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GoPro Mystery July 18, 2017

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…with a happy ending.

Favorite (Non Obama Scandal) Headline of the Day May 15, 2013

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'How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds_ - Yahoo! News' - news_yahoo_com_wind-turbines-kill-birds-190145748_html

Hey, I’m no expert. I would guess impact with giant, fast-moving, chopping blades would have to be somewhere in the mix.

“That’s America” January 1, 2013

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I’m pretty sure at least one of our regulars likes old soldier stories. I liked this one. Former German WWII soldier moves to America in 1952 and (other than a stop in Wyoming in the winter, heh) never regrets it.

Let’s start the new year with gratitude for this wonderful country and resolve to keep it so.

Radio Flyer Car December 27, 2012

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Watch the Skies . . . . September 20, 2012

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pigs may be flying. Someone figured out how to make soccer interesting and enjoyable for me.


Perspective June 15, 2012

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I went to Africa for a couple of months in the late 80s. I flew into Nairobi late at night and took a cab to a hotel that had been recommended by a friend. The room looked like you would imagine a low-end hotel in Nairobi would look–I don’t know, maybe you can imagine it, I don’t think I really could before seeing it. I would describe it as 1940s prison cell chic. I had packed a sheet and rolled up in it and stared at the ceiling while listening to the drunks in the alley below my window fight and piss. It was a long night. Two months later, when I was preparing to leave the continent, I returned to the same hotel for my last night before flying home. I was at ease and slept well. The hotel hadn’t changed, but my perspective on the necessities for comfort had.

So, what’s all this about? I’m guessing if the lady in this story ever finds a finger in her chili she will simply set it aside and finish her meal.



Happy Last Day of School! May 25, 2012

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My daughter got a present for me. This is also the first photo my wife has ever sent me from a phone.

“Can I please take your car, Mom? I hate driving my friends in dad’s ugly car that no one would care if it got dinged.”

Idaho Eagle Cam March 20, 2012

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This is pretty cool. I can’t figure out how to embed it.

They strapped a tiny HD camera on a Golden Eagle and took us for a ride.

Thanks to my friend, Gabby.

Sobek’s Novelic Work in Progress, Part 1 February 27, 2012

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When Peter went to Italy to study art, they warned him not to get in trouble with the law. They explained how dirty and dangerous the prisons were, how Italians don’t really have due process like in America, and how the police don’t think well of young foreigners. But no one ever warned him that no matter what, if you are in Italy, do not get sick.

Unfortunately for Peter, the day after he got to Italy, he got sick.


Another “Dude Day” (with video) February 13, 2012

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Janis likes it when I take Mo’ Money with me on a day-long trip to Des Moines.  She gets twice as much done when he’s not there right underfoot.  So I took him with me yesterday on a shopping mission.  First, I wanted to use the Bass Pro Shops gift certificate I got for Christmas.  Next, we ate lunch at McDonalds and took advantage of their play area.  Massive germ factory if you ask me, but Moses had a great time, so it was all good.


World According to Murder December 15, 2011

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Some surprising facts in this chart.

Click to make it readable.

Chart from Danny Ashton.

Mrs. Skinny Helped Me Get Wood Today October 1, 2011

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What a load--and what a woman!