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Tailgating Advice Requested September 30, 2008

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Back in September of 2000, my wife and I went to Milwaukee to visit a friend of her family and his wife, who were both working for Marquette University at the time. In addition to the Miller Brewery Tour, we went to old County Stadium in its last year of existence to watch the Cardinals play the Brewers.

Amazing, at least to a fool like me, was the fact that the local Cheeseheads were tailgating for a baseball game. Tailgating, I thought, was reserved for football. Or at least a championship caliber baseball team. But you learn something every day.

One of the other fascinating aspects of tailgating that I had never encountered before were these concrete trash can looking things with “For Hot Coals” painted on them. Obviously, the use, and proper disposal of, hot charcoal by-products is an art form in the Frozen Wasteland Tundra.

Well, according to the fine folks at Busted Coverage, the folks at the New York Jets Games Toxic Waste Dumps might need a refresher on how to properly tailgate, especially when it comes to handling of hot coals.

Hell, even I know that you don’t park your car over hot coals. You put them down the back of the shirt of the guy in front of you at the game.