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“I think the body has begun to cool.” January 4, 2013

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“Wow” on this story. Just wow. Granted, haven’t really heard the other side’s story, but, holy cow. This 80-year-old man’s wife dies and police are searching his cupboards for her pain medication within ten minutes of her death. Someone needs firing if this is remotely close to what happened.

Right Answer, Wrong Reason December 16, 2012

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Taranto has a quick run-down on a recent decision out of a federal court in Chicago (!), striking down the Illinois ban on concealed carry.  The short version: in D.C. v. Heller (2008) the Supreme Court said the Second Amendment defines an individual right to keep and bear arms in the home, for self-defense, in the District of Columbia.  In McDonald v. Chicago (2010), the Supreme Court said that right applied to all the states.  In 2012, Illinois tried to limit the effect of Heller and McDonald by saying sure, you can have a gun in your home, you just can’t take it outside.  In Moore v. Madigan, the Seventh Circuit said nice try, Illinois, but no, when you leave your house, you take the Constitutional rights with you.

I congratulate Judge Posner for getting that right.  But there’s a huge problem with his reasoning that has been bugging me ever since I read the opinion.


Zimmerman Facts April 17, 2012

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I can’t figure out how to embed this video but it’s worth watching.



Shanghai World Expo March 21, 2012

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Someone sent me this video. It’s pretty good.



I’m thinking magnets are holding up the bells. Can you figure out how the Musical Babes are sitting?

Dangers of PIPA / SOPA January 19, 2012

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I Wonder What BrewFan Is Going to Post About Today? January 15, 2012

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Packer Face!


When Practical Jokes Turn Bad November 30, 2011

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Have you ever played a great prank on a friend or coworker, only to have the prank turn a little uncomfortable between the setup and the payoff?  That’s where I’m at today.

In case you didn’t know, I work at a farm implement dealership in the parts department.  Back in mid-October, the parts department noticed that the sales department kept leaving the keys in a “gator” utility vehicle overnight.  They kept leaving it right outside the front door, so it wasn’t like it was back away from everything where it would probably never be noticed.  We kept telling them that was a bad idea, but they kept doing it day after day.  Finally, on the last Sunday in October, I was out at the dealership pulling some parts for one of our mechanics when I decided to make a statement.

I hopped in the UV, started it up, and drove it to the furthest point on the lot away from it’s normal location, where I hid it behind some combines in a shed.  I put the keys for the vehicle under the counter at my workstation, and then called a coworker AND a member of the corporate parts team to let them in on the gag (just so I couldn’t be accused of trying to steal the damn thing….I may be dumb, but I ain’t stupid).  They both got a good laugh out of the joke, and we thought about starting up a pool as to when the sales department would notice the missing vehicle and start a panicked search for it.

Skip to a whole month later, and the gator is still gathering dust down in the shed where I hid it.  There’s ZERO indication that anyone knows it’s gone, and that worries me more than if the sales department had blown up over its absence.

So I need some input from you, my fake-internet friends, on how to proceed from here.  Do I bring it back & put it exactly where I found it (with the keys in the ignition and everything)?   Or do I double down and try to see if they notice a tractor or combine going missing?  There’s a big ol’ 4WD Cat Challenger with front & rear dualies sitting across the road in our “used” lot that sticks out like a big yellow sore thumb in that sea of green.  I’m thinking that the Cat might be a suitable candidate for escalation, but I don’t think “going there” is a good idea for multiple reasons:  Mostly because there’s no good place on-site to hide it so I’d have to take it off-site to make the gag work, and that’s awfully damn close to THEFT for me to be comfortable.


When You’re Holding a Hammer July 19, 2011

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A Tea Party Republican, football coach in Tennessee was fired for writing a Conservative song.

Twenty-six-year-old Bryan Glover is a Christian who co-wrote a song called “When You’re Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail,” which takes a dig at the current administration and what he believes to be the wrong moves for the U.S.

He sent a link to his song to everyone in his personal e-mail inbox, which included parents from Grassland Middle School, where he coached football.

Here’s his website: http://holdingahammer.com/

Go buy a T-Shirt

What Makes Up For the TSA Putting Hands On My Junk? July 7, 2011

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We teach kids NO ONE has the right to touch them in their swimsuit area. Then Government overrules. WTF?

Some dignity restored. Thanks Southwest!

Happy Independence Day! BEST UPDATE YET! July 4, 2011

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Hope you are having a great day, and pause a moment to ponder how lucky we are to live in this unique and blessed country.

UPDATE: Cathy’s Flag!

Yummy and Patriotic!

Flag at Casa de Michael

Casa Dave-O.

Happy Independence Day you goofballs.

Important Update!!

Wow! It's Huge BrewFan! (That's what she said)

Happy Birthday To Me!! July 3, 2011

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And to The United States, of course.

I was reading someone’s piece on American exceptional-ism and they made the point that; if you move to France or Germany or England, you can never really become French or German or English.

But; if you move to the United States, you can become an American.

And that’s what makes us different. And, in my humble opinion, better.

Independence Day Weekend July 2, 2011

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Mrs. Peel tipped me this I think, and it’s f’n’ awesome.



I am headed to Houston in a bit.  BBQ.  Baseball tonight, Astros and the Red Sox.  America.

I hope you all have a terrific 4th of July Independence Day weekend.  I’ll be back to mess with you tomorrow.