the Eagle Field Of Honor in Eagle, Idaho. This year she secretly purchased one of the flags and dedicated it to me.
I was touched.

Eagle FoH

When we saw the field of over 500 flags, we figured we would just have to search through all of them to find the one with my name on it.
This just happened to be the first one I looked at:


Here’s the link to his website: Bowe Bergdahl.

Here’s another Idaho girl that we lost in Iraq, Carrie French.

“That’s America” January 1, 2013

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I’m pretty sure at least one of our regulars likes old soldier stories. I liked this one. Former German WWII soldier moves to America in 1952 and (other than a stop in Wyoming in the winter, heh) never regrets it.

Let’s start the new year with gratitude for this wonderful country and resolve to keep it so.

Angel Flight October 25, 2012

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For some reason, I thought this was previously posted here but I couldn’t find it.

Grab tissues.

Let ’em Win or Bring ’em Home October 24, 2012

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Charlie Daniels Band with a good song.

Full disclosure: I’ve worked lighting for Charlie. He would open up his dressing room for drinks, snacks and photo ops with the Crew.

Weak and Timid October 22, 2012

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We spotted this monument near the Oregon border.

For You October 17, 2012

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Powerful song from the movie Act of Valor.

I’m sure you know that the actors in the movie are, for the most part, active duty Navy Seals.

Castle of Glass October 12, 2012

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I’m posting this for Brewfan, DBS, Mitchell, Geoff and … me.

Add any other Gamers I may have missed.

Larry the Flag Man September 25, 2012

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The Cane July 27, 2012

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Years ago my dad learned how to do these custom “thread jobs” on graphite fishing rods, using colored threads to make interesting patterns of cross-wrapping, attaching the eyes of the rod using the same thing, and affixing them with epoxy. He did it as a hobby first, and later as a side business. His goal was to make about $5000 in profits selling em to buy mom a new engagement ring for their 35th (I think) anniversary. They were beautiful pieces of work. He made way more than that, and it was a nice side bit of income for him for 15 years. I have a dozen of em still.  End to end, probably took about 15 hours to make each one.

A few years ago, he got bored and needed something to do, and started buying walking canes and doing the same thing to them. He must have made over 200 of them for the past 2 years. He’d take em to nursing homes, VA hospitals around Dallas, and give them away.

This is one of the 10 or so he gave me, he just asked me to do the same. So I handed out the others at the local VA, but kept this one. Had it for a year.

I never even thought I’d have to use it one day, but I have been. It’s kind of a special thing to me now, even though he passed away before it became something I needed, and not just something I wanted to hang on to.  Because he made it.

So it’s something special that reminds me of him, and is also helping me get well.

Memorial Day and Survivor’s Guilt May 28, 2012

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Every year my church has a tradition of having the veterans line up in front of the congregation on the Sunday preceding Memorial Day and every year I feel guilty because I feel like we’re stealing glory from those who didn’t survive.  We have Veterans Day. Memorial Day is about the dead, not the living, but in a way it’s not. Our pastor told us that we still remember the dead, but it’s too late to say thank you to them. It’s not too late to say thank you to the survivors so we continue the tradition. His words helped. Now I think that it’s more like a moment for us all to join together to remember our brothers and sisters that didn’t survive. People need a time to grieve together, a time of rememberance. It’s like bringing them back to life for a little while even if it’s only in our memories. Having talked to some of the other vets I know that’s what they’re thinking too. Some sadness, some guilt, but at the same time proud of those who gave all so that we could be standing there today. It felt like they were there with us.

When I first started thinking about this post I wanted to post the names of the 19 from my home state of Oklahoma that have died serving America since last Memorial Day, then in the middle of it I found out that a 20th had been killed. He was a Hospital Corpsman in his early 20’s, much like my own son, he was even serving in the same province when he was killed by an IED. His name was Eric D. Warren. His death was announced on Sunday.

Army 2nd Lt. Jered W. Ewy

Army Spc. Augustus J. Vicari

Army Staff Sgt. Kirk A. Owen

Army Sgt. Anthony Del Mar Peterson

Army Spc. Jordan M. Morris

Army 2nd Lt. Joe L. Cunningham

Army 1st Lt. Damon Leehan

Army Spc. Joshua M. Seals

Army Sgt. Bret D. Isenhower

Army Spc. Christopher D. Horton

Army Pfc. Tony J. Potter

Army Sgt. Mycal L. Prince

Army Spc. Francisco J. Briseno-Alvarez Jr.

Army Pfc. Sarina Butcher

Army Spc. Christopher Gailey

Marine Cpl. Jon-Luke Bateman

Army Sgt. Allen R. McKenna Jr.

Army Spc. James E. Dutton

Army 2nd Lt. Tobias C. Alexander

Navy HM Eric D. Warren

All of them from Oklahoma. The oldest was Army Staff Sgt. Kirk A. Owen at 37, the youngest was the only woman on the list Army Pfc. Sarina Butcher at just 19 years of age. The link goes to a gallery of their pictures.

Enjoy your BBQ, spend time with your families, maybe drink a few in memory of them, but please take a moment at least once today to think about how expensive our freedoms really are, and pray for the families that are still grieving.

God bless America.