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September 9, 1972 September 9, 2010

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We Wuz Robbed!

And then, an American coaching the Russian team in this year’s World Championships had this piece of genius:

“I hate to say it, as an American, but it looks like the Russians were right that the American team was not cheated. Funny things happened. But, in reality, it was fair. It was fair.”

Whatever. Anyway, here is Team USA Coach Mike Krzyzewski (USMA, ’69) responding

“He’s (Blatt) a Russian. You know, he coaches the Russian team, so he probably has that viewpoint, and his eyes are clearer now because there are no tears in them.

“So, it’s great. Whatever he thinks, he thinks. It really has absolutely no bearing on what we’re trying to do tomorrow. Absolutely none.

“And we’ve addressed that that game was played 38 years ago, and five of these guys are 21. So I don’t think they remember it as well. It is what it is. It’ll be a negative from the way the U.S. looks at it forever, and should be. And it’ll be in some ways a positive for those who believe in fairy tales.”

Thank you, Coach K. Thank you.

Jon-A-Than August 25, 2010

Posted by Michael in Movies.

In a comment thread below, Dick says:

If you had a hair on your ass, you’d post a clip from the greatness known as Rollerball.

Normally, I would ignore such a childish and unseemly taunt.  I am far too mature to be affected by churlish barbs of that ilk.

However, I did get a mirror to check, and it turns out I still do have a hair on my ass.  So there, Dickwad.

Movie Review: Director’s Cut of Blade Runner August 24, 2010

Posted by Michael in Movies.

Just watched the “director’s cut” version of Blade Runner on a Blu-Ray DVD with our new surround sound system.

My review:  Holy shit, that was good.

Blade Runner is one of those movies you don’t forget, so when you watch the longer director’s cut, it’s fun because you are always thinking, hey, this right here is shit they cut which I haven’t seen before.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say that this movie is almost as good as the original Rollerball.

There’s not much more I can say than that.

It doesn’t get better than this:



I Want To Know What Became of the Changes We Waited For Love to Bring August 18, 2010

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You Want a Piece of Me? July 2, 2010

Posted by daveintexas in Art, Ballistics, Economics, Food, Law, Movies, Philosophy, Religion, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

Bring it, sucka.  I’ll lick your face clean off.

I bet your face would taste pretty good with a little barbecue sauce


(I know. We need something to lighten up the awesome economic news.)

IBTSFP Rule #2: ALWAYS use a Coaster in the Persimmon Room. June 26, 2010

Posted by wintersetruss in Crime, Gardening, Movies, Women Ranting.

  And don’t even THINK about tossing those towels on the floor.  That’s why the hamper is there, bub.

  Cathy is a gracious host, but getting on her Crap List is Not.  A.  Good.  Idea.  I’m just saying.

I’m the Damn Paterfamilias! June 21, 2010

Posted by skinbad in Entertainment, Family, Man Laws, Movies, Pop Culture.

Kind of late, but happy Father’s Day. This is what I got:

And my daughter saw a VHS version of “True Lies” for a dollar at a yard sale and got it for me, because I once made the observation that every time it’s on, and Jamie Lee Curtis starts to do her little dance, all my kids and their friends somehow show up in the room and I get embarrassed and have to change the channel. So, now that the forbidden fruit is mine for the viewing, I’m sure it won’t be nearly as interesting. Oh well.

Dog Instincts June 14, 2010

Posted by daveintexas in Ducks, Food, History, Movies, Nature Shit, Pop Culture, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Travel.

I don’t really know anything about dog instincts, except a beagle’s natural inclination to be annoying as hell, but this struck me as pretty funny. My kid’s new puppy met a friend’s dog over the weekend. A hundred and ten pound weimaraner.

Now to me, a little 5 or 6 pound lab puppy sounds like a pretty good snack for this beast. But my kid told me she momma’d him all afternoon, looking after him and being very sweet and gentle. She sent me this pic.

Pretty funny, and yeah, kinda cute.

Kung Fu Bear? Kung Fu Bear! May 25, 2010

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I don’t care if this is faked or not, this can eat from the big bowl of WIN and have a side dish of awesome any day of the week, in my opinion.

Movie Review of The Contract April 10, 2010

Posted by Michael in Movies.

We just watched this.  Here is what you need to know about this movie:

1. Morgan Freeman.

2. John Cusack.

3. Lots of shooting and other kinds of violence plus plot twists and good people in danger being hunted by professional killers in the wilderness.

Need I say more?

I think not. It’s a winner. By “winner” I mean, of course, that I did not fall asleep on the couch watching some movie about relationships that Cathy put in our NetFlix queue.

You will have a hard time finding a movie with Morgan Freeman that you don’t enjoy. He (or his agent) is a genius at picking scripts.

Well, to be objective, I probably should say that the movie lacks even a fleeting glance at a pair of bare boobs.  There is not even a wet hooter-stretched T-shirt with nipple bulges clearly discernible.  But the movie is otherwise interesting enough that this omission is forgivable.

Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood March 24, 2010

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You sure are looking good.

My, what a big donut you have.

Another email gift. If you want to see how Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and others ended up after “happily every after” you can go here to see photographer Dina Goldstein’s work.

I think Eddie is getting worked up looking at the shoes. Easy, boy.

Who Lets Women Rent Posh Shoes on the Cheap? March 5, 2010

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The Online Fairy F****** Godmother.

That’s who.