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This is Cool September 22, 2017

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Are Hurricanes Hitting Florida Harder and Faster Than Before? September 20, 2017

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My daughter (the SJW of the family) was explaining to me that the recent spate of hurricanes was due to global warming. Guess I should buy her this book by Anthony Watts. Here’s his chart:


He’s only plotting Florida in his chart, but that’s where most of the American public’s attention is directed.

Maduro’s Point is Moot September 20, 2017

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Maduro postures loudly with his usual impotence:

Maduro blasted Trump’s speech at the United Nations as an ‘aggression from the new Adolf Hitler of international politics, Mr Donald Trump’.

Reacting angrily from Caracas, he said the ‘tycoon’ thinks ‘he is the owner of the world’ as he warned: ‘Nobody threatens Venezuela and nobody owns Venezuela.’

Errmmm . . . that’s because there’s nothing left worth owning.

Whites: You Are, And Ever Shall Be, Racists! September 20, 2017

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I’ve said the same thing before, but it’s becoming more true than ever: if I’m doomed to be a racist no matter what I do, say, or believe, why should I care about racism? Enter Ms. Ashleigh Shackelford to hammer the point home:

However, activist Ashleigh Shackelford does us all a favor by showing us just how far we are from ever seeing racial harmony.

**video insert wherein Ms. Shackelford carefully explains that “All White People are Racist”**

Ah, the old “all white people are racist” canard. We haven’t enjoyed this one in a while, now have we?

However, Shackelford takes it a step further by saying, “You’re always going to be racists, actually.”

Wow, really? I’m always going to be racist? Then perhaps she can tell us just why we should even bother worrying about racial equality if we’re never going to be anything but racist?

Despite Ms. Shackelford and her ilk’s unrelenting attempts to drive us into the arms of genuine racists, the fact remains that we do care about racism. We believe that all people should have equal rights and equal opportunities, that people should “…not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” and that actual racism should be extinguished from our country and hopefully the world.

But Ms. Shackelford’s special brand of racism isn’t going to get us there.

Circles Hiding Among Rectangles September 16, 2017

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This isn’t an optical illusion exactly, but it’s cool nonetheless. Here goes:

Can you see the 16 disks in the picture below?

CirclesinSquares (more…)

Hillary! Is There Anything That Didn’t Stop Her? September 15, 2017

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Gregg Jarrett at Fox read Hillary!’s memoir of her epic fail, and originally found 43 excuses she gave for why she lost the election. Amazingly, he went back over the past few days and found 13 more, for a total of 56 excuses for her loss.

In a rare display of morality I’m not going to steal his entire list, so here are the first 10 to whet your appetite.

1. Sexism

2. Racism

3. Misogyny

4. Xenophobia

5. Suburban women

6. James Comey

7. FBI

8. Russians

9. Vladimir Putin

10. WikiLeaks

Sadly, IB is nowhere to be found.

Rabbit Meat is a Socialist Treat September 14, 2017

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When we watched Hugo Chavez nationalize Venezuelan industries some ten years ago, we were pretty sure that it would end very badly for the Venezuelan people. Now Venezuelans are having shortages of food, medicine, and pretty much everything else.

But don’t fret – Nicholas Maduro has a plan:

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has devised a “rabbit plan” to counter the economic war he says is being waged against his government by “imperialist forces”.

The president urged crisis-hit Venezuelans to breed rabbits and eat them as a source of animal protein.

Unfathomable that they have been reduced to this.

I recall Michael Moore’s awful “documentary” Roger and Me, in which he uses the example of a woman selling rabbit meat as an example of how capitalism failed the auto workers of Flint, MI.

Somehow I don’t think he’ll apply that same standard to Venezuela, which has made it government policy.

Ready Player One September 12, 2017

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Full disclosure: I’ve been a videogamer since I bought my first computer, a Commodore 64.

I read this book years ago. I liked it so much that I got the Audiobook so Mrs. Geezer and I could listen to it on one of our road trips. She enjoyed it even though she isn’t a gamer.

In fact, she said she wants to listen to it again, the next time we take a roadtrip.

After watching this trailer, I’m really excited about the movie.

Your mileage may vary.

Triple Whammy September 7, 2017

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Nice pic, NOAA (via Watts Up With That?).

You Never Know When You Might Need a Piece of Trivia September 6, 2017

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‘Specially robot trivia.

So, what’s the world record for the most robots dancing together?


Deficit Reduction Cage Match: Ryan vs. Trump September 5, 2017

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I remember the days when Paul Ryan used to be terribly concerned over deficits and debt. What’d he call it? Oh yeah – The Path to Prosperity.

Well that didn’t happen.

Lately the House has been working up a new deficit-reduction plan. As of 2 weeks ago:

The current version of the budget resolution—as reported out of the House Budget Committee—contains instructions to 11 House committees calling for at least $203 billion in deficit reduction over 10 years…

But you know, I’m kind of preferring Trump’s budget:

The cumulative deficit from 2018 through 2027 would be reduced by $3.3 trillion from the $10.1 trillion in CBO’s baseline.

That’s more like the sort of deficit reductions that make a difference. Like 15X the House’s puny reductions.

Here’s CBO’s projection (image taken from their report):


Headline Presented Without Comment September 5, 2017

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Anime Figures Get Their Own Line of Sex Toys