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Wisconsin Isn’t the Only State Dealing With Burning Political Issues February 24, 2011

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Utah State Senate 23 February 2011

Beginning of Transcript:

SENATOR LOVEROCKET–“I rise and proudly stand today in defense of The Chubby. Sure, the so-called “main stream media” has described The Chubby as “cute” and “mini,” but I ask you my friends: does this lessen the importance of The Chubby in our beautiful state? Is the size of The Chubby really something upon which me must fix our interests? If The Chubby is used appropriately it can be an instrument of social interaction which is sorely needed in these troubled times. People from all walks of life can join together and find common ground while enjoying the contents of The Chubby. I urge you, my fellow senators, to vote “NO” on Senate Bill 314. Stand up and be counted. Protect The Chubby!

I yield the remainder of my time to the gentleman from Kanosh.


Stupid dog! I said it’s a nice buck! May 28, 2008

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They both think the other one is screwing botching their photo.