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It Sucks To Be Muslim April 30, 2008

Posted by Michael in Religion.

Not everywhere, maybe, but in a lot of places you just have to be amazed at the suckitude of Islam. Seriously, let’s stop kidding about this. Islam is pathetic in a lot of places, like Bahrain.

First of all, they are opposed to hot women. That sucks.

Secondly, their frickin’ pathetic parliament has nothing better to do than debate whether a hot chick should be allowed to perform. Sheesh. Like they don’t have bigger problems.

A raunchy Lebanese singer is causing controversy in Bahrain, where she is due to perform for the first time.

All but one of the members of the Gulf kingdom’s Islamist-dominated parliament have approved a motion urging the government to ban Haifa Wehbe’s show.

They objected on the grounds that the pop superstar’s performance would be sexually provocative, violating Islamic conventions and Bahrain’s traditions.

Organisers had earlier promised she would dress modestly during the show. [Emphasis added.]

It’s real hard to maintain a “respectful” attitude about Islam when you keep reading crap like this. Let’s just be honest. The “Islamist-dominated parliament” of Bahrain is a bunch of retarded medievel douchebags who suck. We should not respect them. We should just point and laugh. They don’t deserve respect. They deserve ridicule.

And don’t frickin’ tell me that that I don’t understand their culture and religion.  I do understand. They are uptight sexist douchebags, and they are ridiculous.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Lebanese singer causes Gulf storm


1. XBradTC - April 30, 2008

I would most definitely hit it.

2. sandy burger - April 30, 2008

I actually got a Haifa Wehbe CD for Christmas. One of her songs which I like is Ahla Kalam (Sweet Talk).

I just showed this story to the friend who gave me that CD, who said that this has all the makings of a Bahraini version of the movie “Footloose”. Cracked me up.

3. limegreenummi - April 30, 2008

I think this has everything do do with respect! When you get comments like “I would most definitely hit it” explains it all in my opinion. I’m a woman and I find that highly offensive. As if!

Women are far too often looked at and commented on based on their sexual appeal. I think this a matter or respect for women first of all, then the values of their culture!

4. Michael - April 30, 2008


The point is that many entertainers, both male and female, sell sex appeal as part of their act. It’s not a big deal in a healthy culture. Why are Islamic cultures so retarded about this?

Women are far too often looked at and commented on based on their sexual appeal.

Duh. Women do the same thing about men. That’s just biology. It does not necessarily mean that men and women do not respect each other. The Islamic phobia about this just means that Islam is sick.

5. geoff - April 30, 2008

I’m a woman and I find that highly offensive.

Offended women are hawt.

6. geoff - April 30, 2008

I’m sorry, it was rude of me to generalize like that. Let me amend that statement:

Humorless offended women are hawt.

7. daveintexas - April 30, 2008

She has matching moles on the same side of her nose and her mouth.

Kinda off-putting.

8. sandy burger - April 30, 2008

Haifa is a tramp, it’s true. But I certainly wouldn’t respect the US Congress if they tried to pass laws censoring trashy performers like Madonna.

9. Sobek - April 30, 2008

“I think this has everything do do with respect!”

Silencing women has nothing to do with respect.

10. The Ghost of Ike Turner - April 30, 2008

Bahrain? Damn, I should have moved there before I kicked it. Bahrain sounds like my kind of place. What’s their position on administering a beatdown to your woman if she brings you out an undercooked pot pie?

11. Cathy - April 30, 2008

This is a beautiful woman. She knows her good looks are her assets, and markets them.

“I’d hit it” reactions are natural and honest and what she expects from guys who find her sexy. Hey…she still is in control and making the dough.

And, she understands the culture and is willing to take risks.

This is no dummy, and I doubt that she’s offended by much.

12. Sobek - April 30, 2008

I wouldn’t hit it because I love and am fanatically devoted to my wife. But I will say she’s very pretty, and has nice lips.

Mrs. Sobek doesn’t think she’s that attractive, but then again, Mrs. Sobek wasn’t born on the island of Lesbos.

13. Muslihoon - April 30, 2008

I’m impressed, Michael. You are usually too soft on them. (I’m not kidding.)

Silencing women has nothing to do with respect.

Wiser words could not have been spoken/written.

On that note, I read this story after reading about the lawsuit regarding a certain Greek island. So, naturally I misread “Lebanese” for something quite different. In other words, I thought she was from a Greek island.

Y’know, I have heard plenty, in all my 28 years of living, of how shrouding women in layers of black cloth liberates them. By the same men who beat their wives, set them on fire (“accidentally” coincidently) in the kitchen, rape them as a form of civil punishment, and think of them as nothing but property and children-bearing machines. Rather than lecturing us about respecting women, let them at least do something radical like keeping them alive and not sucking the joy of life from them.

14. Michael - May 1, 2008

Mrs. Sobek doesn’t think she’s that attractive, but then again, Mrs. Sobek wasn’t born on the island of Lesbos.

Are you kidding? I’d hit Mrs. Sobek in a New York minute.

Um, if-I-weren’t-married-and-in-love-with-my-wife-and-so-forth.

15. Sobek - May 1, 2008

Muslihoon, a little while ago you asked me if I could recommend a good overview book on Middle Eastern history. I just finished the book I was reading at the time, Glen Perry’s The Middle East: Fourteen Islamic Centuries, and I don’t recommend it. The author treats the first eleven centuries entirely too shallowly, and doesn’t get into any kind of detail until the post WWI era. When we finally get more detail, the author starts showing a distinct anti-Israel and anti-West bias which disappoints.

If I find anything better I’ll let you know.

Now I’m looking through my bookshelf trying to figure out what to read next. For the past couple months I’ve been on a real Middle East/Central Asia kick. I’ve read nine books — over 2600 pages — with a focus mostly on Iran and central Asia. It may very well be the longest I’ve stayed focused on any one academic subject. Of the nine books, I bought five of them recently, and the rest were books I already owned but had never gotten around to reading. But I’m not sure what to read next. And I’m a little frustrated that although I would prefer to read more about Central Asia, books on that region are far more scarce. Maybe I’ll read the Qu’ran again.

I was at Borders the other night, browsing the Middle East section, and I noticed there were like six books on modern Iran that had mushroom clouds on the front covers.

16. Sobek - May 1, 2008

A New York minute, huh? Frankly I’m surprised you pretend you can last that long.

17. Michael - May 1, 2008

I’m impressed, Michael. You are usually too soft on them.

Yeah well, I actually pulled a muscle in my left leg and I’m in pain. So I’m just in the mood to be pissed off. I’ll be apologizing for Muslims again (and illegal immigrants) when I feel better.

18. Muslihoon - May 1, 2008

Sobek: Not sure if this is up your alley, but have you read Ibn Warraq’s book on Islam and on the Qur’an (I think he has two books on the Qur’an)? They’re quite good.

19. Sobek - May 1, 2008

Saw them at Borders, haven’t read them. If you recommend them I’ll keep that in mind.

20. sandy burger - May 1, 2008

As a follow-up to my post #2 (yeah, I know, but trust me, talking to myself is the least of my problems these days)…

One thing I think is interesting about that Haifa song is the way she sings that one harsh Arabic consonant which sounds like somebody clearing their throat (the same one in Hebrew in the words Hannukah and humus, I think). It’s usually a somewhat unattractive sound to western ears, but the way she sings it in this song, it sounds like a sexy pant or something.

21. XBradTC - May 1, 2008

Limegreen came in looking for offense and found it. The “I’d hit it” line is pretty much in line with the rules here and almost a standard gag.
Yes, she’s pretty, but what Limegreen doesn’t even consider is that in our society, she doesn’t have to “hit” me. I’m willing to bet I couldn’t get the time of day from her. And that’s ok. Better than having her in a black bag all the time.

22. Davinder Singh - May 1, 2008

I’d would hit that.

23. AmyH - May 1, 2008

And don’t frickin’ tell me that that I don’t understand their culture and religion. I do understand. They are uptight sexist douchebags, and they are ridiculous.

I think I love you.


24. Old Iron - May 1, 2008

Actually Bahrain is one of the more liberal of the Mid East countries. They have pubs there that are not required to be attached to international hotels whereas even Dubai has that rule (this classifies them as “international areas” and are thus not bound by sharia law) and are quite broad minded about the clothing that people can wear there. This may sound odd but it is actually legal to walk hand-in-hand as well, which is actually illegal in some countries out there.

This is probably just a face save maneuver with the elders in their government, which they have to do occasionally to keep their supposed conservative cred in the muslim world.

Trust me, those guys in Bahrain thow down pretty damned hard.

25. Old Iron - May 1, 2008

I’d still hit it.

26. lauraw - May 1, 2008

Offended women are hawt


27. brainstrom - May 1, 2008

all religions are SUCKS!!

28. Sobek - May 1, 2008

You know which religion really pisses me off? Jainism.

There. I finally said it.

29. haifa fans - January 23, 2009

waw thx u

30. slicernicer - February 6, 2009

western culture is shit. its based on porn, racism, materialism…that’s why you have soooo many divorces, broken homes, family members killing each other after getting high on drugs….out of control teenage pregnancies, single mothers, STDs, live-in boyfriends…i mean many kids in the west are bastards (i.e. don’t have a father, usually its a stepfather).

islam is teaching people the importance of the fundamental backbone of human society – the FAMILY… too bad the west destroyed it.

31. BrewFan - February 6, 2009

islam is teaching people the importance of the fundamental backbone of human society – the FAMILY Honor Killings!

I fixed that typo for you dumbass.

32. Rudyard Kipling - February 6, 2009

The religion of perpetual outrage is really pissing me off. Islam is a gutter religion. A wannabe lowlife culture of rapist child molesters.

33. skinbad - February 6, 2009

“slicernicer” That’s kind of what the female circumcision proponents say, isn’t it?

34. Michael - February 6, 2009

western culture is shit. its based on porn, racism, materialism

No, it is based on free minds, free markets, faith in a loving and personal God, and individual responsibility.

These are all lacking in Islamic cultures, which is why they are uniformly corrupt and pathetic.

35. Wickedpinto - February 6, 2009

Yeah slicer, it would be much easier if we enslaved half our population.

36. Wickedpinto - February 6, 2009

go pray to your moon, and beat your 2 year old daughter for letting her veil slip.

37. geoff - February 6, 2009

Just another “uptight sexist douchebag.”

38. Daniel James - February 6, 2009

West thinks Islam is fascist, bloodthirsty. Islam adherents think west is sexually immoral, racist and warmongering.

This is why human society never prospers – everybody is pointing fingers at each other instead of looking at their own faults. Precisely the reason for so many wars and killings.

Jesus said “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone’…but its too bad to see so called ‘Christians’ and Muslims hurling stones at each other in this forum, as always.

Michael, while i agree with you that Islam encourages honor killings in Islamic societies, I don’t agree with what you said about the western free thinkers’ belief in a God – I think we have totally turned away from him. as Slicer Nicer pointed out, our society has strayed away from the teachings of Jesus and is wrought with sexual immorality, drunkenness, lust, adultery, racism…I live in the mid west and where we used to have reformed Churches are now strip clubs, bars etc. The Churches closed because many people chose not to visit anymore.

Even the so called Christian pastors have admitted adultery, homosexuality, etc.

Don’t tell me these are human problems – these are societal problems arising from forsaking Jesus (Yeshua the Christ). There’s nothing much we can do now, I feel, as we have reached a point of no-return.

Madonna the entertainer is preferred over Madonna the Lady of Catholic church. Many of my friends from Chrstian backgrounds are now athiests looking to get laid with strangers from Craigslist. One of my nieces even went to San Fernando Valley (pornography capital of the US) to audition for Hustler’s ‘Real College Girls’. Even my sister who used to be a Christian now doubts the existence of God and visits swinger clubs with her husband.

We need to ignore Islam and focus on cleaning ourselves, as Jesus said. Too bad we don’t have many Christians left anymore who live as an example to others, like Mother Teresa, Gandhi (ok, he was a Hindu, but he followed Christian principles more than the British colonists).

As James the apostle said “Faith without deeds is dead”.

It shouldn’t be ‘God bless America’…it should be ‘America bless God’.

– Daniel James, your brother in Christ

39. Daniel James - February 6, 2009

Ok, I decided to write one more thing regarding women:

ISLAM – thinks women are objects of men, should be subjugated and possibly beaten/raped/tortured if they don’t abide by the Chauvinistic rules

WEST (so called ‘Christians’) – think women are objects of men, solely for sexual gratification, and should forgo any rules of morality for the sole purpose of satisfying the lustful cravings of men.

As you can see, both societies disrespect and objectify the persona of women. Women are objects, no longer persons.

We need GOD, and only GOD and His Son, Yeshua the Christ, to show us the way.

Stop criticizing each other and follow the LIGHT…make this world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race!

Your brother in Christ,
Daniel James

40. Wickedpinto - February 6, 2009

Daniel James?

You are well reasoned, but a retard.

Let me give you an example.

This is why human society never prospers

No, Moral equivalence is why human society has only prospered this far.

If we can get rid of the slavery and the brutality that isn’t just resident, but a PART of the islamic faith, then we can turn our attention to the lesser evils of the west.

See, it’s like going into a hospital, they have this thing called triage, you treat the greatest ill first.

41. wiserbud - February 7, 2009

Stop criticizing each other and follow the LIGHT…

Ignore the heathen! The Gourd! FOLLOW HIS GOURD!!!!!

42. wiserbud - February 7, 2009

WEST (so called ‘Christians’) – think women are objects of men, solely for sexual gratification, and should forgo any rules of morality for the sole purpose of satisfying the lustful cravings of men.

As an athiest, let me just say this about that: Bullshit!!

Idiots think women are objects of men. That mindset is anathema to modern religion and modern society. Islam is the complete and total opposite of modern society and they, more than any other society, consider women to be nothing more than mere objects.

Nice try, though. And please, continue to revel in your own moral superiority by belittling others’ beliefs.

That should work out well for you.

43. BrewFan - February 7, 2009

Don’t tell me these are human problems – these are societal problems

Not a very enlightened comment from somebody who signs their post “Your brother in Christ”. If you were, indeed, a follower of Christ you would have very much the opposite view.

44. Dave in Texas - February 7, 2009

>> think women are objects of men, solely for sexual gratification, and should forgo any rules of morality for the sole purpose of satisfying the lustful cravings of men.

You say that like it’s a bad thing or something. Totally lost me.

45. lauraw - February 7, 2009



Coffee up mah nose.

46. geoff - February 7, 2009

think women are objects of men, solely for sexual gratification, and should forgo any rules of morality for the sole purpose of satisfying the lustful cravings of men.

Oh man!! I’ve been letting some of my women forgo rules of morality for other purposes, and I’ve been letting my other women keep their rules of morality while they satisfy my lustful cravings.

I’ve got it all screwed up.

47. TattooedIntellectual - February 7, 2009

i mean many kids in the west are bastards (i.e. don’t have a father

Umm, if they didn’t have a father wouldn’t they be test tube babies? And even then, there’s still sperm involved.

48. Daniel James - February 7, 2009

Because of your stubbornness and willingness to obey the Christ, the curse of God is coming to America like never before – no its not a terrorist attack, but I see a huge natural disaster coming to wipe America off by 2012. I had the revelation about a giant natural disaster to occur in 2012 when I prayed. Most of the things revealed in my prayer have come true.

Please, people, don’t joke or CRITICIZE, which you are good at!

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins. America is 100X more sinful than Sodom and Gomorrah. The Las Vegas officials even proudly put ‘sin city’ in their official tourist website. This country has sunken low to the depths of perversion and hate.

Pray for the time is near!

49. Daniel James - February 7, 2009

I meant *disobey*, not obey!

50. BrewFan - February 7, 2009

“And then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ’; or ‘Behold, He is there’; do not believe him; for false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show signs and wonders, in order to lead astray, if possible, the elect.” Mark 13:21-22

51. Michael - February 7, 2009

I had the revelation . .

I had some revelations like that too, which I was sure of, but they didn’t happen. Then, I realized all those revelations happened after I ate Mexican food.

Just sayin’.

52. Michael - February 7, 2009


That was a joke.

More seriously, there sure is an awful lot of prophecy that can be traced to dopamine disorders.

I see a huge natural disaster coming to wipe America off by 2012.

Daniel, have you been taking your meds?

53. Cathy - February 7, 2009

America is 100X more sinful than Sodom and Gomorrah

Daniel James. I hear your concern. Many of us her at IB are Christians and see things going on that get us sad and angry. I pray for our country every day. But it might be worthwhile for you to go back and read Genesis 18-19 for the full story of Sodom and Gomorrah, including Abraham’s pleas to God to turn away His wrath if even only10 righteous people could be found there, and God agreed saying, “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it.” Gen 18:32b

While there is much to be disturbed about, THERE ARE STILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WHO WORSHIP THE TRUE GOD EVERY WEEK, PRAY TO HIM, STUDY HIS WORD, AND DO WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS GOD’S WILL FOR THEM, including caring for others and sharing the message. And because many people are still believing and bringing others to believe, God’s will is being accomplished in the midst of the bad stuff you mention.

Comparing America to Sodom and Gomorrah is a tad strong.

54. geoff - February 7, 2009

Please, people, don’t joke or CRITICIZE, which you are good at!

Then I got nuthin.

55. BrewFan - February 7, 2009

Cathy, that was an excellent response and I hope Daniel James takes it to heart.

56. Daniel James - February 7, 2009

Cathy, I have seen it with my own eyes – these same people who go to Church are the ones who look for sex with strangers online. ‘Christian adultery’ is a complete reality now. About 1/3 of Christian church-going women have agreed to watching internet porn and wanting to have sex with a stranger.

A Christian based internet site confirmed that women are more likely than men to indulge in sexual fantasies – and these could be the women in your choir, the church secretary.

American Church is either for money (Benny Hinn, and the like) or for sex (many Churches). Divorce rates are so high in the Bible belt.

As Rev. Jeremiah Wright said “Its not God Bless America”….its “God Damn America”….everybody hates on pastor Wright because he speaks the truth.

The greed, lust, gluttony (fast food obesity), drunkenness are all precursors for doom. And trust me, America appeared much more sinful than Sodom and Gomorrah on a much higher magnitude – it was revealed to me in prayer.

In this country, ‘selective sins’ are condemned – eg: people hate homosexuals, but these same people have no problem with divorce, fornication, adultery, racism, etc.

Those of you who insult me as taking drugs to get revelations, keep saying that – I have heard it all before – I always get the last laugh (with Jesus on my side laughing as well).

57. wiserbud - February 7, 2009

but I see a huge natural disaster coming to wipe America off by 2012.

2012, huh? According to the Mayans, the whole world is screwed then, so I suggest you relax, DJ. It’s not like you’ll have anyplace to hide from the coming PLANETARY ALIGNMENT AND RESULTING WORLDWIDE CATACLYSMIC APOCALYPSE!!11!!OMG!!!1!!1!!1!!

But may I make a request? Would you mind stopping by here on January 1, 2013 and explaining what went wrong when your vision of our inevitable destruction? None of you prophets of doom have ever been able to explain why your predictions never, ever seem to be come about.


58. Daniel James - February 7, 2009

There is a website libchrist dot com. That’s where the ‘Christian swingers’ are at: they interpret ‘Love one another’ command the same as ‘Make love to one another’..What a horrendous joke this society has become! LORD HAVE MERCY!

59. wiserbud - February 7, 2009

I always get the last laugh (with Jesus on my side laughing as well).

Really? So you’ve lived through a couple of these “cleansings” before, have you?

And Jesus doesn’t sound like a real nice guy, if he’s laughing at the suffering of innocents. I mean, even if your “1/3” estimate is double what you believe it to be, that leaves 1/3 of Christians without sin. Ya know, the millions that Cathy was speaking of.

And you and Jesus will be laughing that their pain and suffering. Sweet. Sounds like rather sinful behavior right there, if you ask me.

Oh, and just thought you’d like to know, Pride is considered a sin as well. So you might want consider getting over yourself a bit.

60. BrewFan - February 7, 2009

About 1/3 of Christian church-going women have agreed to watching internet porn and wanting to have sex with a stranger.

So much for reading and contemplating Cathy’s comment.

And Daniel, I think in his own sweet way wiserbud wants you to be his Facebook friend.

61. wiserbud - February 7, 2009

And Daniel, I think in his own sweet way wiserbud wants you to be his Facebook friend.

OMG, that would be TEH AWZOME!!1!1!

DJ, can I poke you??

62. BrewFan - February 7, 2009


63. Michael - February 7, 2009

Daniel, I don’t fault you, or insult you, for taking offense at the licentiousness of American culture, or the hypocrisy of many in the Church.

I’m just sayin’, get some perspective. America is a pretty decent place compared to most cultures throughout history, and is certainly way better than Islamic cultures.

Hypocrisy in the Church started the day after Pentecost. In Acts, you can read about Ananias and Sapphira, for example. The truth is — every Christian is a hypocrite, including you, because we all fall short of the standards set for us by God. It’s just the Old Adam that remains alive in all of us, and for which we look to Christ and our eternal home in the New Jerusalem for a lasting solution. In the meantime, we practice repentance and trust in the mercy won for us by the sacrifice of Christ.

It strikes me, Daniel, that your current sin is that of overweening pride. You are puffing yourself up with the notion that you have been gifted with special revelations and insight. On January 1, 2013, we will see if your faith can withstand your foolishness.

The cardinal Christian virtue, Daniel, is humility.

64. BrewFan - February 7, 2009

Whatever happened to the other Michael? Maybe he could help here.

65. Cathy - February 7, 2009

with Jesus on my side laughing as well

Daniel James. The playful kidding you got here is the consequence of your arrogant comments.

Before you attempt to haul Jesus over to your side of this discussion — as you put it — I strongly urge you to work on getting a contrite and humble self back into God’s word.

Your supposed personal revelations carry no weight UNLESS you remain bound and obedient to the Word of God FIRST and FOREMOST. Jesus warns of false prophets. And the letter to the Hebrews makes it pretty clear to us where to now focus attention.

1In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe. 3The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. Hebrews 1:1-3

I think I will ignore you.

66. geoff - February 7, 2009

I dunno, I was hoping maybe he could go into a little more detail on the sexual fantasies that these women were having.

Just to verify how sinful it is, you understand.

67. Dave in Texas - February 7, 2009

>> About 1/3 of Christian church-going women have agreed to watching internet porn and wanting to have sex with a stranger.

That statistic is useless without more data.

Such as phone numbers.

Or email addresses.

68. Cathy - February 7, 2009

About 1/3 of Christian church-going women have agreed to watching internet porn and wanting to have sex with a stranger.

*worship could have extra distractions tomorrow morning for IB-dudes*

69. BrewFan - February 7, 2009

With my luck, the 1/3 at my church are all in the Senior Fellowship Group.

70. Dave in Texas - February 7, 2009

That would be lucky Brew, havin em all in your class like that.

71. Michael - February 7, 2009

I dunno, I was hoping maybe he could go into a little more detail on the sexual fantasies that these women were having.

We don’t share that kind of shit with atheists, Geoff. Go rub Laura’s atheist hump.

72. Michael - February 7, 2009

Go rub Laura’s atheist hump.

OK, maybe that was insulting. Go rub WickedPinto’s atheist junk instead.

I say that with love, Geoff, as a Lutheran who only wants the best for you.

73. Mrs. Peel - February 7, 2009

geoff isn’t an atheist. He’s an agnostic. I think he can at least rub Dave’s soft, soft hands.

74. geoff - February 7, 2009

It depends on the day – I’m either an atheist, agnostic or deist.

That should make me eligible to rub lots of things, I would imagine.

But not WP’s cyborg atheist junk, I hope.

75. Michael - February 7, 2009

But not WP’s cyborg atheist junk, I hope.

I think mOz owns that franchise anyway.

76. Daniel James - February 7, 2009

Who are you to teach me about humility. Its you people who lack humility and justify the evils of our society. As for the guy who ignorantly said he will wait Janurary 1st, 2012…listen, fella, January is a month in the human calendar. The GOD calendar predicts DEC 2012 as the end of hate and filth like the ones you try to promote!

I am not claiming to be a prophet, or a false prophet. You don’t have to re-iterate what Jesus said! I am humble and I know – the time is NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

77. geoff - February 7, 2009

he GOD calendar predicts DEC 2012 as the end of hate and filth like the ones you try to promote!

Because December is not a month in the human calendar?

78. eddiebear - February 7, 2009

^uh-oh. Somebody’s been hanging out at the “New Age” shops too much.

Look buddy, the world may/may not end on 12-whatever-2012. I dunno. Only one dude knows, and he ain’t talking. But when I see the list of “celebrities” who do, it makes me less willing to ascribe to it.

79. eddiebear - February 7, 2009

I meant my comment at DJ

80. Mrs. Peel - February 7, 2009

Man, that is some delicious crazy.

81. Wickedpinto - February 7, 2009

I have not yet automated my genitalia, let alone made it an independant cyborge.

82. BrewFan - February 8, 2009

Our friend Daniel needs to tread lightly in the predictions department. Jesus specifically warned against it:

“He said to them: ‘It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.'” – Acts 1:7

Then again, I don’t think Daniel is *really* a follower of Jesus, so he probably doesn’t care.

83. Dave in Texas - February 8, 2009


When do we get the satisfied lustful cravings?

I woke up in a mood.

84. wiserbud - February 8, 2009

Who are you to teach me about humility.

Someone who does not need to prove my all-encompassing superiority and hyper-morality by accusing others that I do not know of sin and immorality.

As for the guy who ignorantly said he will wait Janurary 1st, 2012…

Perhaps you have trouble actually reading, what with your oh-so-righteous nose stuck so far up in the air, but before you call someone ignorant, perhaps you should go back and read what I actually wrote.

The GOD calendar

Oh, yeah, that one. I just saw that at Wal-Mart the other day and I meant to pick one up. Hope they still have some in stock!

I’ll give you this, though, for someone who is so sensitive to being insulted, you sure seem to be rather liberal in handing them out.

Continue bringing the lunacy. It’s been a while since I seen someone so bravely and unabashedly put their disturbed mind on display for all to see. It is precious and, to be honest, quite hilarious.

Please to continue.

85. wiserbud - February 8, 2009

When do we get the satisfied lustful cravings?

Then the spankings!!

86. lauraw - February 8, 2009

A Christian based internet site confirmed that women are more likely than men to indulge in sexual fantasies – and these could be the women in your choir, the church secretary.


Just imagine! That chick over there, singing a hymn, she might be thinking about it. Favorably, even. She probably is. Right this second! Something must be done!

OMG, Christian women aren’t even allowed to THINK about sex?

I think Daniel has some unresolved issues with women and Vietnam-era hallucinogens, but mostly women.

87. kevlarchick - February 8, 2009

Geoff would make one hot Druid. Oh yeah.

88. lauraw - February 8, 2009

And…”A Christian based internet site?”

Can you support your argument with actual evidence, please?

The very idea that women think about sex more than men do is hilarious, really. It’s not possible.

89. lauraw - February 8, 2009

…nothing would get done, fer chrissakes.

90. lauraw - February 8, 2009

Usually these guys who are worried and obsessed with what’s going on sexually with women they don’t even know are the guys who are really, really, really backed up for years.

DSB will derange a man in the long term.

91. Dave in Texas - February 8, 2009

DJ, I’m gonna put somethin out there. If you don’t like it, you can send it right back!

I wanna be on you.

92. geoff - February 8, 2009

The very idea that women think about sex more than men do is hilarious, really.

A man can dream, can’t he?

Geoff would make one hot Druid. Oh yeah.

Geoff has certainly just found all the motivation he needs to try.

93. Dave in Texas - February 8, 2009

>> The very idea that women think about sex more than men do is hilarious, really.

It’s possible they think of more ways to say “no” than ways I can think of to beg for it.

They’re committed like that.

94. Mrs. Peel - February 8, 2009

I think it’s supposed to be specifically Christian women who think more about sex than Christian men. Personally, I skipped church this morning to sleep in, but I didn’t have any erotic dreams, so…

95. Sinful American - February 9, 2009

I am like Jesus Christ, mobbed and scorned by a lynch mob – which is you all. Protestentianism and Catholicism are cults, not real Christianity. Real Christianity only exists among Orthodox Christians, not the adulterous, drunken, lewd, racist WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestants), Germanic/Nordic and other European savages who killed in the name of Christ and made porn videos that take anal licking of bridesmaid with bride and bridegroom in a 3-some orgy.

You can scoff at me all you like, but, me Daniel James, will have the last laugh along with the JEW CHRIST!!! HAHAHAHA

lol, i am not daniel james…but get a grip all of you – cathy, daniel james, and the rest of you religious hillbillies.

we europeans (whites) were always indulging in drunken orgies even before we were introduced to the middle eastern religion of christianity. we might as well continue now.

religion was created as a tool for morons who fear death. death is just a natural process like birth – do you remember anything before your birth? no…life just recycles…in many ways, reincarnation makes a lot more sense than the judeo-islamo-christian view of heaven and hell…old world religions are much more enlightening than the middle eastern religious view of ‘my god is better than your god, so we kill you’…see what christians did to jews during nazi germany and what jews are doing to muslims in palestine, etc, today.

i am an agnostic, and i believe that creation is too perfect to come out of random, but the creator could be a being that is omnipotent and does not need the silly humans’ respect to thrive and survive…

concluding: “i’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with christians”

now let me go watch my porn with my wife and her girlfriend…MMMM GOTTA LOVE EUROPEAN-AMERICAN WESTERN DEMOCRACY!

if any of you christian women want to meet me for sexual liberation, just email me

96. Mrs. Peel - February 9, 2009

Fear of death? Dude, I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent looking forward to dying. When I die, it’ll finally be over.

…Unless, of course, my religion is right. In which case, I’ll have the rest of friggin’ eternity to get through. All I have to say about that is, I had better get one bitchin’ harp.

97. geoff - February 9, 2009

It’s always good to get input from the self-inflated retard contingent. Thanks for covering that, SA.

98. Sinful American - February 9, 2009

mrs. peel,

yes, yes, please fear eternity…”your” religion is right…that’s what my muslim friend said that HER RELIGION is right

geoff, self-inflated retard contingent – yes, truly great words to describe yourself, jackass!

fuck off, you religious hypocritic nutters. go suck a dick!

99. Vmaximus - February 9, 2009

Oh my god what fruitcakes! But then SA reveals what a idiot pretender he is. hat does James say about controlling the tongue? Obviously he cannot, therefore is not anything more than a deluded child

100. Vmaximus - February 9, 2009

or is he one of the hate brothers from the nation of islam? You know flying saucers and whitey being the devil.
Once again deluded child

101. Michael - February 9, 2009

death is just a natural process like birth . . .

Um, no, death is not natural, and we all know it. Nor is the creation of life remotely comparable to its destruction.

That platitude is the core of your stupidity. The genetic evidence is that, naturally, our bodies were intended to be self-regenerating. Something is wrong — our cells start to shut down as we age, for no known reason. Modern genetic biology has concluded that something has corrupted our DNA. They don’t know what.

Christians call this condition “sin.”

102. Sinful American - February 9, 2009

the rest of you fucks associating me with nation of islam, go blow yourself up. i don’t follow any religion. you fuckers are so deluded in wanting to insult mohammed (a sand n***** false prophet) to defend your sand n***** (jesus).

michael, that is the most retarded, ridiculous comment i’ve heard in my life…our cells are meant to regenerate…oh aging is so unnatural. hahaha…you stupid son of a whore…did you ever think how your 30 year old FORD (found on road dead) car fails to work anymore…Henry Ford (the GOD of Ford) might have wanted ford to run forever, don’t you think?

haha, call me a child…but then you all are children, based on your immaturish rant. as DJ said earlier, you are good at pointing your fingers at me, without cleaning your dirty ass-smelling mouth first.

[Asst. Site Administrator – I have edited the comment to remove offensive language. For historical purposes this comment originated from so appropriate disgust and outrage should be directed there.]

103. Dave in Texas - February 9, 2009

>> do you remember anything before your birth?

I remember the sound of Cary Grant’s voice.

I think mom liked his movies.

104. Sinful American - February 9, 2009

ok, all cars and trucks SIN, i get it…that’s why they don’t run forever…except that nazi era benz which was used for killing scores of jewish people including mercedes, the daughter of a jewish banker, whom the car company was named after.

105. Sinful American - February 9, 2009

the title of this thread ‘It sucks to be Muslim’ is so hypocritical. If anything, i would say ‘It sucks to be a white christian’…christianity itself was ok when it first came out, but later the europeans (who initially fed christians to the lions) perverted it to fulfil their own fantasies and killings…aborginies, native americans, iraqis, the list goes on…

106. Dave in Texas - February 9, 2009

you put too many “i”s in aborigines.

silly you.

107. Michael - February 9, 2009

did you ever think how your 30 year old FORD (found on road dead) car fails to work anymore

See, that’s exactly the point. The science of aging has advanced dramatically in the last 20 years. Human beings do not “wear out” like a car — that’s the old paradigm of aging.

A Ford is an inanimate object which wears out. The human body is an animate cellular structure which does not naturally wear out. Naturally, it continually refreshes and replaces itself.

This process works fine until we get into the late thirties and early forties. Then it starts to fail.

108. Michael - February 9, 2009

OK, Dave, you are making me feel really silly about trying to communicate with SA like he is a rational human. I’ll stop now.

109. Mrs. Peel - February 9, 2009

HAHAHAHA. This thread really should be moved to the Classic Comments Thread section in the sidebar.

110. Michael - February 9, 2009

BTW, Sinful American, you mentioned that you are European.

Are you French? Please tell me if you are from France.

111. Michael - February 9, 2009

Mrs. Peel:


112. eddiebear - February 9, 2009

naw, SA is too good with his spelling, and his sentences don’t smell like bad cigarettes and not bathing.

Besides, he used the word “nutters”, a hallowed British term. And he dropped the “n bomb” as well, something most Continentals don’t use.

They have more creative racist terms, usually referring to animals or grapes.

But he did reference 3-way orgy pr0n, so he has that going for him.

113. geoff - February 10, 2009

yes, truly great words to describe yourself, jackass!

He took it the “I’m made of rubber, you’re made of glue” level! Well played sir!!

On a serious note, I do think that someone should edit out the nastier things our erudite visitor has written. You don’t want people thinking we tolerate that sort of ugliness.

114. lauraw - February 10, 2009

I second geoff’s suggestion. A row of asterisks and an [edited] tag should adequately preserve the, um, integrity of the sweet, sweet crazy.

115. wiserbud - February 10, 2009

This has become my favorite IB thread EVAH!111!!1!!

killer nazi benz? Teh awesome.

116. im_educated_you're_not - February 13, 2009

Wow! Ignorants. If you people stop bashing a religion you know nothing about and get educated about it, rather than just following everyday news, you’d actually be less idiotic and more humans.

If you pay attention a little bit more you’ll actually hear more stories of rape in the western society than any, like ANY other place on Earth. You’re just listening to any trash that’s being said on TV and the internet. This type of news is said everywhere, regardless of region. What can I say? You don’t understand.

117. geoff - February 13, 2009

you’ll actually hear more stories of rape in the western society

Even if that were true, the difference is that it’s not institutionalized.

What can I say? You don’t understand.

What can I say? You don’t explain yourself or support your argument very well.

118. lauraw - February 13, 2009


geoff is in a troll-thwackin’ mood.

119. Sobek - February 13, 2009

Hey im_educated_but_i_don’t_know_basic_punctuation, I have a college degree in Middle Eastern Studies. Whatchoo got?

120. Lipstick - February 13, 2009

Yeah, if we’d just stop following the daily news, we’d be better informed.

Hey, did you see how that muslim guy just cut his wife’s head off? She was trying to divorce him.


Nothing to see here. . .STOP following the news.

121. eddiebear - February 13, 2009


Talk about irony.

I wish mr_i’m_such_a_fucking_smart_ass would respond

122. eddiebear - February 13, 2009

Dammit! Lips beat me to it.

123. Lipstick - February 13, 2009

Great minds. . .

124. eddiebear - February 13, 2009


125. vmaximus - February 13, 2009

We are ignorant, uneducated, idiotic, sub humans.
Well Mr Edumacation has cogent insults down pat.
As usual, he blames the west. All the worlds problems are caused by the west. Do you think west is a euphemism for Christian? or just American? I wonder if mr educated lives in the west?
Perhaps we could hope that he would choose to live elsewhere?

126. skinbad - February 13, 2009

“If you take uncovered meat and put it on the street … without a cover and the cats eat it, is it the fault of the cat or the uncovered meat?”

I forget the religion of a church leader who dropped that gem justifying a gang rape of a girl without a veil. Maybe the educated guy can help me out.

127. killhumans - February 17, 2009

humans are the shittiest species on this planet: raping rivers and seas, killing everything and destroying everything with their ‘intelligence’…look into the skies, you will see more of alien visitations, more ufo sightings, more of NIBIRU! COME 2012!

128. BrewFan - February 17, 2009

25 or 6 to 4!

129. Mrs. Peel - February 17, 2009

Wait, we’re not supposed to be raping rivers?

Well, shit.

130. Russ from Winterset - February 17, 2009

Actually, if you want to be technical about the whole thing………..

Most of the “rape of nature” you see in today’s world? Courtesy of The Religion of Peace &trade.

Don’t believe me? Look at aerial photos of the dividing line between Israel and the Palestinian Territory. Green on the Jooooo side, shit brown on the side where they like to fuck goats.

131. Russ from Winterset - February 17, 2009

Shit. How do you do that whole “trademark” symbol again?

132. geoff - February 17, 2009

Those rivers were asking for it.

133. lauraw - February 17, 2009

semicolon at the end, Russ.

Michael - February 17, 2009

killhumans = sinful american (#104 & #105)

Just sayin’

Michael - February 17, 2009

Look at aerial photos of the dividing line between Israel and the Palestinian Territory.

Actually, Russ, a satellite photo like that was published at IB by Sobek right here.

134. Russ from Winterset - February 17, 2009

So it’s like this? Religion of Peace ™

135. Michael - February 17, 2009

Actually, I experienced this myself when I was in Israel, driving up from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Along the road, which becomes a narrow strip with West Bank on either side, you could see the stark contrast between Israel and the West Bank. On the Israeli side, all forested or farmed, all green. On the West Bank side — just brown desert. It was amazing how Israel has reclaimed the land, and the Palestinians continue to waste it.

136. Michael - February 17, 2009

Israel in Biblical times was a very lush region which captured rainwater coming off the Med between the coast and the Judean hills. The wildlife was diverse and plentiful, including top predators like lions. It got ruined by overgrazing and deforestation. Israel has had great success at reversing the damage.

137. Wickedpinto - February 17, 2009

You can see that same shit from San Diego into Mexico.

138. Michael - February 17, 2009

In fact, the Lion was the tribal sign of Judah, which likely caused the arrival of Babylonian astronomers (the biblical “Three Magi”) in Jerusalem after the birth of Christ, due to unprecedented astronomical events in the constellation of Leo signifying a momentous royal birth.

139. Vmaximus - February 17, 2009

Michael this thread continues to draw the crazy. I love it!

140. Michael - February 17, 2009

Which visit, unfortunately, caused Herod the Great to attempt the murder of all the recently born Jewish babies, for fear that the Herodian dynasty was at risk.

141. wiserbud - February 17, 2009

Michael this thread continues to draw the crazy. I love it!

Vmax, if you look around, you’ll see that ‘pinto comments quite a bit here, not just on this thread.

142. wiserbud - February 17, 2009

destroying everything with their ‘intelligence’…

yeah. that damn stupid ‘intelligence.”

you don’t see dumb insects, like locusts, destroying anything, do you?

143. Wickedpinto - February 17, 2009

well Michael, you know, that killing your enemies only makes more of them.

144. Wickedpinto - February 17, 2009

sometimes I really hate you wiser.

145. Mrs. Peel - February 17, 2009

I gotta nominate 144 for the Comment Hall of Fame.

146. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

testing out the tm thingy

147. eddiebear - February 17, 2009


148. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

Oh well. Carry on.

149. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

Try again &suptm-;

150. eddiebear - February 17, 2009


151. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

That’s it! I’m just copying the ASCII thingy on the help tab.
But I can do this³

152. forged rite - February 17, 2009


153. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

All kidding aside. Sorry I screwed it up. I was told there would be no math here.

154. xbradtc - February 17, 2009

155. xbradtc - February 17, 2009


156. forged rite - February 17, 2009

Everyone can do ™ except eddiebear™.

157. eddiebear - February 17, 2009


158. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

Got&trad; it™ now, bitches™


Too bad you saw the foolishness that is my mind.

But I got it now!

Fires gun into the air™

159. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

Just for the hell of it.

ANd you basteards can bugger off with MCPO’s scooter.

160. Wickedpinto - February 17, 2009

You know what really sucks about being a muslim, at least if I were muslim.

My girl can. . .

1) do me significant damage.
2) likes to fuck a lot more than I do. I’m fat, I get tired.
3) EVERYONE wants to bang her, noone wants to bang me. Well, she does, but not much.
4) she is (or is gonna be) the major breadwinner.

So, were I muslim, I would have to beat her.

and if I tried that, she would

1) likely kick my ass.
2) fuck someone who isn’t me.
3) I wouldn’t have anyone to bang.
4) would have a problem paying my bills.

I love not being a muslim.

First, cuz I see my chick, and she’s hot.
second, dogma isn’t gonna go all apeshit making me a shitty boyfriend and likely husband.

I like being a nice guy, it works for me.

Especially when I’m getting laid with a hot chick who can be my sugar mommy.

161. Russ from Winterset - February 17, 2009


Comment #142 on the “I Believe That I’ve Heard This Story Before” thread at Ace’s?

100% pure Weapons Grade Wickedpinto.

Jesus Christ, Obama should have picked DubyaPee for SecState. “The Bitchbreaking Doctrine” would just look so completely pimp in future history books: Mess with America, and our boys introduce their penises to your daughters. And a few of your sons (NTTAWWT)

162. mesablue - February 17, 2009

Some good crazy in this thread.

And, bad html.

163. Lipstick - February 17, 2009

So, ah, Pinto, I sense a disturbance in the force of your bachelorhood.

Are congratulations in order?

164. Russ from Winterset - February 17, 2009

Good crazy and bad html go hand in hand. Sort of like chocolate & peanut butter.

165. Lipstick - February 17, 2009

So, Pinto, what’s your situation?

(hee hee hee)

166. Wickedpinto - February 17, 2009


I’m caving into the me and T thing.

YEARS late, but soon after the IBMMP, I’ll be packing up and leaving.

167. eddiebear - February 17, 2009

Michael keeps me around because he secretly gets a subsidy from the government to keep retarded people off the streets.

168. Lipstick - February 18, 2009

Congratulations Pinto!

As you know and as I recently discovered, it’s a wonderful part of the world.

169. Tushar - February 18, 2009

Yesterday night I had a revealation too. Lord Krishna was riding on a 3 legged horse, and Lord Jesus was riding along on a 5 legged zebra. Lord Krishna was munching on a marshmallow, and Lord Jesus was eating a corn cob. They were talking about some computer virus that had infected the celestial network. And they were kind of worried about hyperinflation too. I tried to argue with them, and then came the revealation: ‘Get some TUMS and shut up.’

I snarfed some TUMS, and went back to sleep.

170. Muslihoon - February 18, 2009

I can’t believe I missed this discussion. How juicy.

Maybe it’s good I missed it. Unless people like reading long theses.

One comment: A few years ago, I attended a da’wah conference (a conference to teach Muslims how to spread Islam), and in one session they talked about women. The guy read an article by an American woman who converted to Islam, married a religious Pakistani, and moved with him to Lahore. It was full of glowing praises for Muslims and condemnations for the West. One point she made was that while there were thousands of rapes reported in the West, there were only a handful in Lahore. Stupid idiot.

So, do you know why there are fewer rapes reported in the Muslim lands? Because unlike the barbaric, heathen West, the Muslim courts will punish (often by execution) the woman reporting the rape if she cannot prove
A. That it happened (and the requirements are very explicit and practically impossible to fulfill, so chances are more like she’ll be found guilty of adultery rather than a victim of rape)
B. That it was actual rape and not her usual sexual immoral self.

Plus, if a woman is raped, no matter in what horrid circumstances, she has become tainted and will be shunned if not experience an unfortunate fatal “accident”.

And don’t get me started on using rape as punishment: “you stole his goat, he and his family will now rape your daughter/sister/wife.”

Anyway…off my soapbox. For now.

171. eddiebear - February 18, 2009

And you missed my Teh Awesome Display of stupidity

172. Cathy - February 18, 2009

Musli, glad I’m not the only one who missed the fun.

Thanks for your comments @ #172.

173. Cathy - February 18, 2009

And you missed my Teh Awesome Display of stupidity

Didn’t miss it… it’s right there. Enjoyed it. *snigger*

174. eddiebear - February 18, 2009


175. muhmmad chavez - March 30, 2009

i ma islamic so beat it

176. wiserbud - March 30, 2009

i ma islamic so beat it

You make some very intriguing arguments in support of your position, sir.

I would be very interested in hearing more regarding your suggestion to, as you so charmingly, yet succinctly, phrased it, “beat it.” I’m curious, how does one go about subscribing to your newsletter?

177. addam - April 16, 2009

I lived in North Africa and during the wars in the midleast or when i am watching the news with the people from there about the crimes of stealing the kids and abusing them ..in europ, they never pointed to Europeans like Christians i found this very important from an open mind people … when i am in europ every individual action from some one origin midle east or what every they poited to all muslims (more than one bil muslims) and relacionar religion with the personal interess of someone, and i found this the most ignorance and close mind of a modern society,

178. addam - April 16, 2009

It SUCKS to be A christian too, where they Abuse the kids in the Church
and murder each others by cheap Arms and kill thousands of innocent people in the name of God just beacause they are not Christians..and list is too too long more than ever and worst.

179. Vmaximus - April 16, 2009

addam I will have you know that I do not own any arm that I have not paid less than $500 for.

I do not murder people with cheap arms, I use expensive ones.
I have never murdered anyone in the name of God either.

You talk about abusing kids a lot, do you have…um…problems?

180. Mobb - July 27, 2009

Hi guys first of all Am living in France and I dont really speak english good , but I undrestand perfect , so your topic was quit intresting and i permet myself to give my opinion in case if you don’t mind it.
First Micheal you say muslims care about their women problems and sex problems like they don’t have bigger other problems!!!!! yes they have big problems and I mention that their problems are political problems.
You know am a muslim and me myself i used to hate christians it was like something imossible for me even jewish , well i am afghan and i was born in russia moscou, well for loving christians and jewish or what ever else exist I had a smart muslim Father who told me when I was kid , the world is small your eyes makes you think it is so big , and all this people you see around muslims , catholics , jewish budist they are all just like you the same skin and the same head, slowly by knowing people becoming freinds with what ever exist in this world i start to love every one , and i was always jalous that christians are not racist and this is one of big reason why they become so rich and this is one of the reason how americans rul around the world , becous many people from many nations creat one unic nation that they call american nation and they become the best and strongest ever. Stop being sentimental we are men , and try to learn relegions just like i did learn your relegion any relegion is coming back to the same point , relegion teach us to be united where ever we are and who ever we are , and i was thinking jesus tough some of his people to excuse others for their mistakes and we have exactly the same words in our relegion why we dont try to undrestand each other instead of watching TV , and geting manipulated by some politiciens who dont really give a fuck about my skiny ass and either about your skiny asses that you are muslims or christians , and the garbag rest for who , for some guys like you , people watch futur , to improv themselves , but all this conversations you guys you had , beliv me even my grandmother hadn’t so much free ttime to discuss like this about relegion, and odnt think muslims are your enemis brothers , your own governors are your first enemis , and me as a muslim i see no reason to hate all americans , i just hate politiciens who ever they are afghan or white or black or what eva he is or she is, becous those people they will not give a fuck about your kid or your woman what day when u r in trouble bro , so i really felt sorry for each of you , to see you have so much time to be so disgusting , honestly guys i mean your conversations sucks ,,,,,there is some other problems personal problems you had with some boys at school or at work , dont know he kick u ass or something u look more like u r hurted personally , becous muslim women honestly it is obssolutly non of your busines, coz instead of losing time if i was you , i would read some books, at least dont teach this garbag for your kids becous it is not their fault they god daddiz like this or mummiz like this , fuck muslims like ya , and fuck christians like ya , and fuck jewish like ya , i was thinkin ya guys are smart , but you all speaking like a pure villagers

181. Mobb - July 27, 2009

and i would like to add someone was telling watch how this muslim guy cut his wife head off, well for you rinformation , inn usa or europe where ever , i heard some brave white guy kill his wife and his young kids , becous he was not enough man to feed his kids ,and pay his credits back and who you guys are to talk shit about others did you ever watch yourself ? honestly did you ever read a book about youur own shit you guys becous i dont think someone could say am perfect

182. Mobb - July 27, 2009

and one more thing what relation ASCII got with maths , now dont tell me you know math too , coz your speach doesnt look like you are someone smart

183. reason - July 27, 2009

Definitely correct me if I am wrong on this, but I’m pretty sure that the “brave white guy” you referenced in post 181 didn’t go to his church elder for advice.

Brave White Guy: I’m tellin’ ya, Reverend, I really just don’t know what to do. I lost my job, I can’t find another one anywhere! The bills are stacking up, I can’t pay anything, I can’t even afford milk and juice for my kids. Really, I’m at my end here. What should I do?
Reverend: Hmmm…you know, if you look clearly enough, I believe that you will see the source of your problems are the very existence of your wife and children…

This, juxstaposed against Muslim Honor Killings, which are condoned by the faith, as the act of murdering your divorce-seeking wife, or overly-Westernized daughter, indeed saves or enhances your “honor” within the culture.

The world, as it is a broken world, is full of messed up people all across the globe.

184. Cathy - July 27, 2009

Mobb. Thanks for sharing your views. The discussion is welcome and hopefully a place where folks with lots of differing views can come to discuss both serious and silly topics.

I believe we live in a broken world. We Christians are part of that brokenness and fall short all the time. But not everyone here in America is Christian or willing to profess Christ. I just heard on the news today that a young mother of an infant cut her baby’s head off and ate body parts because Satan told her to do it. I don’t know any more of the details, but a very sad true story in broken world. And even we Christians can find ourselves caught in the wrong behaviors and attitudes all the time.

But Jesus does not command his followers to hurt or kill others. In fact we are challenged to love our “enemies.” And many Christians are willing to die for not only our friends or family, but also those we don’t know or even like if it comes to that. That motivation comes from God and his love for us. And those of us to profess that Jesus is the one true God and Savior of the world believe that his main purpose was to die for us, all of us, because of his love for ALL of us, including you Mobb, because that is what our Scriptures say. Hebrews 9:12 makes it pretty clear, he died ONCE for ALL by his own blood. He did this willingly.

And in our gratitude and humility we are to reach out to others in love and share this awesome message.

185. anoneemoose - August 22, 2009

Sure, Muslims seem to be more conservative than other religions, but it doesn’t mean that Islam sucks as a religion. It’s just that some people choose to interpret the Qu’ran in a way which is at odds with the original views held by the Muslims of yore.

186. Anonymous - October 24, 2009

i so agree with you Dude.

187. Liza - February 3, 2010

Be happy its your wedding day for celebration

188. TGSG - February 3, 2010

odd ^ that, after all the crazy floating around this topic we have an exlamation point for it.

189. Doni Javaro - February 9, 2010

you were talk about other religion while our culture is so awful. rapes, free sex, drugs, murder, and all kinds of brutal crimes are everywhere. come on guys, get real… let’s start worrying about our own community…

190. Endless Men - February 9, 2010

hey i know her, yes she is extremly sexy singer, is she a muslim ? wow !

191. Software Burning - February 9, 2010

berhenti bicara seperti itu. anda tidak mengerti alasan islam melakukan itu. semua aturan dalam islam bertujuan baik. anda tidak akan pernah mengerti jika anda masih menuruti hawa nafsu anda. coba anda renungkan terlebih dahulu, apa saja akibat dari memakai pakaian yang terbuka dan menunjukkan aurat.

192. Software Burning - February 9, 2010

stop talking like that. you do not understand why Islam do that. all the rules in Islam good aims. you will never understand if you still follow your passions. you try to think first, whatever the result of wearing clothing that is open and showing private parts.

193. hamba allah - February 9, 2010

la kum dinnukum waliyadiin = mind your own business

194. d3x73r13 - February 9, 2010

i read all of the comments, funny though. at the first section, there is a hot debate between moslem and west but at the last section there are all debate between west and west while moslem keep silence in peace.

aren’t you guys ridiculos? talking about islamic law and civilization and end up with debating your own civilization? i think you guys are narrow minded idiots

195. d3x73r13 - February 9, 2010

i absolutely agree with this comment:

185. anoneemoose – August 22, 2009
Sure, Muslims seem to be more conservative than other religions, but it doesn’t mean that Islam sucks as a religion. It’s just that some people choose to interpret the Qu’ran in a way which is at odds with the original views held by the Muslims of yore

Michael is just american fanatic who doesn’t know anything about islam but pretending to be some smart ass. writing a blog post just based on non-valid information.

196. d3x73r13 - February 9, 2010

Hey Michael, all your blog post is about critic, are you trying to make a good traffic to your site? earn some money there, eh? retarded

197. daveintexas - February 9, 2010

Dude thinks Michael is retarded.

He must be a regular lurker.

198. Vmaximus - February 9, 2010

yes Dave I see all that ad money from all the ads on this site Michael is raking it in!

What a retardo!

Oops that in not pc What a idiot!

199. Lipstick - February 9, 2010

Michael is not just “pretending to be some smart ass”.

200. wiserbud - February 9, 2010

Poor Michael. I really feel bad that people think so poorly of him.


(personal to Michael: Dude, thank Cathy for the shirt for me again. kthnxbai.)

201. lauraw - February 9, 2010

la kum dinnukum waliyadiin = mind your own business

Stop making it our business.

202. wiserbud - February 9, 2010

Stop making it our business.


GAD, I love this woman!

203. daveintexas - February 9, 2010

do wah diddy, diddy dum, diddy do

Monkey business.

204. Pupster - February 9, 2010

bomp shu bomp shu bomp rama lama ding dong

who was that man, I’d like to shake his hand.

205. lauraw - February 9, 2010

Chang chang changity-chang shoo-bop

That’s the way it should be.

206. daveintexas - February 9, 2010

Laura, Laura bo Baura Bonana fanna fo Faura / Fee fy mo Maura, Laura

207. wiserbud - February 9, 2010

Who put the bomp in the bomp buh bomp buh bomp
Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong
Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop
Who put the dip in the dip dee dip dee dip

Who was that man, I’d like to shake his hand
He made my baby fall in love with me

208. wiserbud - February 9, 2010

damn, not a single word in #191 ends in “on”

209. Michael - February 10, 2010

Our recent new visitors on this thread are Indonesians. We’ve actually gotten hundreds of hits from a forum on an Indonesian site.

Meaning, these are not Islamic extremists from the Middle East. They are probably normal Muslims, who might naturally take offense at the header on my post.

210. Michael - February 10, 2010

In the West, we understandably focus on the backwards and dangerous Islamic extremists in the Middle East, central Asia, and north Africa, and tend to forget that Islam is better represented by the enormous tropical Islamic populations — Indonesia and Malaysia, where most of Islam actually resides.

I’ve been to Malaysia with my family. We never felt unsafe, and we traversed some totally non-tourist territory. It is a beautiful place and they are friendly and hospitable people who practice a moderate form of Islam.

Indonesia has had some issues, with an extreme fringe that was guilty of the Bali bombings a few years ago (Bali being mostly populated by Hindus and Australian tourists), but they crushed that criminal cult and I think Indonesia is largely OK. I would not hesitate to travel there.

Thailand and the Philippines have had to cope with Muslim insurgencies that you may have read about, but that was normal minority ethnic rivalry, not Islamic fundamentalism.

My point being, tropical Islam is actually the norm for that religion, it is not at all threatening or offensive (they do not recruit suicide bombers, practice female castration, or declare jihad against the U.S. or Israel), and they should not be confused with what we in the West usually hear about Islam.

Our recent influx of Indonesian visitors actually represent normal Muslims, and a few said that my post unfairly maligns their beliefs. It looks to me like they think that sexual conservatism should not be confused with misogyny, and I do not understand their religion.

Fair point.

211. Russ from Winterset - February 10, 2010

Michael is right to say that SE Asian Muslims are not as hostile to Americans as their Middle Eastern counterparts, but he’s too nice to mention that they are still fairly dangerous if you’re a non-Muslim living next to them. And God forbid that you’re a person who converts FROM Islam to Christianity or Hinduism – if I recall correctly, Indonesia actually has a law forbidding that sort of personal religious choice.

212. Anonymous - February 22, 2010

*SE Asian Muslims are not as hostile to Americans as their Middle Eastern counterparts*

any american want to try living in the most southern 3 provinces of thailand?

213. Eric - March 3, 2010

@ #185: stop trying to persuade people that Islam is a religion of peace. The Qur’an clearly states that all Muslims have a DUTY to kill all infidels (non-believers of the “prophet” Muhammed). Try and twist that any way you like, but it’s there for EVERYONE to read. There are plenty of Imams part of the 21st century who come to try and interpret it differently. But think back to 660 AD when Islam was founded. Was there such a thing as democracy? Or how about civilized people as in the people like today? No. It was all about killings and conversions (the Crusaders, etc…). I seriosuly DOUBT that Muhammed meant something else.

On another note – I’m not saying that any one religion is right, but why is it that Christians and Muslims try to convert as many people as possible to their religions yet the Jews want to keep people out? And how is it that Christians believe in Jesus which was witnessed by PERHAPS a dozen people and Muslims believe in Muhammed which was witnessed by NO ONE…yet the 3 MILLION Jews were at the giving of the Torah (Jewish Bible). That sort of thing would be pretty hard to cover up. I mean, 3 million people…wouldn’t ONE person slip up? It’s easy to keep a secret and/or tell stories, but IMO – the Jews are the real deal…they have been around the longest by far.

214. wiserbudstein - March 3, 2010

yet the Jews want to keep people out?

We don’t want to keep everyone out, boychik.

Just you.

215. Eric - March 4, 2010

Wow, thought of that all by yourself? You must be soo proud, you know, being behind a screen…what are you 12?

216. guy - March 9, 2010

dude you’re asshole fuck you bitch

217. Michael - March 10, 2010

This thread just keeps on giving the funny.

218. Eric - March 10, 2010

@Guy: way to keep an intelligent convo going…

@Michael: you are the author right? Yes, I’ve read all the posts, they’re mad funny. But in all seriousness, I’ll debate ANYONE who says Islam is a religion of peace.

219. Dave in Texas - March 10, 2010

asshole you bitch fuck you’re dude

220. wiserbud - March 10, 2010

You must be soo proud, you know, being behind a screen

Proud? Naaaaaah…. I’d really have something to be proud of if I type from in front of the screen.

waitaminute here……. I AM in front of the screen. You’re the one who’s behind the screen!

Oh, man, this is like way awesome bitch you dude fuck asshole cool, man…….

And another thing….

*stares at hand

They call them fingers, but I’ve never seen them fing……..


221. Eric - March 11, 2010

Keep digging a bigger hole…you’re just proving my point…(smile)

222. skinbad - March 11, 2010

We should do an “It sucks to be Jewish” thread. Then we could gather some data for a compare and contrast.

223. Eric - March 11, 2010

Well I’m sure it does have to suck to be Jewish. They have to keep kosher and the Sabbath – no lights or TV on Saturdays. THAT’S gotta suck.

224. Najid - March 31, 2010

I’m only 13 guys so please excuse me if my grammar is bad or anything. First of all, I’d just like to say that I don’t appreciate the aggressiveness you have towards Muslims, Michael. In this case the Bahraini ones. Not all Muslims are as you guys say they are. Nowhere in the Qur’an does it say that muslim women have to cover up head-to-toe. It tells you to dress appropriately of course, something in a holy book. But it doesn’t say anything about covering up. The Islamic Revolution in Iran started all this. The fanatic “Mulla’s” (Imams, Muslim priests, men of high ranking religious status) overthrew the Shah and imposed a bunch of supposedly Islamic laws. Look at pictures of the women anywhere in Iran and the arab world during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the arab muslim females and the western ones apart from the “Middle eastern look” and possibly skin color. The Qur’an is a widely misinterpreted holy book. Many of the metaphors used are taken literally and carried out in the world. Somebody commenting before me said something along the lines of: “The Qur’an says that muslims must kill all infidels.”
No. Nowhere in the Qur’an would there be anything even CLOSE to that. It’s a holy book, messages and commands sent down by God. Not a different God. The same God of the Christians and the same God as the Jews. The same God of all monotheistic religions.
Perhaps it says that Muslims must try to convert non-believers into believers. But nothing of the sort mentioned.
In opposition to what Michael said, Bahrain isn’t a nation full of “uptight sexist bastards” if you let your ignorance aside for a moment, I would invite you to come to Bahrain and look around and see the life we live here for yourself. It is probably the least sexist nation in the Middle East behind the United Arab Emirates, which is widely known for it’s westernized lifestyle, as is apparent when seeing the well-known city of Dubai. Muslims aren’t necessarily sexist. The sexist ones are commonly the people that are uneducated and raised in villages. Most villages have a religious head of village. They teach there own idea of what Islam to the residents of the village, and the children are taught from a very young age, so it’s implanted into their minds. The teachings are extremely backwards, but some do have rights in them. In fact, there are so many different teachings of Islam from different people you wouldn’t even recognize the religion. The majority of rules and laws are man-made, not teachings of God and Muhammad.
And the Parliament of bahrain is composed of those highly ranked religious people I mentioned earlier. The majority of them are Shi’ite, the majority of Bahrain is Shi’ite (Which are 99% of the people raised in villages and widely uneducated). So the Sunni ruling family has to keep them in power so as to keep the Shi’ite people under control and satisfied. If they kicked the Shi’ite Parliament members off the board, there would be chaos and inevitably an uprising here, and since the majority of the population is Shi’ite, the ruling family would be overthrown. Can you imagine what the country would be like then? A hellhole, that’s what. So minor hindrances like this are nothing compared to what could be.
You really don’t know much about the Islamic ways and the culture, sorry but from what I just read, thats the truth. Think a little deeper, lose your ignorance of the Muslim people, become educated in their ways (The true Qur’anic ways, which if translated into english by a non-muslim, you might understand the true meaning of the verses as I believe you to be a man with enough understanding and common sense to not misinterpret like the Muslims do), then come and write up a new topic with your new found knowledge. I’m not forcing you to obviously, but a little more understanding of the world around you never hurt anyone ;).
I myself am not a Muslim. I guess you could call me an Atheist or maybe just confused. I don’t know if I should believe in something that may or may not exist. But I think God is an invention of people that are in need of a “higher order” when they have no hope. That’s my opinion anyways. And as I said, I’m only 13, but that’s no reason not take my words with importance. They might just help. Have a good day.

225. Cathy - March 31, 2010

Lemme see if I got this straight, Najid.

You criticize Michael for writing this obviously sarcastic piece that humorously plays with a truly pathetic and sad situation, calling it ‘aggression.’

You shared what you think is in the Qur’an, but seem unfamiliar with it’s many verses that ORDER Muslims to use violence, lies, and, if necessary, to kill any ‘infidels’ which includes Jews, Christians, and even Muslims who do not follow all Muslim law.

You tell us Christians about who God is and how the true God of the Jews & Christians from our Scriptures is the one in the same god of which the prophet Muhammad wrote. You tell us that the works of Muhammad are a holy book messages and commands sent down by God — but — but —

… then you tell us you don’t believe in God — that you are an atheist or just confused.

Is that about it?

Honestly, I appreciate your efforts to share this conversation with the rest of us. That you are only 13 and are willing to share is awesome. Kudos to you. We ALL have much to learn, and with the right resources will continue to learn for our remaining years.

But have you considered that many of us know something about what we talk about?

If you are not originally from America and English is not your native language maybe Michael’s humor and sarcasm gets lost. Believe me, it’s far from aggression. There is a vast difference.

Several of us here at InnocentBystanders have quite a bit of theological study and training. We spend time in our Bibles and have made a life-time commitment to know as much as we can about God. Some of us have traveled the world, have befriended people of other cultures, and hold a deep respect for many of those who are not like us. Several of us have knowledge in world religions and have spent time in the Qu’ran, even studying the works of theologians (former Muslims) who help us to better understand the verses that order violence upon non-Muslims.

I have several resources that I can offer to you that may help you to expand your world view and to also consider the serious issues of Muslim culture and edicts. You can study these or other similarly reliable resources on your own.

Here is a good website.

Also this book might be a good start. It was very helpful for me: “Unveiling Islam: An Insider’s Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs” by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner.

These just might help you. Have a good day.

226. Najid - March 31, 2010

Well I’m just saying it’s aggressive because from what I read, it looked like some sort of attack against Islam. But if that’s not what it was intended to be, then sorry for misunderstanding. I’ve read the Qur’an and I’ve searched endless websites on the internet concerning these verses. I have found a couple neutral sites that explain the verses in their literal meaning, and had my father explain them to me (Not in the literal meaning) because he studied muslim religion in school and according to him his teacher was very unbiased and didn’t teach the literal meanings. I haven’t found anything ordering muslims to kill jews, christians etc.
Quite the contrary, I’ve read my fair share of books about Prophet Muhammad and he believed in equality between races and religions. I mean, after all, he IS a messenger of God. God wouldn’t tell him to preach about murdering other religions, would he? In response to the my being Atheist subject: I’m 13. I’ve just become a teenager and I have loads of problems in life at the moment xD. I’m just confused about many things, and God’s one of them. I just switch in an out of his “followers” circle from time to time. I’ll probably decide on what I believe sooner or later. I do love learning about differing religions of the world though, and I try to expand my knowledge of them any way I can.

And yeah I’m not originally from america or the U.K english isn’t my native language, It’s arabic.

Anyways thanks for the website, I found it interesting, and I’ll be sure to check out the book.

I’m born into the Baha’i faith, It’s quite an interesting religion. And growing quickly in size. You should check it out, you might find learning about it interesting. I know i did.

Theres a website you can check out to learn about them. Or just try wikipedia if you want a general explanation of the religion.

Anyways goodluck.

227. Cathy - March 31, 2010

Hi Again, Najid.
I hear your explanation, but please don’t be offended by my saying that I can not accept what you say about Muhammad and Islam. I have met Muslims who are kind decent people and thank God for how they have befriended me, my family, and even kept us safe in our travels. Many Muslims are decent and compassionate people but I realize now that others, the radical Muslims, actually view these Muslims as infidels.

I will not accept what you perceive to be the True God or the content and context of our Holy Scriptures, the Bible. The lens through which you view Christianity, Judaism, and our Holy Scriptures seems to be corrupted by Islam or other beliefs.

And I hope you can understand that I can not accept what Muhammad seems to profess about what is in our Scriptures. He confused and corrupted its words and changed meanings to suit his agenda. He twists the biblical accounts and messages thus blocking God’s created and loved people from seeing the True God. Muhammad replaces the truth with his corrupt, sick interpretations, which means there is no truth in his words found in his so-called holy writings.

You use logic with compassion in asking the challenge question: “Would God tell him (Muhammad) to preach about murdering other religions??” and given your kind, compassionate heart, YOU probably answer with an emphatic NO. But the sad news as best I’ve been able to view it (and don’t trust me…seek it for yourself) is that Muhammad and many followers of radical Islam do murder, enslave and threaten people all the while calling themselves the true followers of Islam.

I think these are from the Qur’an. They appear to be pretty solid evidence that Islam calls for the complete eradication of nonbelievers, meaning Christians, Jews and others, including you, I guess:

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him (surah 3:85)

Seize them and slay them wherever you find them: i in any case take no friends or helpers from their ranks (surah 4:89)

For the Unbelievers are open enemies to you. (surah 4:101)

For the Unbelievers, Allah has prepared a humiliating punishment. (surah 4:102)

I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips of them. It is not you who slew them; it was Allah. (surah 8:13-17)

Historic accounts show that much of the growth of Islam happened by the sword, so-to-speak. And in present times, our international news is chock full of stories of radical Muslims who abuse, threaten and kill others in the name of Allah. I view this as sick and wrong. I think that we are the ones being compassionate when we try to help set the record straight that the Islam religion and culture needs either true reform or to completely fail BECAUSE it harms the hearts, minds, culture, society, and physical health of individual human beings who deserve to be able to come to the truth and to know the God of Love and Giver of Life on their own.

Thanks for responding again, Najid.

Blessings in your endeavors to seek the Truth.

228. Eric - April 6, 2010

I couldn’t have said it better Cathy…

229. IFuckedYoMamaLastNight - April 15, 2010

im a muslim..n i see muslims r getting fucked there n here..so i aint struggling with them..i mean lol..its hopeless islam is already fucked as it is now. no point of defending islam anymore..cuz if ure a gd muslim n u defend it in a gd way..the other muslim will juz make ur act look like a petite gecko shit like in Dubai. those motherfucking arabs are juz whores n sluts with Islam Stamped on their head. so no impact on whatsoever and conclusion is pointless.

now i juz lay low..if shit happens i ignore n i lie 2 sum shit questions like im a christian or i fake my religion up juz so they by pass their attention over me. cuz when muslims is corrupt n fall like shit. i am not following them. ill fake my religion or whatever but i am still muslim but in the most discreet way. n i will lay a low profile…

230. Dave in Texas - April 15, 2010

juz lay low man

231. Retired Geezer - April 15, 2010

It’s like Spurwing with a broken CAPSLOCK.

232. geoff - April 15, 2010

We don’t often entertain visitors knowledgeable in the excrement of Dubaian geckos – particularly the smaller ones. It’s going to be a good day, particularly since I’m going to incorporate this into my blogging henceforth:

“so no impact on whatsoever and conclusion is pointless”

233. skinbad - April 15, 2010

His name works well with that whole “low profile” and “discreet” attitude. So, props for that.

234. Cathy - April 15, 2010

Mom’s a stickler for grammar and punctuation.

And willful stupidity disgusts her.

She probably got bored with Mr.LastNight and kicked him away.

Don’t mess with Mom.

235. Eric - April 21, 2010

HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL good one skinbad

236. It Sucks To Be Christians - April 22, 2010

Clearly now, the Christian religion based on the Bible is not totally, but he stood by an agreement between community leaders of different paganism in the past by adopting the letters of Paul as a justification.

237. TXMarko - April 22, 2010

Umm Hmm…. Gotcha.

238. skinbad - April 22, 2010

At least he didn’t bother my mama last night.

I appreciate that.

239. It Sucks To Be Christians - April 25, 2010

It Sucks To Be Christians.stop talking like that. you do not understand why Islam do that. all the rules in Islam good aims. you will never understand if you still follow your passions. you try to think first, whatever the result of wearing clothing that is open and showing private parts.

240. Retired Geezer - April 25, 2010

whatever the result of wearing clothing that is open and showing private parts.

Apparently this dude knows BrewFan

241. Eric - April 25, 2010

I think he’s dilusional…or probably was trying to use 2 separate names to convince other people that Islam is good…in the process, it looks like he was trying to convince himself…I’m not for any one religion but Islam is A LOT worse than Judaism and Chistian…

242. BrewFan - April 25, 2010

I didn’t *know*! The judge believed me.

243. jj - May 11, 2010

trust me bruv….Islam is only bad if it’s in a stupid conservative society….

As for me – I’m moderate, sure I dont drink, eat pork, or have sex(the WORST)…..but oh well i still watch jessica alba get it on…(or i wish she did)…I watch porn(sometimes, I’M NOT an addict, quit pointing at me, no seriously!!)…I hate bin laden as usual…I was raised to be a moderate muslims…..so I believe a lot of your behaviour actually depends upon how ur actually brought up, and what kinda society you live in…

Even though ur atheist, jew, muslim, hindu etc etc it’ll not make much difference between you and a fundamentalist if your not brought up properly…..It’s ALL in ur background….

And to ERIC – STFU BITCH!!! you’ve no idea what ur talking about….you think catholic church priests molesting children is better than idiots blowing up?? you think ethnic cleansing by israeli (NOT JEWS!! zionists….the avg israeli is good guy, it’s their govt. that’s bad) is better??? if you do then you sir are an retard….

Religion is bad as long as it’s controlled by delusional imams, and child molesting fathers….in quran it said 80% of the imams(sorta islamic leader) are gonna go to hell…It’s not the religion’s fault….it’s the people….so stop whining..

244. argus - May 11, 2010

I’m an atheist and i think jj’s right….


But honestly i don’t think there’s a lot of people that realize that

245. justin - May 11, 2010

just to let you guys know….if you haven’t read the quran in arabic….it’s likely it’s being misinterpreted…..

The problem with quran is it’s words are quite cryptic and mystical….and this allows many to bend it in the wrong way….Unless you read quran in arabic AND you already understand arabic very well…

I see many of you have quoted the line where quran instructs muslim to kill pagans….BUT did you ever read the 2nd part of the line???
It says DO SO ONLY IF YOUR OWN LIFE IS THREATENED ….and you know what the funniest part is?? i learnt this when i was 11….the guy who told me is a devout catholic…and by devout i mean devout….

The problem with majority of ‘you’ dumbasses is that you have no external knowledge…90% don’t even know islam’s history…90% of you still thing Alexander was better than Genghis….not because he actually was…but because genghis khan was ASIAN, mankind itself is xenophobic, i know that….but you guys are giving people a bad name now….so why don’t you drop watching CNN and start watching BBC?? Or maybe watch a little bit of Aljazeera….just hear the opinions of the other side of the fence….

In WW2 germany killed millions of jews…far more than terrorist attacks today have killed….Do you see the Jews walking around blaming Christianity?? Because if you can blame islam for the work of radicals….they most certainly can too…Or perhaps on that line of thought every previous colony of a western country now deserve the right to attack and destroy you…because of what your forefathers stole from us, and how they tortured us….would you like that?? I hope you do…because in about a few decades the world will have to take asians as the superpowers….even though we’ll never be that low to take another man’s country….

And as for american citizens – your country was built on blood of the slaves, blood of the millions of native indians whose rights & lives you took away and never gave back….You fought in vietnam just to show your power, You attacked Iraq because…well u just wanted some more oil…(i wouldn’t blame attack on afganistan….i was on US side)…that automatically makes you incapable of delivering any justification of what is BAD….

I do not ….DO not say that islam today is good….it needs reform…but reform doesn’t happen fast…the harder you push it the more extremist people become…reformation has already started in many countries….but just like a person can’t blame your average Israeli citizen for what his govt does, just like I can’t blame americans for what bush did…..you CAN NOT blame moderates for what radicals did…..

Be the change you want to see in the world…..Gandhi said. The world really needs him back….May his soul rest in peace……

Gandhi jindabad!!!

246. zomgies - May 11, 2010

To cathy – lemme guess – 400 pounds fat bitch, with 4 cats ( the cat lady of neighborhood??), no chance of having a boyfriend(even if you do ur bf is prob disgusting as hell)…..bible is your only way to live, and the church is like your home??

-…….JESUS loves you, coz nobody else does

247. Dave in Texas - May 11, 2010

Hey hot shot, she’s only 350 and if you piss her off she’ll eat your arms and legs.

So watch yourself there.

248. wiserbud - May 11, 2010

amazingly, zomgies actually got one thing right.

249. wiserbud - May 11, 2010

Well, almost right. Michael is not technically her boyfriend.

250. zomgies - May 11, 2010

hold on a sec….i’m sorta european…trying to calculate how much 350 pounds is….o 158…nt bad…

btw that chick in the pic….i dunno what the fuss is abt…but my next door neighbours cats hotter than that….mmmm kitten huffing….

251. zomgies - May 11, 2010

o WHAT?? technically counts as real…..
and 50 pounds isn’t much difference…is it??

252. wiserbud - May 11, 2010

and 50 pounds isn’t much difference…is it??

Depends on the position

253. daveintexas - May 11, 2010

She’s not really fat per se, she’s just carryin an awful lot of anti-matter she ate from the last alien attack.

You know how that shit packs on the pounds.

254. zomgies - May 11, 2010

hmmm…..wise answer sir….

i’m barely 71…..and i’m 5 feet 11…..gotta eat up…

255. wiserbud - May 11, 2010

i’m barely 71

What’s that in English?

256. daveintexas - May 11, 2010


257. wiserbud - May 11, 2010


Oh. Thanks.

258. zomgies - May 11, 2010

fine!!! be that way…..71 kilos..

this night i stayed up late playing blackjack with tarot cards….I got 50 and my neighbor’s head asploded..

did u guys ever play poker with tarot cards?? i wonder if it’ll be fun

259. wiserbud - May 11, 2010

did u guys ever play poker with tarot cards??

That’s silly. We’re Americans. We play Monopoly with real money.

260. daveintexas - May 11, 2010

on horses.

261. Cathy - May 11, 2010

I hate cats. Meat’s tough and skanky.

262. Cathy - May 11, 2010

just to let you guys know….if you haven’t read the quran in arabic….it’s likely it’s being misinterpreted…..

Yeah. Have heard that before. You might have a point. Arabic not being able to be ‘interpreted’ by outsiders makes it so special, huh…

But it’s hard not to get the message from radical Islam, just sayin. And radical Muslims USE these very scriptures to justify their killing and abuse of others. Maybe they think they’re special too… just like Arabic, huh…

All languages have special idiosyncrasies that make it difficult for others to understand. Learning a language is about seeking to understand the people. But open hatred for others and disrespect of women is not difficult to interpret. We get the message. Words, attitudes, behaviors are clear. That kinda crap is not hard to ‘interpret.’

263. lauraw - May 11, 2010

Justin, tell it to Atefah Sahaaleh.

264. Cathy - May 11, 2010

We get the message.

265. geoff - May 11, 2010

.BUT did you ever read the 2nd part of the line??? It says DO SO ONLY IF YOUR OWN LIFE IS THREATENED ….and you know what the funniest part is?? i learnt this when i was 11….the guy who told me is a devout catholic

…and you didn’t learn it from a Muslim because…?

.You fought in vietnam just to show your power

Haha! That was only the power we wanted you to see. We keep our real super powers hidden until the Bat Signal appears.

You attacked Iraq because…well u just wanted some more oil

…and their babes, of course. Oil and babes – that’s all we ever fight for. We never actually took either, even though we could have, but I’m sure our motivation must have been oil and babes.

you think catholic church priests molesting children is better than idiots blowing up

Oh yes. Not even in the same league.

266. vamgires - May 11, 2010

At least we know how to spell “zombies.”

267. weregolves - May 11, 2010

At least we know how to spell “zombies.”

Hey, how do you think we feel? At least you’re not afraid to go out when there’s a full goon.

268. zomgies - May 12, 2010

ai!! i named it zomgies coz there was a game with that name…..that i liked…

my spelling skills are AbOvE AveRaGE……..fkin’ broken caps lock…

269. justin - May 12, 2010

the reason I didn’t learn it from a muslim was because I was 11!!!! seriously who bothers giving children religious knowledge when they aren’t even 16???

And HOW IS molesting better than blowing up?? I’d rather have someone kill me than be raped…..then I don’t have to live with the pain anymore….

Why doesn’t anyone read the part where I say it needs time??? u ppl just criticize….but none of you can justify ur actions or answer the questions….everyone just disses anyone that believes in 2nd chance

And according to cathy’s ideology…we should attack and kill every single germans….coz they killed ppl…And when you blame islam why don’t you count the religious purging of pagans by catholic church…..I guess that’s justifiable since they were christian, huh??

Also…like I told you that line…you can misinterpret it if you want too….but any moderate muslim wouldn’t which btw is 90%…

seriously….READ gandhi’s quote again….as long as you don’t change, as long as u keep acting like a ignorant pisshead redneck….your just fueling extremists….you hate them, don give them chance & hit those not responsible too….ur gonna turn more ppl against u….

from what i hear from most you….the one word that describes the situation is…..DUDE OPEN UR FUCKIN” EYES!!!…how long are you gonna be ignorant……
….in a decade china will overtake usa….is this the mentality you wish to receive from others?….when you wrong someone…others will wrong you too…no superpower stays in place for long…..

fuck it….to fix this world….we need to kill all the people….HA!! there you go u can’t top that !!

270. geoff - May 12, 2010

seriously who bothers giving children religious knowledge when they aren’t even 16???

Christians, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists,… Pretty much every religion has instruction for children.

I’d rather have someone kill me than be raped…..then I don’t have to live with the pain anymore….

The prospect of healing and living a full and wonderful life vs. being randomly murdered along with dozens of other innocents? I suppose it’s personal preference, but in this country there’s a lot to live for, even when terrible things happen.

But this was a stupid argument from the start – Catholic priests’ molestations are not tolerated any more than violence from Islamic extremists. They are both unacceptable.

Which brings me to the real point: DUDE OPEN UR FUCKIN’ EYES!!!

You wouldn’t need to defend moderate Islam if you were doing a better job of squelching radical Islam. Stop yelling at us for not wanting to be victimized and clean your own house. The Catholic Church is taking a lot of flak for exactly the same thing – they’ve been defensive of their reputation instead of proactive in rooting out the problems.

Your religion is no different. Clean it up or we’ll do it for you.

271. justin - May 12, 2010

well geoff i see ur point….but i don’t see any one talking about catholic church….every body (well at least mostly) just points at Islam for everything any religion has ever made mistakes in…..i guess it’s a bit deserved….but not completely…

And of course I can’t go on killing radicals…I’ll give u an example….In bangladesh…the political govt, which was extremely corrupt and full of uneducated idiots (as usual in a 3rd world country) was replaced by a caretaker govt., which immediately moved on to killing off fundamentalists….and guess what…the neighbors start pressing, saying…ur killing innocent ppl, oh you can’t do this, replace democracy…and they had to go back to imbeciles again…and shit was all over the place….as usual…..

western countries need to support govt.s that are willing to kill the radicals off…..it’s easier for them to do it, but when u see the same thing being done by foreigners…even normal ppl turn against you…
too bad no one takes the easy way….killing snake with snake is much easier

And btw u trying to say australia has nothing to live for??…..c’mon it’s a great country….

272. justin - May 12, 2010

and the reason my parents didn’t teach me abt religion when I was 11 was because they raised by up as a moderate…

Honestly u don’t need to know all abt religion before ur 16… see the stuff on bible?? …..before you receive extensive knowledge you’ve to be at least able to think for urself…a 11 yr old kid doesn’t have that…

273. geoff - May 12, 2010

but i don’t see any one talking about catholic church

It’s been front page news for years. Here’s a BBC article written today. Here’s an AP article written…today. And that’s nothing.

And of course I can’t go on killing radicals

We never asked you to. You can, however, stop the mosques from funding them, stop the violent rhetoric, stop the recruiting, and make it absolutely clear to violent radicals that they are apostate and not welcome with the faith.

And btw u trying to say australia has nothing to live for??…..c’mon it’s a great country….

If it’s that great, then maybe it’s worth trying to survive a trauma and continuing to live in it.

274. daveintexas - May 12, 2010

Dec 2012 is coming bitches.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

275. lauraw - May 12, 2010

When we’re all dying in a fiery conflagration, I’ll be having the last laugh!

276. daveintexas - May 12, 2010

Many Shuvs and Zuuls will know what it is to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

277. geoff - May 12, 2010

You die. She dies. Everybody dies.

278. reason - May 12, 2010

“And HOW IS molesting better than blowing up?? I’d rather have someone kill me than be raped…..then I don’t have to live with the pain anymore….”

The other 149 people on the airplane will be relieved to know that, if nothing else, you didn’t get cornholed.

279. zomgies - May 12, 2010

fack that… FaCK that….

FacK all religion…..
and people…..(only hot ones)….

isn’t killing radicals easier than stopping mosques from funding them??
I guess i’m bit violent

280. Eric - May 20, 2010

Justin: “every body (well at least mostly) just points at Islam for everything any religion has ever made mistakes in…..i guess it’s a bit deserved….but not completely…”

When this one religion (Islam) makes up for 99% of the worlds terrorist attacks what do you expect?

Also, you say molestation is just as bad as suicide bombers? REALLY? EVERYONE here (including the ppl against Islamic extremism) ultimately at the end of the day WATCHES the news. No one lives it…but I do. I currently reside in Israel and I see first hand what it’s like. You have no idea (and probably will never know) what it’s like to go through an experience like that. I didn’t get hit – I was about 500 feet away and it has got to be more traumatic than rape. At least at the end of the day (with rape) you get to see your family again.

On top of English, I speak both Hebrew & Arabic. I have read the Qu’ran many times. Moderate Arabs do not interpret MANY of the violent lines like the radicals solely because of the world we live in today. Moreover, money & greedy are always “the downfall” of a man’s spirituality (at least according to both Judaism and Islam). It obviously is more important to most Arabs (and obviously Jews…see Madoff as one prime example). But it doesn’t stop there. Some of these Arabs who acquire millions of dollars (who by the way are considered “moderate”) then go on to donate a lot of that money to guess who – that’s right, Muslim extremists. It is in the back of every religious Arabs mind of what is the “right” thing to do. And according to the Qu’ran jihad is not only appropriate but a necessity – NOT only when your life is in danger.

281. justin - May 21, 2010

no 1– hey hey did u see me saying arab’s are moderate??? U CRAZY??? ARAB’S??? MODERATE??? that’s a joke….
why do you think most of the prophets (jesus, moses, muhammad) were from middle east?? because middle easterners are the worst kind…they do everything from burying girls to raping them in the name of justice….DID YOU SEE their ridiculous RULES?? If a girl gets raped she needs to have 3 males as witness!!! I mean WHAT THE F??? Do I get raped with men around me who are watching but not helping?? Either they’re collaborators or too pussy to say or do anything….

I was referring to asians….I’m one….everytime I see a middle eastern deep inside me I go – FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!(i’m suffering for ur dipshit behaviour)….the worst part is they never even follow the religion properly…assholes…makes me wanna rip them open….

You’ve my sympathies as ur in Israel…honestly speaking…I dont like israeli govt…but the civilians didn’t do anything…but same goes for civilians dying in palestine….as you know..the military kills off more palestinians than israelis die…

But I must say….I can’t blame either Israel or Palestine…the blame should go to those that placed israel in such hostile territory…..honestly I think it was an idea to use Israelis as meat shield while keeping the arabs in check….bloody hell politics…

If you really understand Quran..I think you’ll remember it says at qiyamat(end of the world) it’d be majority of politicians and religious leaders that go to hell??I think you’ll also be aware of the fact that there’s 2 kind of jihads-

1. Big Jihad – Which is to FIGHT YOUR INNER DEMONS….

2. Small Jihad – To fight those threaten you OR your religion….that doesn’t make it a necessity….no one threatening Islam…just giving a bad name. Trust me Islam, Christianity, Judaism these 3 will never fall easily….it’ll take centuries before you can do any real damage, but one falls others will come down too.

I haven’t written this before but when I was 16 there was a bomb explosion right outside my exam hall, it wasn’t muslim terrorists…some hardcore crazy hindu extremists….I didn’t go around blaming every single hindus I saw that day…

if you think living in israel is unsafe and you should blame islam…what do you think ppl living in palestine should do?? yeah sure they were traitors towards ottoman empire as they surrendered to british…but that doesn’t mean Britain gets to take away their land WITHOUT giving an alternative,suitable option…

99% of terrorists r muslim?? That’s the news majorly concerning europe, baghdad..(well whaddya reckon ur the invaders..) you do realise there’s non-stop killing going on in africa that news agency sometimes don’t even bother printing?? you realise that in india thousands of sikhs get killed by hindu extremists, while the previous hindu party turns a blind eye?? that same happens to muslims?? the world is bigger than your news channel…why don’t you come to the world’s biggest population?? in asia sometimes??

Oh and if ur thinking asia has majority of muslims..middle east is just a birthplace..like soccer..invented in england, but english team sucks..

And yeah I’m asian…I love rice and I’m starting to think Tokyo,seoul is much better place to live in than any western city…just have to learn korean or japanese now….at least ppl don’t bother that much with religion…

282. justin - May 22, 2010

hey ppl great news!! texas is considering writing in their txtbooks that the founding fathers of US might not have intended separation of church and state!!! And that UN is a THREAT to US!!
Not only that…i bet they gonna teach creationism next!!!

So refresh my memory plz…who was claiming pea-brained christians were better than pea-brained muslims?? And that islam needs cleaning up?? Clean your own sh*t up first….dickhead@ geoff

Damn…I grew up in a third world country….I never had to learn what creationism said….it was DARWIN THE MAN….

283. daveintexas - May 22, 2010

Consider if you will, the author of the First Amendment, Fisher Ames, a Congregationalist Minister.

Therein lies your answer.


284. TGSG - May 22, 2010

Sheesh DIT, did ya have to go and throw them damned fact thingys around?

285. geoff - May 22, 2010

Wow – justin certainly lost his thin veneer of civility in a hurry. And now he’s trying to compare issues like textbooks discussing the origin and authority of the separation of church and state with calls for violent jihad. Nice moral equivalence.

Tell you what, justin, I promise to march against the textbook revisions every time somebody dies as a result of them. You do the same every time somebody dies due to radical Islam.

I’ll plan on sitting comfortably on my couch for the rest of my life, but you shouldn’t bother making yourself comfortable..

286. Cathy - May 22, 2010

justin certainly lost his thin veneer of civility in a hurry.

Justin is Justin-this-blog-2-B-Nasty.


287. TXMarko - May 22, 2010

Honestly u don’t need to know all abt religion before ur 16… see the stuff on bible?? …..before you receive extensive knowledge you’ve to be at least able to think for urself…a 11 yr old kid doesn’t have that…

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the World!

Red and Yellow, Black and White
They are precious in his sight!

Jesus loves the little children of the World!

288. Cathy - May 22, 2010

^ Little ones are sponges when it comes to learning. They learn how to love or to learn how to hate from those who are in close relationships with them.

“But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those FROM WHOM you learned it, and how FROM INFANCY you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you WISE FOR SALVATION through faith in CHRIST JESUS…” (from Paul’s second letter to Timothy, chapter 3:14-15)

289. tt - May 22, 2010
290. Eric - May 26, 2010

Justin: civilians die in “Palestine” b/c of Hamas, not b/c of the Israeli government. Hamas fires rockets and then hides behind their women and children. What would you do if you had rockets being fired at your house for EIGHT years straight? Remember, Israel never fought back during that 8 years period. Enough was enough. Terrorists are terrorists. That’s the bottom line. How can ANYONE criticize Israel? It’s the ONLY democracy in the sand box. But Jews are used to it…they’ve been the scapegoats for 3,000 years now. What’s new? The point is: it’s hard to fight against people who use human shields. But of course the media doesn’t show that side of the story. Whatever is jucier makes the most money right? That’s not to say there aren’t mistakes – there are. But to err is human. Everyone makes mistakes but the number is so overwhelmingly LOW that it’s not even up for debate.

Those 2 types of jihads you speak of are interpretations by Imams (HUMANS). This translation conveniently came in the later part of this century when guess what was starting — that’s correct, the industrial revolution. Technology brings people further and further away from religion. Why do you think the entire Middle East is still living in the stone age? Because Western civilization is a real threat to their religion.

I’m not turning a blind eye to ANY terrorist but the fact of the matter is that 99% of terrorists are MUSLIM. What happened in Sudan and Rwanda? Not Muslims mainly? They were. Also, the terrorists you speak of in Indonesia, India, Africa are mainly Muslims. Most of Africa are Muslims. Pakistanis are really the terrorists behind most of India’s terror attacks. You are showing me the FEW examples of other terrorists.

You want the answer on Palestine? Here it is: Look throughout history. The “Palestinians” (no such nationality by the way) were constantly attacking the Israelis. 1947 – the land was split half and half. Actually more land was given to the Arabs. But naturally they weren’t happy so they attacked. This has been ongoing for 60 something years now. When they stop, Israel will stop. If they can lay down their weapons and negotiate without having unrealistic borders, there will be a peace treaty next week. It’s as simple as that. But all Muslims in “Palestine” know is terror. It will never stop, even if they acquire statehood. They will constantly attack Israel…and Israel will constantly take the blame from people like you (and people not like you). This is a fact, because history proves it time and time again.

291. justin - May 29, 2010

@eric – so you’re saying…all the terrorists in rwanda were muslims?? GREAT!!! I guess the no one was christians, huh??
Well the rwandan genocide was the conflict between Hutu and TUTSI people….firstly religion had nothing to do with it, it was ethnic cleansing…and Hutu power….and FYI they were Christians!!! and best part is the Hutu had French support….get your facts right fuckhead…

the fact that you got that wrong proves you probably have no idea abt quran either….listen pal..the 2 types of jihad was explained by the hadith! and hadith is an explanation of Quran…and it wasn’t written by any Imam…but i guess you wouldn’t know, would you?? you probably haven’t read quran either…but you claim to…how convenient…


Hindu extremist attacking churches….

Go read about sikh golden temple situation…
How about the muslims massacre during gujarat’s train crash?? 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed. 223 more people were reported missing. 523 places of worship were damaged: 298 dargahs, 205 mosques, 17 buddhist temples, and 3 churches. Muslim-owned businesses suffered the bulk of the damage. 61,000 Muslims fled their homes. Preventive arrests of 17,947 Hindus and 3,616 Muslims were made. Nearly 10,000 rounds of bullets were fired by the police, killing 93 Muslims and 77 Hindus….that was straight off wiki, but I guess wikis written by muslims, huh??

Look at the records man….even churches were attacked, and you know what the best part is?? the police, led by narendra modi actually assisted the hindu extremists..other wise how come more muslims die than hindus…don’t talk like a stupid bitch …my friend was injured due to maoist HINDU rebels! You think those were muslim too?? Please don’t fucking talk about some thing you have no Idea!!! you’ve no idea what goes on Asia…and it’s not covered half as well as israel is…so only people living here have proper idea what the fuck is going on…..

I guess the terrorists in india are all pakistanis…but when india breaks pakistan…pakistan has no right to be angry about it, do they?? hell even US was sending fleets to win the war for pakistan…but i guess that’s bad too?

And right now Israel is following the – u shoot one rocket, I kill 100 civilians…already forgot israel’s housing plans stopped by clinton? yeah right…Israel is totally angels! they’re made of cookies and milk…which is why non-jewish population is israel get treated so well…there was even a case abt a jew turning christian…then getting locked up in jail….when the same thing happens in asia…that makes headlines…which actually is very rare..

And besides israel n palestine will never make peace…both of you are unrealistic, both of you want the whole are for your self….you need assholes like them to keep assholes like you in check…so that you don’t start some new shit again…

292. justin - May 29, 2010

btw anyone watched avatar(Not the movie, the last AIRBENDER cartoon)
or Naruto here??

293. Cathy - May 29, 2010

*starting to really believe that IT SUCKS TO BE MUSLIM*

Soooooo, it’s MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND and I’ll be about the business of thinking about and THANKING GOD for our MILITARY — those who have DIED for our freedom and those who continue to RISK their lives to protect us and free the oppressed.

We are still a blessed and free nation. I’m humbled by the service of these great men and women in the military on my behalf. I will also not forget that many of our men and women have RISKED THEIR LIVES FOR MUSLIM PEOPLES, FREED MUSLIMS FROM TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENTS, and HAVE RESTORED MUSLIM PEOPLE to HEALTH through the efforts and resources of our MILITARY MEDICAL TEAMS in MILITARY HOSPITALS.

Boots on the ground! HOOOO-ah!

294. justin - May 29, 2010

hey it does suck to be a muslim sometimes….i mean…no sex, no drugs, no alcohol….man…if it wasn’t for video games, tv and sports…i’d be pissed at anyone around me…just think abt those middle easterns man….they got sand all over the place, no sex, no drugs….they’ve BAD case of sand in the vagina….no wonder they’re so pissed at everything that moves….

You guys have no idea what your soldiers did for afganistan…most of them(the good ones) deserve a bloody war medal…that country was a Shithole(still is…but a lot better shithole)….

295. justin - May 29, 2010

god bless the every good people in afganistan apart from the australian army….i doubt they’ve a clue what they’re doing most of the time…and they’re outta control…crack whores…lol

296. geoff - May 29, 2010

btw anyone watched avatar(Not the movie, the last AIRBENDER cartoon) or Naruto here??


297. reason - May 29, 2010

Innocent Bystanders – come for the never-ending threads…stay for the never-ending threads.

298. justin - May 30, 2010

@geoff – which one do you like the most??

Man i was so sad when they stopped avatar…..i was sooo getting into it….misses aang….btw the movie is crap…

299. Eric - May 30, 2010

@Justin: you can’t read? Did I say that ALL were Muslim in Rwanda? What’s one of the main followings for Hutu? Not Sunni Muslims? What about a minority from the Tutsis? No? I highly recommend you do a bit of research. How about their BACKING. Where were their weapons from? France. Yes. But not mainly MUSLIM terrorist organizations (PROOF OF THIS)? It’s funny you fail to mention that to try and save face for Muslims. My facts are right; you just choose to listen to your regular media outlet and of course Wikipedia. Great job…anyone can research that.

You say “listen pal..the 2 types of jihad was explained by the hadith! and hadith is an explanation of Quran…and it wasn’t written by any Imam…but i guess you wouldn’t know, would you??” — You can’t be serious right? Honestly? And you are Arab??? Come on…This is a joke right? The Hadith was written by Imams (Imams is not the point – the point was that it was written by HUMANS); go look at your favorite research outlet Wikipedia. I swear I haven’t looked but I’m sure you’ll find what I just wrote or something very similar. “How convenient”.

Wow, Hindu extremists. That’s not to take away from what they do. I HATE all terrorists. But that wasn’t the point. How often are these terror attacks carried out? Compared to Muslim extremists terror attacks? Now that was the argument — that the VAST MAJORITY of terror attacks are conducted by Muslims. Period. LOOK AT THE STATS. Hello? Am I speaking to a brick wall?

Your Israel point of “you shoot 1 rocket and we kill 100 civilians” is also terrible (at best). You claim I know nothing about what happens in Asia (where apparently you know everything) so I have no right to talk…yet then you go on and mention Israel as if you live there. Well, where do you live? Asia or Israel (most prob US but that’s a diff. story). You can’t be in 2 places at the same time. “How convenient”. SHOW ME THE CASE OF THE JEW CONVERTING TO CHRISTIANITY AND THEN BEING LOCKED UP. That’s fluff, b/c shit like that doesn’t happen in a democracy. And back to the rocket point, here let me give you an example (and answer me TRUTHFULLY): say I shoot rickets at your place for 8 years. I kill your wife, injure your son and damage your house…but then I run back and hide behind civilians (DOCUMENTED YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR). What would you do? I want to know, what would Justin do? Cry like a little bitch to the UN knowing they won’t do shit because 1) they couldn’t really give a fuck and 2) because they can’t do shit because it’s a terrorist organization? PLEASE, I’m dying for you to tell me. And then take shit from the media for retaliating. I never said Israel was perfect but what they fuck do you expect when you have little dicks hiding behind their own women? It’s so sad it’s laughable. AND PLEASE DON’T GIVE ME THE ONE OR TWO EXAMPLES OF CIVILIAN FATALITIES. That’s complete bullshit. For every fuck up from Israel I can give you ten from every other country.

Also, Israel WOULD make peace but they know it’s not realistic. Why do you think they are building a wall? To FORCE peace. Which brings me to my next question: why do you think the “Palestinians” don’t want this wall? Obviously because it would cause a major problem in the future when they want to attack Israel. Like you said, don’t comment on something you know shit about…

300. geoff - May 30, 2010

@geoff – which one do you like the most??

They were both entertaining, though clearly for the younger set. I’d put Avatar in the 7 – 10 age group, and Naruto in the 10 – 14 age group. My taste, when I’m not watching stuff with my kids, tends toward much more adult fare.

301. Tushar - May 30, 2010

>>How about the muslims massacre during gujarat’s train crash??

Train crash?? WTF???

A train compartment full of Hindu pilgrims, mostly women and children, was doused with gasoline and set ablaze by practitioners of the religion of peace. They were careful to lock the doors too. It is dangerous to jump from a train, don’t you know?

Justin is all butt-hurt because the Hindus, instead of being the meek sheep he expects them to be, retaliated and gave some eternal peace to a few hundred practitioners of the ROP.

Islamic terrorists do not like it when their would-be victims retaliate.

302. Mohammed is a fucking pedofile bastard idiot - May 30, 2010

Fuck Islam! Fucking Moronic idiot bastards! Kiss my ass you pedophile worshiping simpletons!

303. justin - May 31, 2010

it’s dangerous to jump from the window of a stationary train?? what’re you crazy??? it’s like 2 fts high(roughly)..wtf man..and besides remember who was in power before congress came?? BJP…and BJP is basically hindu party….and India is a secular state??

But I guess it’s fair to destroy babri mosque?? and kill muslim civilians?? You’re forgetting some ended up killing 790 muslims…for 59 people in the train?? gee I wonder…oh and one more thing you can’t control muslim terrorists coz ur shit at it…and most of them are prob pakistani agents anyway…

@eric- nope Hutus are predominantly Catholic….and you’re forgetting there were muslims in tutsi side as well….once again..wiki!!

I never said I was middle eastern…not even close and not even close to extremists….coz 99% of the time i don even pray (yep! i’m lazy)…and I never look down on jews or other religions…as u see I never said jews, i said israel…I don have any prob with american jews…I just get pissed when someone disses my religion, coz it’s my personal thing…just like you’d feel if I said, holocaust was a lie, KKK was right killing you ppl and all jews are evil….

In May 2008, hundreds of New Testaments were burned in Or Yehuda, Israel after having been collected by the Deputy Mayor who described the material as “Messianic propaganda”…

The standard plus symbol (+) is sometimes avoided in Israel and a half plus symbol (⊥) is used instead. This is because the plus symbol resembles a Christian cross….my what a considerate country you have…

That’s what I said FUCKING supply and aid moderate muslims so that they can kill off extremists….but no…whenever we try to kill extremists everyone goes nuts abt no democracy…pakis dont count…they’re a failure….shit holes…

304. justin - May 31, 2010

@geoff – hmmm i should find something else to watch….naruto’s gonna run out soon…crap…

What u watching now?? (as in anime or cartoon?) i gotta find something Dubbed….aARGHH….it’s like crack 4 me…hyperactive knucklehead..

305. justin - May 31, 2010

Oh yeah and eric? just watched the news…10 ppl killed in aid bringers?? ANd that was INTERNATIONAL WATERS not israeli water…

If israel can do that…I wonder why ppl get so pissed when Japan hunts for whales…hmm I wonder…Is it because small eyes?? prob…

306. Tushar - May 31, 2010


have you seen a Indian Railways train car? The windows have welded horizontal bars 4-5 inch apart. You cannot jump out.

See this photo.

You want to blame the victims for not jumping out, but don’t want to blame your fellow Muslims for setting them on fire? And you want to get into whether a 790 to 59 kill ratio is fair? None of those 59 or 790 people deserved to die, but your fellow Muslims lit the first match.

Face it, Justin. The only reliable to keep your co-religionists peaceful is some periodic culling. You can get away with murder all over the world, but try killing non-Muslims in India, and you will get a 10-for-1 retaliation.

We are not going to be the helpless victims you prefer to shoot at while you hide behind women.

307. Tushar - May 31, 2010


I did not read your comment completely. You suggested they jump from doors. It seems you did not read mine either. Your friends locked the doors. How exactly were the victims supposed to jump through locked doors and barred windows?

308. lauraw - May 31, 2010

I can’t believe you’re even bothering to engage, Tush.

309. Dave in Texas - May 31, 2010

I expect this little disagreement to resolve itself shortly, I’m seeing all sorts of progress.

310. geoff - May 31, 2010

@geoff – hmmm i should find something else to watch….naruto’s gonna run out soon…crap…

Try Bleach or One Piece. They both have a huge number of episodes – 272 for Bleach and 453 for One Piece. Very mainstream & very popular.

311. Cathy - May 31, 2010

I expect this little disagreement to resolve itself shortly, I’m seeing all sorts of progress.


312. Michael - May 31, 2010

I’m with you, Dave. Heck, if they argue a little more, they’ll turn into Lutherans.

313. Tushar - May 31, 2010


you are right. I should not bother. But I want to make one comment, as a person who has seen Islam and Islamic terrorism from a much closer quarter than most of you: this enemy does not respond to reason, negotiation or appeal to it’s humanity. It responds only to force.

It is sort of like the weed that grows in your garden, destroying you beautiful flowering plants. You cannot negotiate with it and cede a part of the garden, and hope the weeds leave the rest of the garden alone. You cannot agree that your plants will flower for only half the regular season so as not to offend the weeds. That changing of your way of life is something the weeds will welcome, because it will weaken your plants and make it easier for the weeds to overwhelm your garden.

Regular culling with extreme prejudice is the only strategy that works in your garden. You have the tools and technology to defeat the weeds. Unless you use it, you WILL lose your precious garden.

314. Retired Geezer - May 31, 2010

Great analogy, Tushar.

315. BrewFan - May 31, 2010

What Tushar said.

316. Eric - June 1, 2010

@Justin: note the word “predominantly”. There are still Muslims that are part of the Hutu that number in the WELL OVER 100,000 range. Sorry, but that’s a lot of Muslims, regardless if they are a minority. And the Tutsis – one of the main religions is Islam. They got most of their weapons from? Nigeria, Sudan, (terror organizations in ) Morocco, Chad, Lybia – hey what do you know? ALL Muslims. My point is that Muslims are always…ALWAYS tied to terror. Jews? No. I’ll get to the Israel – “Palestine” situation in a minute.

I never said you were Middle Eastern. I was just disproving your (bad) point that “you can’t know about a situation if you don’t live there”. You said something along those lines (go back and read it) and then you go on to comment on the situation in the Middle East. All I was saying is that you aren’t following your own point.

What do you know? We have something in common. I don’t pray 99% of the time either b/c I’m lazy. But that’s besides the point. I’m not “looking down” on Muslims or islam. I’m criticizing it (the religion). Big difference. Just because I criticize doesn’t mean I don’t have respect. People can choose to do whatever the hell they want. Hell, if it makes you happy and you religion says to shove a carrot in your ass for 8 hours a day, then go for it. But the SECOND that their religion affects my DAILY life is when I will be there. I know all about Islam. I have many Arab (secular) friends in Israel. Jihad is taught as the right thing to do although it is never spoken about. It’s like the American Jews who think Israel all belongs to them but they will never mention it. So what do they do? They give millions and millions of dollars to protect it and build organizations to protect it (AIPAC). So the same thing with what everyone calls “moderate Arabs”. These are people who do not want to participate in actual terrorist acts so they donate millions of dollars to the cause (to these “charity organizations”). And in their minds, they are doing the right thing…but they will NEVER admit it, and will denounce terror publicly. Why do you think there is an English version of Al-Jazeera and then the Arabic version? Have you ever read both of them? I have. TOTALLY different. I mean, the English one is already full of propoganda, but wait until you read the Arabic version. You should do it. See for yourself.

If you came and started denying the Holocaust or saying the KKK is right, I wouldn’t get mad. I laugh at those people, people like Ahmadenijad. You can go to Poland (which I have when I was 16) to see the death camps, some of which can be up and running within 48 hours. There is documented film and pictures. I truly believe Ahmadenijah knows he’s full of shit, but it’s just funny to see how STUPID a lot of Arabs/Middle Easterners (who follow these dictators) are. Really, it’s gotten to the point where it’s not even sad – it’s laughable. These people are stuck in the stone age without internet. Oh and another point, these countries block many sites…where are the human rights groups for them? Oh that’s right, it’s easier to attack a democracy (Israel). Now if you came to me and said oh your religion sucks, this and that, I STILL wouldn’t get offended. You are entitled to your opinion. Besides, Judaism doesn’t preach ANY form of terrorism so Jews have nothing to hide from or defend. Maybe this is why Muslims get all defensive? Also, like I said, believe whatever you want to believe, just leave me be and let me do what I want to do. Don’t impose your will on me (I’m not talking to you I’m just saying in general). Moreover, doesn’t Islam mean “submission”? Yeah, seems pretty “peaceful” to me LOL.

About the burning books incident: Israel is the JEWISH State (note the word Jewsih. It’s very important here). One of the laws is that all faiths are allowed to practice freely in Israel. HOWEVER, there is a law (written law) in Israel stating that missionairies CANNOT attempt to convert Jews (be it by conversation or material distribution). After all, that’s what the Nazis did…and if the Jews didn’t convert then they were sent off to death. Don’t you see a pattern anyway? People start with the Jews, the Jews retaliate and guess where the blame goes? Only a bigot doesn’t see this…and unfortunately most of the world are bigots. Same thing with Gaza. They shoot rockets, Israel attacks and then Israel gets blamed. What gives? Seriously? Enough already. Same thing in 1947. The UN split the state in 2, the Arabs attacked, Israel fought back and then Israel was condemned!!!! In EVERY instance Israel was instigated (NOT the instigator). Show me ONE example and I’ll back down from you. ONE. By the way, you never showed me your “example” of that supposed Jew who converted to Christianity and then he went to jail. A Jew can convert but not by missionairies (in Israel).

You can talk about the + symbol all you want (even if you are right). By the way i have never heard of such a thing, never seen that in my life in Israel. This is what you have to argue about? If these are the kinds of examples then you just proved my point. There is nothing wrong with Israel. Let’s argue about Islamic terror.

And you say to supply aid to “moderate Muslims”. Do you know that Fatah is considered moderate (one of their factions is the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades – terror group)? This brings me to the point I made earlier. It’s in 90% of moderate Muslims minds to supply extremist Muslims with money because they can’t stomach (or for whatever reason) carrying out the actual attacks. Probably b/c they have families already. Why do you think 99% of terrorists are single? So in that case, supplying “moderate Muslims” with aid won’t do shit for us. They’ll use that aid (as they are doing now) to support more terror attacks and until the fall of Israel and the United States. If you have a better solution, I’m all ears…but unfortunately I just don’t think there is one realistically speaking.

317. justin - June 1, 2010

@Eric – no way fatah is moderate….anyone that takes ams in the name of religion is a lunatic…i dunno man…the longer these conflicts go on the more extremists pop out….abt like 50 yrs ago…as I heard from my parents – no one even bothered that much abt religion..(this was in our area, not the whole country…i guess) but as time goes by more and more people seem to turn in to haters…it’s like walking the other way…One of the main reasons I moved away from my country….Honestly it’s all so WEIRD..

One of the worse things a muslims has to face(ones like me, but I guess i’m extremely liberal, trust me I only argue to argue, I don even mean it) is that on one hand I argue against ignorants that Islam on whole is evil(not ones like you…criticizing is ok, looking down is NOT), and on the other hand there’s people I knew now starting to turn anti-israel, anti-USA and etc….aand I don’t know….I really don’t know…sometimes I just feel like fuck this world…lets go to PANDORA!!!

and sorry for offending you, which I probably did…it’s a double edged argument…I still don’t understand Which guy came up with the idea of one jewish country surrounded by muslim countries?? dumb idea…

REALLY?? god…should’ve tried al-zajeera arabic…btw I honestly don’t think(even though it sounds racist) there’s a lot moderate arab muslims….that’s just the way it is..oh well…you don’t call it moderate if go around supporting fatah….even in secret…

About the + sign thing….HOLEY SHIITE..man…no offence, but that’s sorta weird…

about rwanda…wait a sec…i’m pretty sure it was the tutsis gettin killed…so retaliation is completely understandable…there were not many major hutu or tutsi muslim leaders..so not exactly….I personally know shit load of muslims that have absolutely no support for terrorism….it’s like i said….everytime I see a middle eastern I go like goddamncockslut terrorist…

Eye for an Eye will make the whole world blind….it’s shame we never seem to realise that….just fuckin turn into hermit, I should…

318. justin - June 1, 2010

@ hey TUSHAR – http://www.hindu.com/2005/01/18/stories/2005011808360100.htm

Godhara train crash was a CRASH!!! an ACCIDENT….even your dear religious newspaper says so…so remind me again…why did the muslims die again?? Oh that’s right, coz you just found an excuse to kill some innocent people….I haven’t forgot modi yet, so plz dont try to bullshit here..
Get yo FACTS right biatch….

I got one word for you – LIAR….
now i’m guessing the only exposure you got was the muslims from the ghetto…so i wouldn’t expect you to learn anything useful from there….It’s such a shame you still didn’t learn….

India was at it’s height when it was ruled by Akbar…but at the rate at which ppl like you are going…you’re prob planning to announce mughals were invaders too….which is why I believe you went running to the brits huh?? yeah rather sell my country than have muslims rule it…..

honestly you and Jinnah have a lot in common…..heh

319. justin - June 1, 2010

@geoff – hmmm I love one piece…watched a bit years ago…is bleach good?? i mean like naruto good??

I guess i’m going lutherian now….

fuck it..i think i over-dragged it…..no shit…

SCREW YOU ERIC…i thought I was gonna get out of this argument…then i got ‘sucked’ back again….

oh well…enough arguing…i’m off to watch some porn….it’s 11 pm

—It’s been great arguing jewboy..& other gentlemen…hope you learned to never argue with a Libra…coz shit just keeps going on and on….

GO NARUTO!!! believe it

320. Dave in Texas - June 1, 2010

>> I guess i’m going lutherian now….

How can you write twelve paragraphs of goofy incoherent crap and one single sentence of absolute genius like that? Did you stick your dick in a toaster?

321. lauraw - June 1, 2010

No sentences that end neatly with a period. Nope. Just ellipses, one after the other, messy-looking ellipses…leaking meaning everywhere…running on and on and on…and on…etc.

I take that as a sign.

322. Enas Yorl - June 1, 2010

Hey, a whole new dimension of suckitude for Muslims! Music is un-islamic now too.

323. Eric - June 2, 2010

@Justin: I agree with you 100% that Fatah is not “moderate” what-so-ever. However, the stupid American government claims they are. Yeah, moderate in comparison to Hamas. That still doesn’t make them “moderate”. In any event, if THEY are considered moderate, I’m happy you see what my point was. There is ALMOST no such thing as a true moderate Muslim.

The Middle East has always cared about their religion. Why do you think they try and stop internet, technology, etc? Because these new inventions potentially can destroy their faith.

And why is it that people like yourself (I’m going to assume that you are part of the 0.001% of Muslims who are truly moderate) have to run from your own country? Do you see what I mean? EVERY country in the Middle East are practically the same…except Israel (a TRUE democracy). And why do you think the Israeli ARABS do not want to move back to the West Bank or to “Palestine” when it is (eventually) created? Because they have a MUCH better life in Israel. Hell, they have it better than the Israelis (that’s actually a 100% fact).

Like I said, I never EVER look down on someone. They can believe whatever they want, as long as they’re happy. But once they start interfering with my life because of their religion, that’s when you’ll see me around. Islam (translated: submission) tells you that you MUST be Muslim. And what happens to any “non believer”? Why can’t the Muslims just live their lives and not impose anything on anyone else? Why is it that the Jews have NEVER tried to convert anyone? In fact, it’s against their religion to try and convert people. When people come and try to convert to Judaism, the Jews will try and push them away. Don’t you find that weird?

Believe me, you didn’t offend me. True discussion can take place like adults (unlike many people on this board i.e. “wiserbudstein”). And LOL – good comment. Which idiot came up with a jewish country between 22 Islamic ones?

And witt the whole Al-Jazeera thing, that was EXACTLY my point. There are BARELY any true moderate Arabs. The ones the media considerate “moderate” still do things they shouldn’t be doing. Sure they don’t actually carry out terror attacks…but they do fund them. What’s the difference? There is none.

Again about the + sign thing – I never heard about that before in my life. If that’s true, it’s funny. But again, if that is the biggest problem that people have with Israel I’ll be happy.

About rwanda – you said QUOTE “so retaliation is completely understandable”. Now put that into context with the Israel-“Palestine” situation. The “Palestinians” attack, Israel fights back but the “Palestinians” are waiting with their video recorders, hiding behind their human shields (MAJOR & MULTIPLE PROOFS, and hey what do you know? Israel gets the blame. Does that make sense to you?

324. Abdulflav - June 12, 2010

Fuck all ya who comment on this shiit you are all Fagot and dead motherfucking Hoess you all suck Big Black Dick YOu foolls be carefull with what you say or els you gonna end up apologising .piss out motherfuckers..4za Milan!!!!

325. BrewFan - June 12, 2010

Do you kiss your mother with that filthy mouth?

326. Sean Connery - June 12, 2010

Do you kiss your mother with that filthy mouth?

No, but I did something to your mother with this mouth.

Ha ha ha ha!

327. Eric - June 13, 2010

@Abdulflav – thanks for showing the average IQ of Middle Eastern Arabs. Enjoy the stone age.

328. Abdulflav - June 13, 2010


329. Najid - June 19, 2010

@Eric— That’s now the average IQ of Middle Easter Arabs. There’s no proof he’s even from the middle east, that I believe, is the IQ of a global idiot. So don’t go hating on us arabs. ;).

I’d just like to comment on a few things you mentioned in your argument.

“>>>There is ALMOST no such thing as a true moderate Muslim.<<>>Why do you think they try and stop internet, technology, etc? Because these new inventions potentially can destroy their faith.”<<<>And why is it that people like yourself (I’m going to assume that you are part of the 0.001% of Muslims who are truly moderate) have to run from your own country?<<>>EVERY country in the Middle East are practically the same<<>>ARABS do not want to move back to the West Bank or to “Palestine” when it is (eventually) created? Because they have a MUCH better life in Israel. Hell, they have it better than the Israelis (that’s actually a 100% fact).”<<<


"There is ALMOST no such thing as a true moderate Muslim"

–I have to agree and disagree at the same time on this one. I know a hundred or so moderete Muslims, some are my friends and some aren't. I'm just 1 person, but I know around 100.
These guys don't really give a shit about what goes on with the terrorists and stuff and don't want any part of it. They get judged alot because they are Muslim. They hate the bad image given to them because it does affect them in more ways then one. The part that I agree on is when you say 'true moderate Muslim'. Some of them may not be completely, completely moderate, but moderate enough where it doesn't make a difference.

"Why do you think they try and stop internet, technology, etc? Because these new inventions potentially can destroy their faith."

—Only the conservative countries do this with internet and technology, like blocking Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. This topic here is somewhat opposed to Islam (SOMEWHAT), it's not blocked though. I'm living proof (I live in a Muslim country). xD
What technological item that can potentially destroy the Muslim faith has ever been created? If there was such an item, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be released to the public. Unless it was some small time local factory that only sells the item to the local town or something.

"And why is it that people like yourself have to run from your own country?"

–This really depends on which Muslim country you reside in. I can understand that a moderate muslim would want to run away from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. ( I Doubt you'll find many moderate Muslims in those countries anyways, as they are all taught from an early age the "right" way to be a muslim.) But in countries such as the U.A.E, Bahrain, and Jordan, there is really no need for that. There are loads of moderate Muslims living in those countries because the rules and laws aren't as strict. If you wanna live a normal life in those type of countries, just follow the few laws that you must. Such as: No public displays of affection (There is really no need to have this, if you wanna show love to your partner, just do it in private. Isn't it weird having a gazillion people watching you get it on in a restaurant or something?), no public drinking(Atleast we let you drink), no adultery(I don't have anything to say about this, should be the persons choice but oh well) and a bit more. If you are an expat living in a Muslim country, it's only right to respect those few rules. The only ones that complain are those that get arrested for it, it's not the Muslims' fault, it's their own. You have to respect the culture and religion, It's honestly not that hard. Atleast they don't hang you for drinking or anything like that.

"EVERY country in the Middle East are practically the same"

–Well, I just pointed out some of the differences above. This isn't true, period. I live in Bahrain, and on weekends, loads of Kuwaitis, Saudis, and sometimes Qataris come in here because of the freedom.

"Israeli ARABS do not want to move back to the West Bank or to “Palestine” when it is (eventually) created? Because they have a MUCH better life in Israel. Hell, they have it better than the Israelis (that’s actually a 100% fact)"

–They may have a better life than the Israelis, but that could change once and if Palestine is completely taken over by Israel. The land belongs to Palestine, plain and simple. This shouldn't have ever happened.

330. Najid - June 19, 2010

Excuse me.

That’s not the average IQ of Middle Eastern arabs.*

331. Eric - June 20, 2010

@Najid: I respect your post, but:

1) I am standing by my statement that there is no such thing as a true moderate Muslim…and here’s why: great, you showed me 100 examples of Muslims who will drink, smoke, commit adultery. But when it comes to the topic of Israel, they support the terrorists, whether it be financially or by SILENCE. If they don’t want that label put on them, then speak up…and make sure you’re louder than the terrorists. Otherwise, what do you expect? You are clearly supporting them with your silence.

2) You asked what technological invention can destroy the faith? How about the internet? Ever been to youporn.com? How about real historical websites? Not ones that deny the Holocaust, or the TRUE history of Jews, Christians AND Muslims…Did you know that Turkey sends the most online traffic to the site vtunnel.com?…and they’re SUPPOSEDLY a more moderate country than all other Middle East Arab countries!

3) I would HARDLY call the UAE and Bahrain “moderate”. MAYBE Jordan, but not those other two. Out of the 22 Arab countries, how many are true moderates? NONE. Not ONE democracy.

4) O.K. I’ll give you that — you’re right…everyone should follow by the law of the country he/she resides in. But that wasn’t the point. The point is why do Arabs have to flee for a better life? THIS isn’t moderate by any means. I currently reside in Israel (temporarily as a contractor for Intel). The same thing happens here. The unltra Orthodox live right across the street from us and they threaten us that our shades aren’t closed and that they don’t want to see the TV because it’s not good for their children. They have sent multiple letters saying that they are not responsible for what happens to our homes if we don’t shut our shades. Since Israel is a democracy, we dealt with them in the proper way, and eveything was fixed. However, that’s not the point. The point was that if these Ultra Orthodox don’t like what they see, then don’t look. Close YOUR shades/eyes. It should be the same thing with the public display of affection in Arab countries.

5) When you say that Suadi’s come to Bahrain to “get away” you mean walk together…because men and women can’t walk together. But what if you hold hands? I’m fairly certain you cant get in big trouble for that in Bahrain, even if you’re married. Now admit that’s ridiculous.

6) You said “They may have a better life than the Israelis, but that could change once and if Palestine is completely taken over by Israel.” I have been wondering for the longest time why ALL Arabs think this way? And then it came to me. If the role was reversed, the Jews would surely live like they did under Nazi rule (if the Arabs were in control)…perhaps even mass murder all over again. Now I get it. You Arabs are nervous that the Jews are going to do the same exact thing that you Arabs would SURELY do. But…it’s not true. That’s the beauty of democracy. What you say doesn’t make sense anyway. If the Jews wanted it that way, the “Palestinians” would already have it worse. And enough nonsense that the land belongs to “Palestine”. I HIGHLY recommend you do more research about the history of “Palestine” and the so called “Palestinians” (a political term created by the PLO AFTER the 1967 war). Hey, guess what the West Bank was called before 1948? “Judea & Samaria” throughout, that’s correct, ALL of history.

You should read this article just for a TINY glimpse of true history (written by a Lebanese journalist): http://bigjournalism.com/bgabriel/2010/06/10/dear-helen-from-one-american-lebanese-journalist-to-another/

Also, as Benjamin Netanyahu said: If Muslim countries lay down their weapons, there would be peace; if Israel laid down its weapons – there would be no more Israel.

332. jus - October 23, 2010

you’re still thinking if muslims countries lay down their weapons there’d be peace? that’s like hitler saying lay down your weapons britain and we will not hurt you….

100000 iraqi civilians dead from Iraq war, and US govt didn’t even investigate, go through the files, privates are saying their superiors actually encouraged them to kill civilians…And Hilary Clinton condemns wikileaks because it revealed the truth??

Please…US military today is no better than Gestapo, you say anything bad and they say, I was JUST following ORDERS! – Well that didn’t spare the gestapo, why should it spares these US soldiers? And americans claim Red Army was monsters…look at the mirror bastards…

I’ll wait for the day China rises, I’ll wait for the day when US falls..but unfortunately I’d be dead by the time China falls…Remember Every great power DIES!! US has been on top for only 100 yrs…and that’s going to change…the barbarism US military showed is what every great power do before they die away…

-2050- When US falls, Israel will too…But I don’t have anything against Israel, they’re being played by US….the whole thing was UN’s stupidity to begin with. But after what US has done in Vietnam, Afganistan, and now Iraq..US is going to fall, and it’s going to fall pretty hard. And believe me when it does, no one will care if you get killed by a bunch of angry ‘yellow'(in ur own words)soldiers.

You stole the land to begin with…Belongs to native americans..

333. BrewFan - October 23, 2010

hahaha! This thread is like fly paper for crazy people.

334. Cathy - October 23, 2010

^ Zat mean you & I are crazy people too, Brew?

335. BrewFan - October 23, 2010

yes mam! BTW, the Lutheran Airlines bit was hilarious!

336. Human Being - December 21, 2010

Dam…. So much hate. You simple minded humans are so dumb. Israelis get attacked so they attack back.Palestinians get their land jacked and attacked so they attack back. Christians say Muslim is the religion of hate from what they learn form the biased media. Muslims say Christianity is madness through their media because most of the places are INVADED BY TROOPS FROM THE WEST (Christian to the Muslims). All Of you are at fault but how in the world are you going to sit their and hate something you don’t understand. Your hate is so childish its so dumb. You wouldn’t be acting this why is your towns and cites were being invaded. People always dying and you don’t even know why. Shits fucked up in the Middle East. People entering where you live and killing your family members, Same with Hamas organizations entering and killing Israelis civilians. You silly motherfucks go on hating people you’ve never met and wishing they die because of a few highlighted organizations portayed by the War-Hungary Government funded Media . HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO BASE A SYSTEM ON YOUR BIASED CHILDISH BELIEFS AND STRIVE FOR INNOCENT PEOPLE TO GET MURDERED. Shits not right, HUMAN PEACE SHOULD BE THE AIM. Western Media shouldn’t judge a system of beliefs and put it on every single individual and the West murdered a civilization of people a whole FUCKING civilization (Native Americans) Christians had slaves because of race at one point, REAL FUCKING HUMANS WERE SLAVES. Islam in the first verse in the quron say it doesn’t judge by race,religion or color of skin. Islam is peace, its peace in your self, THE MOFUCKING GOVERNMENTS ARE THE ONES TO BLAME. MY LAST WORDS ARE STOP BEING SHEEP TO THE MACHINE AND RISE UP. WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND HUMAN LIVES SHOULD COME FIRST not your biased poetics. Most of these comments disgust me and the people who said them are scum. You haven’t experienced shit. The American Government is still so biased. Thats not insulting the American People. WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD CONTROL OUR GOVERNMENT NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND LOOK AT YOU YOUR JUST MINDLESS SLAVES. Hiding Humanitarianism behind Patriotism.

337. geoff - December 21, 2010

You haven’t experienced shit.

Not like you have, I’m sure.

Hiding Humanitarianism behind Patriotism.

We just do that so that we can sneak up on ’em and do them good. We’re so evil.

338. daveintexas - December 21, 2010


Well, yeah, sure. The celibate ones are useless if you need breeding stock.

339. Pro-Camel - December 21, 2010

I’m not anti-Muslim.

340. Michael - December 21, 2010

Between the Danes and the Muslims, we just never lack for entertainment.

341. wiserbud - December 21, 2010

You need to put up a post about the Joos….

342. compos mentis - December 21, 2010

I’ll have no opinion regarding this discussion until someone gives it to me. An opinion, that is.

343. Retired Geezer - December 21, 2010

if you wanna show love to your partner, just do it in private. Isn’t it weird having a gazillion people watching you get it on in a restaurant or something?

*revises Anniversary dinner plans.

344. Ankuresh - February 5, 2011

Muslims are conservative for sure! and thats the reason they suck

345. Brandon Leong - February 9, 2011

You know…. even though I’m from Malaysia I still think that Malaysia sucks.They keep repeating that 1Malaysia thing but all they care are their reputation. In reality, they are helping all their freaking muslims. School here is a shit. Almost all the subjects are in Malay. And the Sejarah (History) is modified and all about freakin Malaysia. I rather go to America or UK to live there. It’s so much awesome there. BTW I’m a Chinese who is 13 years old. MALAYSIA SUCKS!

Michael - February 9, 2011

Brandon, I have been to Malaysia with my wife and children, and it does not suck — at least, not for a visitor. The people were uniformly polite and hospitable. We actually started in Singapore and drove up from there to some beach resorts and the South China Sea, and then drove through some rather remote areas to Kuala Lumpur, in order to catch a flight to Thailand.

You live in a beautiful country. We had a great time there. The food is excellent.

346. geoff - February 9, 2011

One of my fraternity brothers was a Chinese guy from Kuala Lumpur. The Chinese have it tough in Malaysia (they’re like the Jews of Malaysia), or at least that’s what he told me. He never went back – he now lives in Canada.

347. Cathy - March 27, 2011

How about some gas on this fire…

Veena Malik is hot enough to do it.

348. lauraw - March 27, 2011

Saw that earlier. Made me cry, Cath. It has got to be so hard for her.

349. Cathy - March 27, 2011

I probably should have given a hat-tip to National Review Online, where I originally found it.

Yea, Laura, this stuff makes me feel very sad

350. Cathy - March 27, 2011

Somebody wanna try telling me one more time that Islam is a religion of peace?

351. Cathy - April 5, 2011

Ann Barnhardt agrees with us.

352. Cathy - April 5, 2011

Ann Barhnardt applies BACON and FIRE to make a point.

353. Matte - May 23, 2011

Ha ha ha haaaaaa 1 in a 1000000 is god loking in that world 😛

354. Cathy - June 2, 2011

More worthwhile information to consider…

YES! ALL the rapes in Norway in the last 5 years were committed by Muslim immigrants. ALL of them.

355. sandy burger - June 2, 2011

Minor correction: that article’s headline is wrong; it’s not all the rapes in the entire country, but all the rapes in the capital.

Nonetheless, that’s a very clear and scary pattern, and not the least bit surprising, either.

356. Cathy - June 2, 2011

From the first paragraph of the article…

“A shocking report released by police in Oslo, Norway, has concluded that all cases of rape over the last 5 years in the country have been perpetrated by Muslim men.”

I hear ya. Maybe we’re both right. Maybe all reported rapes happened in Oslo.

Thanks for pointing that out, however.

357. sandy burger - June 2, 2011

Oh. Never mind, then.

If the spam filter were doing its job, it would have dumped my post in the spam bucket where most things I write belong.

358. Anonymous - March 24, 2012

FUK U ! christians suck ! they pray to stoes cows even coacraches u all are idiots ull see until that day that ur ass will burn on fire it sucks to be a christian pee on whpever ur other god is our god is the real one and bahrain is the best not like america and europe full of drugs and sex shutup morons !

359. Anonymous - September 16, 2012

Yes!! My Muslim brother said 100% correct. There God is only pure God {An ISO 0552:2012 Product, ISI Certified, Nobel Prize winner(for terrorism)}…. Left all religions are homemade, so they don’t become a terrorist.:D Hey Muslim bro do me a favor, just go and die with a bomb in you home :)))

360. Anonymous - September 16, 2012

* In your home :))

361. saba - September 22, 2012

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362. Maiesha Akhand - November 1, 2013

What are you guys talking about ? Do you realize that not all muslims are like this ? My family is muslim, and we never did or supported honor killings, rape, are not racist or sexist, do not molest children, or support terrorists or extremists. We are real muslims, who respect others. I even think everyone has a right to believe in whatever religion they want. Stupid muslim imposters have been teaching their kids violence, thinking the Quran teaches violence. Believe me when I say it does not. Murder is not tolerable in any religion. Every religion is misinterpreted by people, and every religion has made mistakes. Christianity has made mistakes too. Why is it when a certain group of people who aren’t American who practice Islam the wrong way bomb and murder people, that all of the the people who practice Islam at fault ? There are many, many people who are muslims that see these events on television or on the news, and their heart breaks for the people who die, and feel angered at the fake-muslims. I’m thirteen years old, live in America, and I know enough about my religion to say what you think is not true for most of us. I am born a U.S citizen, and believe me when I say I love America AND my country Bangladesh. Believe me when I say that I or any real muslims do not support your stereotypical accusations of all muslims. We do not hate Christians or Jewish people, etc. We do not observe people in a rascist way (or at least I don’t) Please do change your mind. Some of us are not your enemy. Please listen.

363. Sobek - November 1, 2013

“Some of us are not your enemy. Please listen.”

I assure you we agree. We’re all quite happy with the Muslims (and members of any faith) who believe as you do, that everyone has a right to worship God as they please, or to not worship at all, and that murder is not tolerable.

This post was aimed at those Muslims who disagree with you. Tragically, there are far too many. I wish you the best of luck in persuading the others that they have not been rightly guided.

364. Sobek - November 1, 2013

Commenter Daniel James, #48 above, said “but I see a huge natural disaster coming to wipe America off by 2012. I had the revelation about a giant natural disaster to occur in 2012 when I prayed.”

Does Obama count as a natural disaster? If so, well played, young man.

365. Cathy - March 24, 2014

Wow! Who knew when originally posted… !

366. youabitch - April 27, 2020

ur ignorant fr, Islam doesn’t oppress women it’s not the religion, its middle east culture, culture and religion are two different things dumb ass bitch. And why do you even give a fuck about muslims, if you dont like them go right fucking ahead, don’t agree with them whatever. But why ya gotta go spreading fake ass hate towards those people, you must be a big ass pussy if you cant handle people having a different religion than you. Why do you care? Just leave them alone, we all have different beliefs. Calling muslims medieval head ass, your the one who still cant respect other people’s beliefs, and that sounds like some medieval shit to me.

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