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House Fire Caused by 9v Battery January 9, 2014

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How to Prevent it:


Hat Tip to my buddy Adrienne.

!!! November 27, 2013

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Wheelchair Basketball September 9, 2013

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The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.

Hot Rod Richie September 8, 2013

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Hat tip to my childhood friend, Tahoe Red.

Air Tanker Drop Yosemite August 26, 2013

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OK, this is cool. Listen to the radio traffic. These guys are professional.

Water Car July 27, 2013

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It ain’t a Flyin’ Car, no.

Thanks to my friend Herman in Ireland.

1948 Cartoon July 17, 2013

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Beware the ‘ISM’

Geezer Gamers July 13, 2013

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Hidden camera reveals Brewfan and Retired Geezer at social event.


They told you I had a car? They are such comedians. May 29, 2013

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I snapped this jalopy a few weeks ago when there was still a little snow hanging on. This low-mileage beauty is available for perusal at the local pawn shop. It just kind of gives me a smile each time I drive by. I don’t know the back story, but I imagine a sincere husband uttering something like one of these lines in his garage while his wife slowly shakes her head:


I know I need cropping. Sorry.

  • Weren’t your exact words “Get off the couch and do something?”
  • Are you kidding? This will save us a ton of money. Think what six snowmobiles would have cost.
  • Remember seven years ago when the snow was so bad you couldn’t get to the store? Problem solved.
  • Of course, now I need a new truck for the other 364 days.
  • Al Gore’s a loon. We’re going to need this thing.
  • I’m thinking a big “Don’t Tread on Me” decal on the door. Get it?
  • It’s too bad the drive in is closed for the winter.
  • You always run down my ideas.

Sell the Sizzle Not The Steak January 12, 2013

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Especially if it’s a so-so steak.

I present to you, the Official Ryan Potter Highlight Mix Tape.

Mark my words, this kind of self-confidence is going to claw it’s way into middle management one day.  Or he’ll be the CEO.

via TookieW via Andy

Radio Flyer Car December 27, 2012

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Samantha the Sheepdog Encounters Snow for the First Time December 9, 2012

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Mo' Money (in pajamas) takes Samantha out to play in snow

Mo’ Money (in pajamas) takes Samantha out to play in snow


  We woke up this morning to a surprise – SNOW!  Thank God I got my deer last weekend before the weather turned.


  Moses got out of bed, threw on his coat & shoes, and took our 4-month old Great Pyrenees sheepdog puppy out to enjoy her first snow expeerience.


  Last time I joked about how Sam is going to catch Moses in size.  As of a week ago last thursday, the score was Moses 43 pounds, Samantha 33 pounds (up 8 pounds in 3 weeks).  I told him that he’d better start doubling up on biscuits & gravy if he wants to stay ahead of the eating monster who lives in our house now.  Yesterday I took Moses AND Samantha to Des Moines to do some early Christmas shopping while Mommy worked on some projects.  On the way home, Mo said “I think we should start calling Sam “Fuzzball” Daddy”.  I told him that he should call her that when she does something she’s not supposed to do.  Sort of like how Mommy uses his first, middle AND last names when he’s in trouble.


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