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The Census Shores Up the Employment Rate June 4, 2010

Posted by geoff in News.

May’s unemployment numbers are here!! Thank goodness it’s 2010 (a Census year), or May would have looked much more ugly.

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate dropped to 9.7% via the introduction of 431,000 non-farm jobs. We all knew that census hiring would pump up the the employment stats a bit, but we were expecting it would account for about 80% of the total. Hah! How do you like 95%!! [Check it out ==>]

The labor force shrank again, from 65.2% of the population down to 65%. So the modestly good news from last month is gone. You may remember all the MSM pundits who were saying last month “the unemployment rate went up, but that’s good news because more people came back to the labor market.” I doubt that they’ll be pointing out that this month the unemployment rate went down, but that that’s bad news because more people left the labor market.

As I was noting yesterday, we’re in the doldrums, employment-wise. The sad thing is that we’re in the doldrums even with the addition of over 400,000 Census jobs. The private sector isn’t really going anywhere, despite the scattered signs of small increases in economic activity. Here’s what the doldrums look like, graph-wise:

Of course, the Obama administration has already predicted that there will be no jobs recovery for another year. Somehow they’re OK with that. As is the Democratically-controlled Congress.


1. reason - June 4, 2010


2. .gov gardener - June 4, 2010

scattered signs of small increases in economic activity.


3. d3ft punk - June 4, 2010

I keep wanting to write a scene where some big-wig is looking at the chart, then somebody realizes it is turned on its side. You know, so instead of pointing up to the top right corner, trending upwards, it is point to the bottom right corner, trending down. The problem is, every time I try and write this, I keep coming to the realization that it would require somebody in the administration that realizes that something is messed up.

4. Car in - June 4, 2010


5. wamk - June 4, 2010


Not to confuse the graph, but where would May numbers be if the Census figures were pulled out? Perhaps an asterisk on the graph?

Just wondering what impact those “jobs” have on the overall number. Since there have been many reports from different places on the Census hiring/firing/hiring/firing the same employees over and over, we kind of have to question the validity of those figures, right?


6. goldtracker - June 4, 2010

That’s great. We get a better jobs numbers with temporary government jobs that produce nothing but more data for spending more government money. Got to love it.

7. harrison - June 5, 2010

Who scribbled on the blog?

8. BrewFan - June 5, 2010

Islamic extremists

9. BizzyBlog - June 7, 2010

[…] At this point, Romer and Team Obama have to know that Keynesian stimulus doesn’t work to improve the economy quickly enough to prevent serious rises in unemployment, and doesn’t work over the longer term to bring unemployment down. This is at least the third time that it’s been proven — FDR’s New Deal in the 1930s, Japan in the 1990s and beyond, and now: […]

10. Cathy - June 7, 2010

At this point, Romer and Team Obama have to know that Keynesian stimulus doesn’t work to improve the economy quickly enough to prevent serious rises in unemployment, and doesn’t work over the longer term to bring unemployment down.

Hey! Maybe they thought it meant KENYAN STIMULUS. Give ’em a break.

11. d3ft punk - June 7, 2010

Or the Belizian Stimulis. Could’ve meant that one.

12. reason - June 7, 2010

I’ll Belize it when i see it.

13. reason - June 7, 2010

OT – the June Unemployment Numbers will unexpectedly(!) be 1 higher than predicted.

Happy Trails, Frau Thomas.

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16. Brain Shavings - June 30, 2010

The Pelosi-Obama-Reid economy…

Nice job, Democrats! Click any image to enlarge it. Change is coming in November…….

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[…] or save” gazillions of jobs. Remember that? It’s the brilliant job-creating scheme that didn’t actually, um, work. Who could’ve seen that one coming? Total shocker. Here in Ohio, unemployment is much worse […]

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