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Merry Merry Happy Happy December 25, 2021

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May your nogs be eggy, your puddings figgy, and may your trash cans overflow from castaway Christmas containers and wrappings.


Coronavirus March 5, 2020

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This doctor is a good “explainer.” I subscribed to his videos.

Breathtaking Fraud September 22, 2019

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Be Like Coleman Sweeney July 1, 2019

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Godzirra vs Green Nude Eel June 3, 2019

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The gang at Legal Insurrection have some thoughts about Atomic Energy (Science!).

Here be Spoilers.

One of the final lines in 2016’s Godzilla: Resurgence is a quiet and somber reflection that Godzilla is “something we’ll have to learn to live with.” In the final images of the film, we see the figure of Godzilla standing above the Tokyo skyline, a stone creature having been defeated but now made immobile via the coagulants floating in his bloodstream having shut down his nuclear core.

These are powerful words given what the monster in question has done and what he represents. He’s the embodiment of post-Fukushima meltdown fears that the Japanese public holds against Nuclear power and the dangers it represents. The fact that the movie ends on that quote is an incredibly powerful message given the preceding film.


Go spoil yourself:



Carnival Scam Science October 26, 2017

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Have you ever won a stuffed animal for your Sweetie at the Fair?

You beat the odds.

Dunkirk and Shepard Tones August 2, 2017

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Pretty interesting article about the Soundtrack for Dunkirk and other dramatic movies;

Toy Fail – Spying! December 9, 2016

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Be careful, parents.

Harriet Tubman on the 20 April 20, 2016

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As Iowahawk tweeted:

Breaking: Treasury throws founder of the Democratic Party off $20 bill, replaces with gun-toting Republican

Here’s the for-real history.

Musical Marble Machine March 5, 2016

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Yes, it’s awesome.

Where the Fox Lives February 6, 2016

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Short answer: In the Pipe.

Mrs. Geezer sees this fox about once a week when she feeds the horses.


Her den is pretty close to the houses


Uh oh, spotted.


Ready to dive in the pipe. She probably has babies in there.


The Form of the Destructor Has Been Chosen January 27, 2016

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I couldn’t help it, it just popped in there.