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Ballistic Blogging: I Need Some Direction February 24, 2010

Posted by wintersetruss in Ballistics, Entertainment, History, Man Laws, Nature Shit, Personal Experiences, Technology.

  I’ve wanted to get a regular feature going where I take a firearm out & run it through its paces, and I thought I might poll the audience to see where everyone wants me to start.  Here are the options:

1.  An old (1928) Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle.  I recently acquired one that I’m in the process of fitting a long eye relief scope AND a trigger kit onto.  This is the same rifle mi amigo eddiebear has, but with a few extra “flourishes”.

2.  An Austrian Steyr Model 95 straight pull carbine from the late teens/1920’s era.  It’s a punisher for recoil, but with scaled-back cast bullet reloads it should be a good woods gun.  I recently read an article in Shotgun News where a gunsmith mounted a pivoting scope on one of these old beasts, and I think I’ve got the itch to try it myself.

3.  My fave – the Rossi copy of an 1892 Winchester lever action in .357 magnum.  This gun just FEELS right, and even though it’s nowhere near as powerful as the others mentioned, it’s fun to shoot.

4.  One of my pistols.  I’ve never really done any intensive target shooting with a pistol, and it might be fun to do so and report back with the results.

5.  Shotgun.  Not much marksmanship required, but sometimes its fun to make things go SPLAT.  Especially large fruits.

6.  Any one of my .22 rifles.  Twenty-two rifles are the gateway drug for firearms collectors, and they never get old.  I’ve got more than a few of them sitting in the closet, and taking one out for a playdate is a cheap proposition.  One box of .22 ammo costs about the same as TWO rounds from my Austrian 95, so what these guns lack in BOOM factor, you can somewhat make up for in volume.

7.  “Other”.  No, I don’t have a plasma rifle in the 40mW range, but I do possess other weapons (ALL of which are legal in the Soverign State of Iowa), and I’m open to suggestions.  I’m probably NOT going to go out and buy something just to have it for a post, but if you INSIST, I would be willing to accept a gratuity and then keep the resulting purchase for a “long term” (40+ years?) evaluation.

  Back in the mid-oughts, I used to be a big fan of Gullyborg (a buddy of SondraK from the Pacific NW) and his “carnival of cordite”.  Maybe a semi-regular hoplophilic feature here at IB would be a fun thing to do.  Plus, it would help if we could become better marksmen as a group.  That way, next time the Hostages come riding into town trying to steal our chickens & terrorize the wimmenfolks, we can meet them with an appropriate reception.