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Gates Goes Nuclear November 27, 2019

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Three Words: Traveling. Wave. Reactor.


From the Unsavory Headlines Department November 25, 2019

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Eye-popping rise in BB-gun injuries, study finds


Just in Time for Reparations! November 25, 2019

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Anyone Can Identify as Black, Lecturers Union Says

The UCU, the British union of university lecturers, said that white people should be able to identify as black, men as women, or straight people as gay.


Scary Robot with Guns November 4, 2019

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OK we all know this is Photoshopped but the quality is pretty amazing.

Thanks to my buddy Kelly, The Skydiving Realtor, for sending this to me.

The Cost of Elizabeth Warren November 2, 2019

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Many commentators have gasped over Elizabeth Warren’s $52 billion (over 10 years) Medicare-for-All plan, and have laughed at her optimistic, double-booked, scheme for funding it. But I haven’t seen anybody tally up the costs of all her plans.

But I don’t get out much.

Anyway, presuming you haven’t seen a total either, here goes (all numbers taken from her website):

Program 10-Year Cost
Environment $3 Trillion
Medicare-for-All $52 Trillion
Education $1.25 Trillion
Child Care ~$0.7 Trillion*
Gun Control 0.001 Trillion
Immigration 0.015 Trillion
Social Security >$1.5 Trillion**
TOTAL $58.6 Trillion


I may have missed a few, but I think that’s bad enough. For reference, the CBO’s latest 10-year budget projection (2020 – 2029) for the entire federal budget is $57.85 trillion.

She claims that it’ll all be paid for by increased taxes on corporations and the wealthy.


*Her website says that the cost will be roughly 1/4 of $2.75 trillion
** She never tallies it up, but just her provision for adding $200/month/person is $1.46 trillion

Brief Movie Reviews November 1, 2019

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Hopefully not too spoilery. Obviously focused on action/action comedy movies, since my taste in movies stopped evolving at age 16.

Hobbes and Shaw (2019): First hour and a half are great – lots of action, quipping, and explosions. Female lead (Vanessa Kirby) is outstanding. Johnson and Statham are fun, and the cameos by Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart leave you wanting more. Idris Elba’s villain was smart, competent, and menacing.

Then they get to Samoa, and things get ridiculously stupid very quickly. I’m talking super, super, super stupid.

Shaft (2019): Started off a little slow, and Jessie Usher (playing baby Shaft) seemed stiff at the beginning, but then things started gelling. Ended up really liking it, and especially liked the appearance of Richard Roundtree as granddaddy Shaft.

Avengers Endgame (2019): I’m probably one of the few people who didn’t like Endgame. Cheesy plot gimmick, too much of a TV series farewell episode vibe, too PC, too many characters at the end, and unsatisfying resolutions of many of the stories. But it sure is long!

Spiderman: Far From Home (2019): Great movie – funny, actiony, super effects, and a bit of heart. Peter Parker may be a bit whiny, but he’s at that age.

John Wick 3 (2019). Just lots and lots and more lots of shooting, peppered with really creative (and funny) alternate ways of killing people. Which I love. Kind of the same pace as Dredd or The Raid. Which I love.

The Magnitude of Lobbying October 27, 2019

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Never really understood how much money is spent on lobbying every year. Open Secrets tallied it up:

That’s $2.5 billion every single year.

It’s no wonder Washington DC doesn’t seem particularly well-aligned with the interests of the rest of us.

The Terror of the CA Fires October 27, 2019

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This video, taken by a family’s doorbell camera, shows the family’s panicked evacuation from their home as the CA fire approaches. You can see flames at the right of the screen.

Freaky stuff.

Merkel Recants October 21, 2019

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The poster chancellor for open borders finally acknowledges reality:

Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democrats (CDU), Merkel said allowing people of different cultural backgrounds to live side by side without integrating had not worked in a country that is home to some four million Muslims.
“This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel told the meeting in Potsdam, south of Berlin.

She said too little had been required of immigrants in the past and repeated her usual line that they should learn German in order to get by in school and have opportunities on the labor market.


What a difference 2 years make:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her controversial decision to admit over a million refugees in 2015, and insisted she had no regrets, saying she would take the big decisions “the same way again.”

“It was an extraordinary situation and I made my decision based on what I thought was right from a political and humanitarian standpoint,” she told the Welt am Sonntag.

“I’d make all the important decisions of 2015 the same way again,” Merkel added.

After years of lecturing the world on their moral responsibility to accommodate society-shifting levels of refugee immigration, Merkel finally acknowledges the damage she has caused.

That Wacky Colorado Weather October 10, 2019

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Yesterday’s High: 79°F

Yesterday’s Low: 22°F

The Racism Trap October 9, 2019

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Just reading Campus Reform’s article on San Diego City College’s flyer for their “Confronting White Supremacy through the Arts” event (H/T to Instapundit). The flyer included this graphic:
There are obvious and detestable incidences of racism (Housing Discrimination, Hiring Discrimination, etc.) mixed in with ridiculous items such as “But we’re all just one human family.”

But trying to sum up the the philosophy of the graphic, I come to these conclusions:

  • A non-POC cannot contest any points made by the racism cottage industry, or you’re a racist
  • There is no solution to racism, because the racism cottage industry is about browbeating, not racial harmony

Note the way the points in the graphic fence the non-POC individual in:

  • You can’t try to help (“Self-appointed White Ally”; “White Savior Complex”)
  • You can’t try to treat everybody equally (“Colorblindness”)
  • You can’t try to enjoy/integrate other cultures (“Cultural Appropriation”)

So all of the paths to a solution are cut off. Even trying to propose a solution makes you a racist.

The only “solution” that the racites seem to entertain is perpetual racial navel-gazing on a finer and finer scale, accompanied by wealth transfer based on race.

That approach means that there will never be a solution to racism.

Taxing Wealth, Part IV October 2, 2019

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OK, all the distractions are gone and I can finally keep my promise and talk about the Cato poll. This study focused on trying to determine the importance of compassion for the needy vs. resentment toward the rich in defining attitudes on wealth and capitalism.

I think the most telling chart was this one:

Cato Poll Billionaires Immoral.GIF

Compassion for the needy is actually slightly anti-correlated with the acceptability of billionaires, while resentment of the wealthy is high correlated.

So Bernie and his Bros are really just envious of wealth, and looking to cut the legs out from under those who are wealthy.

Attitudes Toward Capitalism. It has long been my thesis that those who hate capitalism are those who suck at it, and who envy those who don’t. As the poll results below indicate, the level of  compassion you have for the unfortunate is more weakly correlated with hating capitalism than is harboring resentment toward the rich:

Cato Poll on Capitalism.GIF
Obviously resentment/envy isn’t the only reason people don’t like capitalism, but it’s just as obviously a leading cause.