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How Do You Say “Epic Fail” In Farsi? October 20, 2008

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Apparently, some people in Iran decided that they should try to get into the Guinness Book Of World Records with the world’s largest ostrich sandwich. Well, take a wild guess how this ended.

Event organisers had planned to display the world’s largest ostrich sandwich in a park in the capital Tehran.

But as the sandwich was being measured, chaos ensued. The giant snack was gone in minutes, a Reuters witness said, leaving the three Guinness representatives present with a dilemma.

Uh-oh! So, how can the Guinness People vouch for this feat? Never fear, for the Iranian photoshop artists organizers are on the case.

One of the event’s organisers said video footage of the sandwich would be sent to Guinness officials.

“We still think the sandwich will be recorded in the Guinness book because of all the evidence and footage that we will send them,” Parvin Shariati said.

Yeah, after their graphic designers are finished with it.