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Luuckiest Pizza Delivery Guy Evah! October 24, 2008

Posted by Edward von Bear in Economics, Entertainment, Family, Food, Heroes, Humor, Man Laws, Movies, News.
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Did you ever have a time where your TV or radio would pick up odd transmissions? Well, it appears that some pizza delivery guy in Canada just can’t help getting pr0n on his dashboard display.

Sadly, he is not pleased with this fringe benefit.

Dikran Ohanyan, 52, who owns a pizzeria and also makes deliveries, bought the system about a year ago as a safety precaution during backing, the Windsor Star reported.

Two weeks ago, he said, he was delivering on a certain street when a pornographic movie appeared on his monitor. It faded away when he left the area, he said. A few days later it happened again on the same street while his twin sons were in the backseat but they didn’t notice it, he said.

Ohanyan said he was upset with the random availability of pornography.


Folks, this, along with saving money, is why I pick up my pizzas.