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Are The Iranian Protests Heating Up Again? December 28, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Heroes, Politics.

It appears that Round 2 of the protests in Iran may be starting up. The Jawas have footage of some of the activity taking place, including protesters rushing the gallows in an attempt to free prisoners about to be executed.

***WARNING*** Some of the footage is graphic.

Keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers.

“Her Name Was Neda” June 21, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Commenting Tips, News.
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Just remember this young lady when it comes to the Iranian protests.

A copy of the video was also emailed to The Times. It seems to show a woman lying in the street with blood spurting from her chest. A man leans over, trying to stop the bleeding with his hands.

The footage, which can be viewed on YouTube, is extremely graphic. The identity of the woman could not be independently confirmed. But she is referred to on Twitter as Neda.

“#Neda: You are the VOICE of the people. You are a call to FREEDOM…..rip,” readd one of the many tweets about her apparent slaying.

CNN reports that pictures of the woman are appearing on posters in Tehran and she is being hailed as a martyr. The network broadcast an excerpt of the video with the face of the woman blurred out.

The next time somebody claims Jon Stewart is speaking “Truth To Power” from the safety of a television studio in New York, or that Keith Olbermann is “brave” for calling the former President a “liar” on television, knowing he will not suffer for his comments, just hit them upside the head with this Louisville Slugger from the cluebat rack.

The next time somebody tells you the United States is the bad guy for opposing the Mad Mullahs, just remind them that we don’t do this to our protesters.

The next time somebody questions why we should support the Iranian people against their tyrannical government, remind them of this.

And finally, the next time somebody criticizes you for supporting the Iranian people, tell them to fuck off.

That is all.