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One Last Look at Iraqi Civilian Casualties August 13, 2018

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Last year I pointed out that though Iraqi civilian casualties were comparable under the Obama and Bush administrations, the press stopped talking about them as soon as Obama was elected.

You may be wondering, then, why it is that they haven’t resurrected the issue now that Trump has taken office. The answer is: Based on preliminary data, Iraqi casualties have plummeted.

Iraqi Civilian Casualties Through 8-13-2018

Very nice to see, no matter who’s responsible.

Beer News August 13, 2018

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Stupid Beer:

watercresswarriorbeerYou may have heard of the beer made with ‘the essence of hot underwear models‘. Yeah, that’s stupid.

But wait! There’s a new beer that’s just as stupid!

New virility beer brewed using a superfood and a fertility god

Basically they put watercress in the beer. Yippee. Here’s the very virile logo, featuring a replica of the 180-foot chalk outline of the Cerne Abbas Giant ==>

Here’s the original giant in all this chalky glory:


The critical dimension you’re looking for? That’d be 35 feet.

Magic Beer:

Check this out:

At first I thought this might be heaven, where you put your beer down and it magically refills itself. But the real explanation turned out to be more mundane.

Set Up Them 32 Ounce DQ Blizzards! August 13, 2018

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Oh baby oh baby oh baby oh:

Scientists accidently discovered a drug that may stop weight gain

There’s this picture as well, which means something totally non-sexual.



The Prescience of Demolition Man August 9, 2018

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Seems like the future that Dennis Leary despises is the Progressives’ dream:

Manufacturing Jobs Continue Impetuous Climb August 3, 2018

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The manufacturing jobs story continues to astound:


President Obama added 376K manufacturing jobs during the four years when he promised to add 1 million. President Trump has added 426K manufacturing jobs in the 20 months since he was elected.

Another Month, Another Employment Situation Report August 3, 2018

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Our slow but more-or-less-steady march to a healthy job market continues:


Mebbe 3 or 4 years before we get back to “normalcy” (which I’m saying is 0.52-ish).

Great Egret August 2, 2018

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Eh. I might need to get some charcoal to get the background a little darker. That’s as dark as I can get with my pencils.

I love how graceful the necks are. Here’s a fun fact: ducks stick their necks straight out when they fly, but members of the heron and egret family curl them back.

Snowy Egret August 1, 2018

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Per Laura’s suggestion, I colored in the background and then erased out the bird. I’m okay with the result, but I think the effect might need nicer if I had darkened the background more, for better contrast.

Smaller than a Great Egret and larger than a Cattle Egret, and while both of those have yellow beaks, this guy has a black beak. The legs are yellow and black.

Cattle Egret August 1, 2018

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So called because they like to hang around cattle. They’re mostly white, but the head and neck turn orange/brown during mating season. I picked this picture because my older brother gives me crap about not drawing the feet, and also because when these egrets are standing, they look like bowling pins with beaks.

It’s kind of a pain to draw birds with almost all white feathers, because there’s not much to draw. Even so, I have two more egrets on my list, so that’s what I’m doing next.

American Bittern July 30, 2018

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Nice little wading bird with brown and white feathers, and yellow legs:


And below the fold, some information about bitterns.


Tweet of the Day July 26, 2018

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[via H2]

Zombie See-Dubya Emerges July 17, 2018

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A few of us were graced with an email from the long-absent See-Dubya (former proprietor of JunkyardBlog and regular at Ace’s and here). He apparently surfaced recently to write an article on defending gun rights. You may enjoy it here:

The Siege of Minas Tirith or How to Turn Fudds Into Gun Rights Supporters