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An Orwellian Malaise February 10, 2021

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Orwell anticipated Pelosi:

…do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. ”

George Orwell, 1984

I know this quote is overused, but it seems more and more like George Orwell was a time traveler. I mean, he really finished writing 1984 in 1948? Really? Over 80 years ago?

The story about the SF school board president who deliberately rejects historical accuracy when deciding which names should be removed from school buildings reminded me of another overused quote:

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Getting Your Slapstick Fix February 6, 2021

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If you’re wondering how you can entertain yourself with that highest form of humor, you could do far worse than check out The Goes Wrong Show. It’s a British mini-series about a theater troupe which puts on a different play in each show. Of course, every production goes disastrously . . . wrong.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

(Image from Wikipedia)

COVID-19 Update: Through 2/4/21 February 5, 2021

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COVID cases hit their peak in early January, but are now on a very encouraging downslope:

…and it looks like daily deaths are starting to follow

These graphs were screencapped from Worldometer.

Mysterious Watercolor of Mystery February 3, 2021

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I painted this:


Go ahead and start speculating about what it means.

Wags Wage Wage Wars February 3, 2021

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When you base your humanitarianism on the use of other people’s money, bad things inevitably happen:

Kroger, the parent company of Ralphs and Food 4 Less, will soon shut down two of its stores in Long Beach in response to the city imposing a “hero pay” increase of $4 per hour for some grocery store workers.

The Ralphs at 3380 N. Los Coyotes Diagonal and the Food 4 Less at 2185 E. South St. are slated to close on April 17, the company said Monday. . . .

“This is truly unfortunate for the Long Beach community, its grocery workers and consumers, but not surprising given the magnitude of the Council’s actions,” Ron Fong, the group’s [California Grocer’s Association] president and CEO, said in the statement Monday. “We repeatedly warned that a $4/hour increase would have major unintended consequences – including potential store closures, the reduction of work for employees, and higher grocery costs for customers.”

Cue equally inevitable whining about food deserts and corporate insensitivity to displaced workers’ sufferings. Despite the warnings, and despite the fact that Kroger had already bumped up worker pay by $2/hr to compensate for working during the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s comforting to know that this is Joe Biden’s plan for the entire country via his $15/hr minimum wage.

Black Velvet Bass January 23, 2021

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It’s no secret that I wanna be like Dave in Texas. One of the ways I can emulate him is by learning how to play Bass Guitar.

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately. It’s Tom Bornemann’s Bass cover of Black Velvet.

Black Velvet was originally recorded in the key of Eb.

The lowest note on a 4-string Bass is E so how the heck can you play in Eb without re-tuning? (it’s hard)

Thankfully Tom changed the key to E instead of the original key of Eb. Bless you, Tom.

Fun Factoid: Here are a few popular songs in the Dreaded Eb key that have absolutely nothing in common but the Key signature, except two of them are by Don Henley.

Brooks & Dunn My Maria

Carrie Underwood Good Girl

Don Henley Boys of Summer

Don Henley End of the Innocence

Eddie Money Take Me Home Tonight

Evanescence Lithium

Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower

Josh Turner Would You Go with Me

Kool & the Gang Celebration

Metallica Turn The Page

Stevie Wonder Superstition

The McCoys Hang On Sloopy

Jason Aldean She’s Country ~ This song is done in Eb drop Db. Why, Jason, WHY?

Well, that’s my story… How are things in Your town?

Ukuleles and Legs January 19, 2021

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Maybe Dave in Texas will get inspired by watching this video.

Spastic Foot Tapping While Playing Bass January 15, 2021

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I think it needs a few more “Good Gawd”s and acrobatic splits with windmilling arms.



High-water pants, socks with sandals, I think the bass guitarist is on the spectrum.

Daddy-Daughter Success Story January 4, 2021

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You’ll like the sound of this duo.

Father and daughter Mat and Savanna Shaw began singing duets together at the onset of the pandemic and quickly became a hit sensation for their heartwarming music. (Photo: Russ Dixon)

Father and daughter Mat and Savanna Shaw began singing duets together from their kitchen table at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. After they posted their first song on social media, the pair were shocked by the response they received.

Here’s the link: https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/12/23/from-kitchen-table-to-recording-studio-a-daddy-daughter-success-story/

Memey Christmas December 24, 2020

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Yet Another Hiatus December 19, 2020

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Every so often I decide I’ve had enough and I swear to stop blogging forevermore. After a few months I’ve always gotten the bug again, and slunk back into the blogosphere. That usually lasts a year or two, and then I start the swearing process again.

This year 2020+personal stuff just took it out of me, so let the swearing begin.

As always, I invite the 5 – 10 co-authors on this site to step up and keep things rolling.

Faux Doctorette December 14, 2020

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The Jill Biden (that’s Dr. Jill Biden to you) flap goes on, with the liberal media outraged that someone would say that she shouldn’t use “Dr.” as a preface to her name.

Here to tell you: that guy was absolutely correct, at least in the worlds of engineering and science. People who insist on being called “Dr.” without a medical license are mocked mercilessly, as it’s considered pretentious and narcissistic.* This was pointed out to me some 35 years ago, and I’ve never seen an exception.

So keep on insisting on being called “Doctor,” Ms. Biden. You’ll be in familiar company.

*Julius Erving being a notable exception