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!!! November 27, 2013

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HoneyHoney September 12, 2013

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Interesting sounding trio.
Here’s their song “Thin Line”.

The Shadow over Meriden January 28, 2013

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  I’m posting today because Moses threw up before dawn this morning, which means that I’m off work today on “Daddy Duty”.

  But he wasn’t the only one who had a weird night.  I don’t know if it was that last slice of pizza I ate right before going to bed, or the fact that I watched the entire Season 3 of “Archer” collection on DVD while reading a compilation of Lovecraftian short stories over the weekend, but SOMETHING caused me to have a weird frickin’ dream last night. (more…)

My Favorite Time of Year December 24, 2012

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Brewfan will probably like this newer Christmas song because it shows people drinking beer.
They received no funding for recording it or making the video which was filmed at a museum in Shropshire, UK. Many of the characters in the video are museum staff, I actually make a cameo appearance in the beginning*.

You can get more information at the Florin Street Band website.

*not really

Black Ops 2 on Black Friday November 23, 2012

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Brewfan, Retired Geezer and I are going to try playing Black Ops together tonight. If anybody else out there would like to get in with us I’ll be on around 9pm CST on Xbox Live. Send me a friend request with the words “Innocent Bystanders” in it if you want to join us. I like Domination, Hardpoint, and Headquarters, but I’m pretty sure we can be flexible about what gametypes we play.

My user name is “AKA The Seeker”.

Yes, it’s my favorite song by The Who.

Matt always makes me Smile June 27, 2012

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You’ve seen him dancing before.
Here’s his newest video.

How are things in your town?

Do you know who I am? June 3, 2012

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This is my favorite short film about stereotypes ever.

And yes, I realize how old it is, I just noticed it in my favorites list and watched it again today.

” I’M A BLACK MAN IN A ************* ALLEY!”

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter March 18, 2012

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Note the sweet ax gun at the end.

They Keep Saying . . . January 23, 2012

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. . . that the recent (and historically insignificant) uptick in global temperatures is a catastrophe caused by CO2, which is about to run out of control.  They breathlessly point towards computer models (as opposed to actual science) in support of their alarums.

I don’t think any responsible person denies the uptick.  We just question whether science really supports the alleged cause.  The Priesthood of AGW Believers continues, despite all evidence, to insist that it must be human energy consumption — plus eating meat from animals that fart a lot.  They sneer at other explanations, like solar activity.

Take a look.

Thanks to Liberalguy, where I found this graph.

I am not a scientist, nor do I play one on TV, but it seems kinda obvious that solar flux (the IR band in particular) emitted by cyclical sunspost activity just might somehow relate to planetary temperature fluctuations.

Of course, some real scientists are thinking about this in a reasonable way.  The issue is not just sunspots, any more than it is just CO2.  Clouds  and air pressure are big factors, which act sort of like global thermostats that moderate the earth’s energy budget.  The poorly named “greenhouse effect” is real, but affects climate in a variety of ways.  Mostly, it cools  the earth, but the effect varies by altitude.

Some interesting scientific mumbo jumbo is below the break.  Long story short, climate is way more complex and reactive than most liberals want to admit.  The myth about the CO2 menace continues to be exposed as a green fantasy that was manufactured to prop up an otherwise bankrupt socialist agenda.


My Favorite Time of Year December 13, 2011

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I first saw this nice video last year. It’s a pleasant Christmas song by the Florin Street Band.



Xmas 2011: When a Young Man’s Thoughts Turn to Godzilla December 4, 2011

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It’s always nice to see Dave’s Crap Tree post kicking off the Christmas season. This year we had our daughter read it out loud to the family. She’s not quite 12, so she’s not even allowed to say “crap,” but I think the sentiment rang true despite her substitution of “carp.” And so a new tradition is born.

But in our household we have a tradition that is just as old, and just as revered, as the annual appearance of Dave’s cri de coeur. And that tradition, of course, is acquiring and proudly displaying the latest Godzilla ornament from Carlton.

Yes, every Christmas since 2005 Carlton has released a new Godzilla ornament, each with its own sound. We missed the first year (an ornament I recently saw listed on eBay for $150), but have kept up ever since. So this year, allow me to introduce to you Godzilla 2011: Noshing on a Lighthouse:

Yeah, I know my photography sucks. But anyway, here’s the family, starting with Godzilla 2006 in the upper left:

Oh yeah – it’s Christmas!!!

Sugar Overdose for Today November 6, 2011

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I used to do this shit all the time with Moses when he was a puppy.

Actually we still do it.  Usually at the moon.