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Behold The Power Of Advertising October 22, 2009

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I dunno. I get the feeling this commercial is trying to tell me something. Something I should buy.

Give me a minute. I’ll be back with the answer soon.

Where Is Darwin When You Need Him? September 14, 2009

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Seriously, I like guns. I like booze. I like near nekkid awesomeness as much as the next guy. But this is wrong on a bazillion levels.This guy violates damn near every safety rule going, and deserves to best deleted from the genepool, post-haste.

How Not To Handle A Firearm July 28, 2009

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Yeah, you might want to check that out before heading out to the firing line. Just a thought

Should Concealed Carry Be Allowed On A College Campus? May 4, 2009

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Of course, I believe it should, for all of the reasons usually given (safety from muggers, safety if a nutter storms into your classroom or living quarters, and the nagging zombie-robot alliance).  And, as it turns out, the state of Missouri is also considering this possibility, though it appears to be limited to public colleges at this time.

Not surprisingly, this possibility has attracted the attention of the anti-gun forces, complete with parading a wounded survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting to denounce this piece of legislation. What bugs me about this ordeal, besides the belief that the anti-gunners need to trot out a victim, is how misinformed this young man sounds.

Colin Goddard was shot four times at Virginia Tech in 2007. He said Wednesday it “was the craziest situation imaginable” but could have been worse if more people were carrying guns. Goddard argued that letting people legally carry a gun could make it more difficult for police to figure out who is causing the problem.

No, I think it is fairly easy, but I am a simple man. I tend to believe that if five or six people are shooting in one direction at a guy, I would figure that the target of the group is the one to zero in on.

While I feel sympathy for Mr. Goddard for what he has had to endure, I do not believe that his victim status exempts him from criticism when I believe he is mistaken. But what do I know?

A Question Of Stopping Power April 11, 2009

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I finally found the article VMAX sent to me and posted as a comment here a few months ago regarding stopping power. And it’s still a tall cold drink of awesome.

As for me, I’ll take a slow-moving .45 to a gun fight any day. I absolutely despise a 9mm for defensive situations (yes, they will eventually kill but often not quickly enough to prevent the BG from doing you in first)and a .380 as well. These are probably the two calibers I see most often on the autopsy table.

But then, I’ve seen most everything. I’ve seen a guy killed by a .416 Rigby, as well as a suicide to the head with a .44 Mag that didn’t penetrate the skull on the other side.

The long and short of it is that you just don’t know how ANY bullet will react to tissue and bone until you open them up and take a look. I’ve seen hardball fragment and hollowpoints act just like hardball. That said, shoot what you’re comfortable with and place your shots well whatever caliber you use.

The .357 is gloriously effective. It’s just that semi-autos are much more common than they used to be, so we see far more 9mm and .380 rounds on the autopsy table than we do the .38 and .357. Particularly among the gangbangers, the 9mm and .380 are the weapons of choice. The .357 is a wonderfully effective round for self-defense from what I’ve seen, but it’s rare that we get them in anymore.

Again, this is from experience that I’ve made my calls on what works and what doesn’t. I have no use for mouse guns like the .32, although it’s a lot better to have a mouse gun than nothing at all. Personally, I’ll never carry anything smaller than a .40 and prefer the .45. Day in and day out, results from the autopsy table show me that the .45 is the gun to have in a gun fight, provided you can shoot it well. If not, it’s better to have something you can shoot well, even if it’s a mouse gun, than something you can’t.

Yeah, tell me about it, Smitty. I spent most of my life in Knoxville, TN and absolutely loved it. But then, my job is working in the Medical Examiner’s Office, and, as you said, this is a target-rich environment. Having a job in an Atlanta morgue is job security at its best.

KRL, I’ll take slow and heavy to light and fast any day. What I want is a round that plows through bone and tissue and expends ALL of its energy in the body. That said, the 125-grain .357 is marvelously effective.

S/W-Lifer, You’re correct in what you’re thinking. Yes, the 9mm and .380 are the rounds I most often see on the autopsy table, but they’re also the rounds that usually require multiple hits to make the kill. The standing joke in the morgue is to guess the caliber by looking at the x-rays. If multiple rounds show up on the x-rays more often than not it’s a 9mm or .380 (or .32 or .25 or some mouse gun caliber). If only one round shows up, it could be an inordinately good hit with a .380 or 9mm, but more likely it’s a .40 or .45.

Yes, the .380 and 9mm will do the job, but usually multiple hits are required as opposed to single hits with a .40 or .45.

Belt-Fed 12 Gauge Shotgun! February 22, 2009

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Sadly, I have a feeling this critter will be illegal in all of the 57 states.

Toilet Humor January 16, 2009

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So, is this what will be on the menu for the IBMMP?

High Powered Firearms + Fools=Yikes! September 5, 2008

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I know I am an enthusiastic noob when it comes to The Way Of The Gun, but I have to wonder what in the hell was going through the minds of these people that convinced them to take a spin with these big boomers.

First up is something called the T Rex Rifle. I have never heard of this thing, and judging by the video, this bastard must be used to take out battleships.

Next, about 500 safety violations, as a visibly intoxicated redneck without eye/ear protection decides to fire a .50 cal pistol, using my deceased zombie grandfather as support:

And, finally, some big fat slob decides he wants to try a .60 cal pistol. Honestly, I had never heard of a .60 cal pistol before seeing this video, but I wonder if that sort of thing should be left to Robocop, Chuck Norris, or the USS Reagan.