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Travels with Charlie January 28, 2008

Posted by Pupster in Ducks, Economics, Personal Experiences, Travel, Women Ranting.

Instead of his usual Sunday afternoon Jeep wash and vacuum party, Charlie Wrangler and I went to The Powder Room, site of the soon to be held Innocent Bystanders Pistol Party. I wanted to see how busy they were around 1:00 on a typical Sunday. Charlie and I were somewhat surprised to see the parking lot very full.

I didn’t have to wait for a shooting lane, someone was just checking out at the counter in front of me. The 10 position range was all full when I took up my station. I shot 100 rounds through my Bersa .380, and 50 with my .38 special. I was terrible. There was a lady in the lane next to me raining down hot .40 shell casings over the partition.  She was very good.  I was nervous.

I (again) talked to the owners about the Pistol Match on Superbowl Sunday. They suggested that I call before we arrive, and they will start grouping the shooters to one side of the range. They won’t reserve any lanes in advance, but I was assured that most of the time, Superbowl Sunday is not busy. We’ll see.

I asked about ammunition, and was told that the main rules are no magnum loads, and full metal jacket.  You can read some of their additional range rules and fees here.  I stopped by a Walmart on the way home, and compared ammunition prices:

100 rounds           Powder Rm            Walmart

.380                           $31.00                       $26.00

.38special                    33.00                         26.00

.45ACP                        41.00                         29.00

9MM                            24.00                         16.00

I plan on a Walmart run on Saturday before the party, so if any of you shooters want me to pick up some ammo, let me know.  I would also echo Russ’ suggestion that you bring ear protection and eye protection if you have it, to save the rental fees.