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My Opinion Of The All Star Game Coming To St. Louis July 13, 2009

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Well, I am not as eager as the Tax Man, it seems.

The tax is routinely applied on a prorated basis to visiting ballplayers and other professional athletes who stop in St. Louis.

All of the National League teams that regularly play the Cardinals have accounts with the collector’s office.

Since 2003, the city has booked more than $7 million in taxes from Major League Baseball players, money that goes to the school district, police department and other city services {but is mostly wasted-ed.}.

Tax Collector Gregory F.X. Daly hasn’t stopped at ballplayers’ salaries, though. Last year, Daly sued former Cardinals broadcaster Wayne Hagin — now the radio voice of the New York Mets — for an unpaid earnings tax bill of $4,600, including interest and penalties.

This summer, Daly has set his sights on All-Star bonuses. It’s hardly a windfall, but even 1 percent of a Major League bonus is more than what the city will withhold in an entire year from smaller paychecks.

Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols can make at least $50,000 if he’s picked by fans to play in the game. Carlos Zambrano, the Chicago Cubs hard-throwing, hot-tempered right-hander, will clear an extra $75,000 if he’s an All-Star. Mets ace Johan Santana has a $100,000 All-Star bonus.

“And we may allow them to keep some of the money they make for appearing in this game,” said some deputy douchebag.

I may have edited that last sentence.

Seriously, isn’t this idiotic?

For a restorative, I bring you some epic Cubs FAIL (BIRM).


Pitchers And Catchers Report In Just Two Weeks January 28, 2009

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Courtesy Mark Reardon/KMOX Radio

Courtesy Mark Reardon/KMOX Radio

This was taken this morning. It is the disaster that is the “Ballpark Village” that was supposed to be part of the newest Busch Stadium. As you can see, this is the most development this area has seen since old Busch Stadium was demolished.