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Hot Brazilian Woman In Trouble For Being A Hot Brazilian Woman November 9, 2009

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Seriously, this sort of injustice cannot be allowed to stand. Since when are Brazilians getting worked up about a woman’s dress?

In Brazil, famed for its tiny bikinis and carefree attitude, a university student has been expelled after violent protests by students outraged at the short outfit she wore on campus.

The Universidade Bandeirante (Uniban) said it had expelled the student, Geysi Villa Nova Arruda, 20, for “flagrant disrespect of ethical principles, academic dignity and morality,” in a statement published in some Sunday newspapers.

Her dress sparked student protests on October 22 in this largely Roman Catholic country.

A video showed Arruda sitting in a classroom in a mid-thigh length red dress, then six military police officers protecting her as she left the campus wearing a white jacket. A line of students stood by chanting “whore.”

I have no idea what is being said in this video, but I have the feeling this story needs a more thorough investigation. Personally, I think this is a miscarriage of justice. I mean, aren’t hot women supposed to display God’s beauty and majesty in the form of their awesomeness? Didn’t the Bible say something about that in the footnotes? Or am I just looking for any excuse to oogle attractive women?

Stay Out of the Water November 7, 2009

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Behold The Power Of Advertising October 22, 2009

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I dunno. I get the feeling this commercial is trying to tell me something. Something I should buy.

Give me a minute. I’ll be back with the answer soon.

A Surprise! September 18, 2009

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Dave: What do you feel like for dinner tonight?

MrsDave: I don’t know, maybe some Chinese, or I could make some tacos. What do you want?

Dave (opening the box he found on the porch): Hey, how about we eat lobster tonight?

MrsDave: We’re going out?

Dave: Nope!

ScottW and LauraW sent a really nice gift to Texas today, two live sea-spiders. I have never actually cooked a lobster before but I was WILLING TO LEARN.


 Howdy!  Where am I?

Welcome to Texas and get in mah belly.


The View From Somebody Else’s Window September 11, 2009

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Hey, if I had wanted cold and rainy I coulda stayed home.


How Not To Handle A Firearm July 28, 2009

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “How Not To Handle A Firearm“, posted with vodpod


Yeah, you might want to check that out before heading out to the firing line. Just a thought

The Sun Is Rising In East Asia May 16, 2009

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Right now, as I post this on Saturday evening, the sun is rising on the far side of the Pacific. A new day has dawned in East Asia.

If you look at our new flag counter in the sidebar, you will see that after five days, Innocent Bystanders is still missing hits from Myanmar, Bhutan, and Nepal.


Right next to you, on your borders, six Bangladeshis managed to get here. Are you going to let Bangladesh make you look like punks? Huh?

Anybody Want A Slushee? May 14, 2009

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Greatest. Movie. Trailer. Evah. May 8, 2009

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Yeah, I know it’s fake. But having endured total immersion in the world of My Little Pony, Polly Pockets, Old School WInnie The Pooh, Poodlena, The Littlest Pet Shop, learning how to put a girl’s hair into a ponytail, the merits of pink polka dot t-ball bats over the neon purple ones, how to polish toenails, and what kind of Garnier Products help de-tangle wet toddler hair (hint: Smoothing Milk), I have learned to appreciate what little girls like.

That is why I laughed my ass off when I saw this trailer. If you don’t like it, just punch yourself in the face.

Get Off My Lawn! May 3, 2009

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Educators have threatened suspension. Police have warned of criminal charges.

And yet high-school seniors continue to run naked through their neighbors’ yards spraying one another with water guns.

You’re doing it wrong.

In Senior Tag, teenagers stalk and chase one another around town, aiming to hit opponents with water from squirt guns. The last man standing wins. The game typically lasts for weeks.

“As long as they are not breaking the law, we don’t have a problem with it,” Dublin Lt. Heinz von Eckartsberg said.

But in many of the Senior Tag games, students who are naked can’t be tagged out.

Oh. Well alrighty then. Carry on.

The nature of the game makes it easy for fun to cross into illegal activity: trespassing, public nudity and reckless driving.

May I make a suggestion?

May I make a suggestion?

Chuck E. “Bad Touch” Cheese May 2, 2009

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A woman has filed a lawsuit against Chuck E Cheese, claiming the beloved mouse character at a child-theme restaurant put his paws where they didn’t belong. Jennifer Sorbello, 22, of Arnold, filed the suit Tuesday in St. Louis County Circuit Court, accusing a man dressed in the mascot costume, William Thigpen (AKA Rosetta), of groping her breast.

What?  You wanted motorboat?

What? You wanted motorboat?

I might have embellished the quote for some extra drama and stuff.

More Jury Duty Goodness May 1, 2009

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Let’s face it, unless Mr. T is with you in the Assembly Room, Jury Duty blows donkey balls and is unpleasant as well. But I can personally attest to the fact that while I hate going down to 12th and Market every three years, I have never gone to the lengths that this guy in Montana did to get out of Jury Duty.