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Do Your Dancing Skills Mean Anything Regarding Genetic Selection? October 22, 2008

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I hate dancing and only do it to keep my wife from complaining about how I ignore her at events. When I go to a party or other gathering, I would rather hang around the bar, smoke a cigar outside with the fellas, or harass bribe the music man to play more Slayer or “Blister In The Sun” and less country music. Or at least a few less crap ass songs. Or none at all, so that I can participate in a civilized conversation about the merits of strangling hobos, bootleg beer, or leaving burning bags of dogshit on my neighbor’s porch.

Anyway, some researcher with too much grant money wants to investigate the correlation between how a person dances and their genetic suitability.

It turns out that women prefer small to medium size movements, and enjoy a level of complexity that includes an apparently random element. Perhaps unsurprisingly John Travolta’s controlled flamboyance wins out over David Brent’s monster of the dancefloor approach in “The Office”.

It might seem bizarre, but scientists have known for some time that there’s a strong correlation between physical features like the symmetry of men’s ears and limbs, the length of their fourth finger as compared to their second, and their exposure to elevated levels of testosterone in the womb – widely regarded as an indicator of overall genetic quality.

And it seems that women are pre-disposed to pick up on these subtle cues, consistently rating men with the most symetrical features (and longest fourth fingers) as more attractive. But what about cultural rituals like dance? Could our genes be quietly advertising their suitability through the shapes we cut on the dance floor?

Peter Lovatt certainly thinks so, but to prove it he needs your help. Armed with the results of his research into what women like, he wants to know if it’s the men with the highest exposure to prenatal testosterone who are delivering on the dancefloor.

Uhh…I don’t want any testosterone delivered on the dancefloor, thank you. Leave that for when you get home and want to watch Spanktravision on your Hi-Def TV. But I digress.

I guess this means dudes who hate dancing better just suck it up if they want to get them a wimins. And for no good reason, here is a video.

Enjoy while I go off and explore the correlation between hot naked athletes with guns and nothing in particular.