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Idaho Eagle Cam March 20, 2012

Posted by Retired Geezer in Technology, Travel.

This is pretty cool. I can’t figure out how to embed it.

They strapped a tiny HD camera on a Golden Eagle and took us for a ride.

Thanks to my friend, Gabby.

I Wonder What BrewFan Is Going to Post About Today? January 15, 2012

Posted by BrewFan in Art, Economics, Law, Philosophy, Sex, Sports, Technology.

Packer Face!


Has the OODA Loop Gone Mainstream and Digital? January 6, 2012

Posted by Michael in Economics, Science, Technology.

Our economy may be going through yet another fundamental change, from the Information Economy to the Feedback Economy.  Forbes thought the idea was buzzworthy enough to reprint the article linked below.  The concept begins with the familiar paradigm of the OODA loop used by fighter pilots.

Military strategist John Boyd spent a lot of time understanding how to win battles. Building on his experience as a fighter pilot, he broke down the process of observing and reacting into something called an Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) loop. Combat, he realized, consisted of observing your circumstances, orienting yourself to your enemy’s way of thinking and your environment, deciding on a course of action, and then acting on it.


The most important part of this loop isn’t included in the OODA acronym, however. It’s the fact that it’s a loop. The results of earlier actions feed back into later, hopefully wiser, ones. Over time, the fighter “gets inside” their opponent’s loop, outsmarting and outmaneuvering them. The system learns.

According to the author, this “system learning” is now becoming digitized for everyone by communications infrastructure, massive platforms, data mining and machine learning, all linked to human experience.

We’re drowning in data. Bits are faster than atoms. Our jungle-surplus wetware can’t keep up. At least, not without Boyd’s help. In a society where every person, tethered to their smartphone, is both a sensor and an end node, we need better ways to observe and orient, whether we’re at home or at work, solving the world’s problems or planning a play date. And we need to be constantly deciding, acting, and experimenting, feeding what we learn back into future behavior.

We’re entering a feedback economy.

You can read the whole thing here:  The feedback economy – O’Reilly Radar.  It’s an interesting perspective, and not overly technical.  However, the article gives only cursory consideration to the delicate legal and privacy issues associated with data collection, mining and machine learning.

A cautionary perspective is posted below the break.


Turkey Danger November 23, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Technology.
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Here’s a Public Service Announcement for your Thanksgiving safety:


Son of a October 22, 2011

Posted by daveintexas in Gardening, History, Man Laws, Nature Shit, Personal Experiences, Philosophy, Science, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Stupid shit, Technology, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, WTF?.

The weird freeze we had last winter, and the brutal summer that followed for 22 months have taken a toll on things around here.  This afternoon the man-killer keeled over and said “fuckit”.

I planted this bastard and bled for it, 4 years ago.

But it was a bad choice here, these things get enormous once they taste the blood of a human, so I replaced it with something that has broad leaves, gets 5 feet high, has yellow blooms in the summer and purple ones in the winter.


Suddenly I See September 20, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Heroes, Technology.

I blatantly stole this from Patterico.



If it is gone, you can blame K.T. Tunstall’s record company.


Are You Ready For Some Football?!?!eleventy!!1 September 7, 2011

Posted by BrewFan in Art, Ballistics, Entertainment, Gardening, Lurkers, Nature Shit, Politics, Sex, Technology.

Did you know the World Champion Green Bay Packers are opening the NFL Season tomorrow night? Get the beer on ice and settle back in the ol’ recliner and enjoy the show. Do you know the history of the Lambeau Leap™? Now you do.

It's ok if you touch a Packers Package

Recovering Fundamentalist August 30, 2011

Posted by BrewFan in Art, Ballistics, Food, Religion, Technology.

Good stuff…

Rocket Stove August 26, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Man Laws, Technology.

Public Safety Announcement.

Everybody should have a way to boil water or cook food if your power is off.

Mrs. Geezer and I bought one of these, it works great. We cooked a meal with a handful of sticks.

Bud the Neighbor could have built one for us or we could have made our own out of a few tin cans but the price was right. We bought ours from StockStorage.com for $135, including shipping.

They have a few different models including a Stainless Steel one. I’m thinking about getting another one so we can use two burners at the same time.

YouTube has a bunch of videos on how to make your own.

Texas, The Drive Home May 7, 2011

Posted by daveintexas in Blogroll, Crime, Ducks, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Sports, Stupid shit, Technology, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

Just a couple pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notes from Site Administration:

1. I turned this post into a slide show, using my magic Site Administrator skilz.
2. West Texas is not really renowned for its scenic beauty. I don’t know why Dave posted this.
3. Dave’s truck recently had it’s registration renewed, meaning it passed the Texas vehicle inspection. Note the blue sticker on the lower left corner of his windshield. This is a cause for celebration in his part of Texas, where most of the trucks are stolen, unregistered, and belch blue smoke when they exceed 45 mph.

The Most Difficult Thing to Say Ever April 16, 2011

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Michael, it seems you were right.

Wow.  That was difficult.

I mentioned after the big unusual freezes here that I keep saying are unusual AND YET we’ve had em back to back for the past two winters, that I thought we lost both sago palms.  I didn’t even bother looking at this one until today.

Look closer…


Tree Trimming – with a Helicopter March 28, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Art, Man Laws, Technology.

Flyin’ Brian has worked for an Oil Drilling company for the last 5 years.
The company was sold recently and the bean counters have decided to phase out the helicopter and consequently his job.

He is in North Carolina auditioning for a job trimming trees.

This is what it looks like.

Here’s a  link with Guns n’ Roses music. I couldn’t embed it.