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Happy Birthday To Me!! July 3, 2011

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And to The United States, of course.

I was reading someone’s piece on American exceptional-ism and they made the point that; if you move to France or Germany or England, you can never really become French or German or English.

But; if you move to the United States, you can become an American.

And that’s what makes us different. And, in my humble opinion, better.

Charles Patrick Adkins is an asshat. June 28, 2011

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Just an observation.  Your mileage may vary, yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.

Oh Dude, You Are So Flocked June 16, 2011

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There’s trouble.  Trouble right here in Chatham City.

This bucolic ‘burb has been invaded by a bunch of scarf-wearing hooligans who are committing the blackest of blackmail on the innocent citizens.

This must be stopped!  Can I get a harumph?

Texas, The Drive Home May 7, 2011

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Just a couple pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notes from Site Administration:

1. I turned this post into a slide show, using my magic Site Administrator skilz.
2. West Texas is not really renowned for its scenic beauty. I don’t know why Dave posted this.
3. Dave’s truck recently had it’s registration renewed, meaning it passed the Texas vehicle inspection. Note the blue sticker on the lower left corner of his windshield. This is a cause for celebration in his part of Texas, where most of the trucks are stolen, unregistered, and belch blue smoke when they exceed 45 mph.

Not Wedding Shit UPDATED April 30, 2011

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Gah. Enough already.

Here. I did this today and it’s almost as homo.  HAPPY?

I don’t even know what they are, all I know it they’re gonna die.

Die already.

I did more today..

Worst Dressed Royal Wedding Guests April 29, 2011

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Oh, we’ve got some contenders here, that’s for sure.  How about this little number:

I’m wearing a canoe on my head!


Here’s Princess Anne, who has never been known as the snappiest dresser and she lives up to expectations:

I’m wearing a felt-covered upside down colander on my head!


But wait!  There’s more!


The Most Difficult Thing to Say Ever April 16, 2011

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Michael, it seems you were right.

Wow.  That was difficult.

I mentioned after the big unusual freezes here that I keep saying are unusual AND YET we’ve had em back to back for the past two winters, that I thought we lost both sago palms.  I didn’t even bother looking at this one until today.

Look closer…


I Bought Mesa a Present Today April 10, 2011

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Gaddafi’s Summer Home February 28, 2011

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Apparently he decided to ‘give up’ his tacky hideaway… Once the rebels came to call.

Lots of photos at the link. Here’s his pool.


I don’t see any Puking Lions ™, apparently even bloodthirsty tyrants have a modicum of taste.

The bomb shelter is pretty cool but didn’t Avocado green paint go out in the 70’s?


Check out the whole story at the Daily Mail.

Batter Blaster January 18, 2011

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This seems, wrong to me.  A marketing concept gone awry.

“Just shake, point, and blast.”

*tries to remember that sequence of operation

via Lisa

Hard Justice January 15, 2011

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I got this via email from a friend, including the description:

Russian Navy Captures Pirates.

This videotape shows Russian Navy commandos on a Somali pirate ship shortly after the pirates had captured a Russian oil tanker. The Euro Union navy that patrols these waters would not interfere because they feared there could be casualties.

All explanations are in Russian, with a few exceptions when a wounded pirate says something in English and the Russian soldier comments. All conversations between the commandos are in Russian; however, the pictures speak for themselves. The soldiers freed their compatriots and the tanker.
After capture, the Russian Navy Commandos moved the pirates back to the pirate ship, searched the pirate ship for weapons and explosives, and then they left the ship and exploded it with all remaining pirates hand-cuffed to it. The commandos sank the pirate ship along with the pirates, and without any court proceedings, lawyers etc. That is, they used the anti-piracy laws of the 18th and 19th centuries where the captain of the rescuing ship has the right to decide what to do with the pirates.  Usually, they were hung.

From now on, I suspect Russian ships will not be targets for Somali pirates.

I have heard no outcry about this but if it had been the Israeli commandos I’m sure we would have.

Crap Tree Update December 24, 2010

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Got a package in the mail yesterday from someplace in Idaho.

Inside was Christmas magic!

Retired Geezer sends these along, which now adorn my favorite Christmas decoration ever.

I had to move his left hand up from where it was.  We got manners and shit here.

Not only do I have someone in mind to blame, they’ll never even see it coming.