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The Sober Side of Memorial Day May 29, 2017

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On this Memorial Day of 2017, you could far worse than peruse this powerful photoessay on the final journey of a Marine Captain lost in Iraq in 2005.

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You Don’t Mess With a Man’s Karaoke May 25, 2017

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For those of you prone to criticize karaoke and its practitioners (and certainly I count myself among your number), I offer this cautionary tale:

A man at a wedding in southern Vietnam murdered a fellow guest and seriously injured another after he was booed off stage during a karaoke performance, state-run media reported.

Nguyen Ngoc Diep, 44, went on a stabbing spree at the wedding party after another guest mocked his singing and stole the microphone, sparking an argument between the two men, according to VNExpress news portal on Thursday.

This Makes Sense May 24, 2017

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Like most Americans, you probably spent several hours this morning wondering what ever happened to Pimp Stick Quezzy, the troubadour who wrote such tunes as “I Got Hoe’s”. Well wonder no more: in 2012, he was indicted on six federal charges related to pimping underage girls.



Burden in My Hand May 23, 2017

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RIP, Chris Cornell. I never got as into Soundgarden as into Alice in Chains, but Chris could definitely sing. This was my favorite.

Choose Your Doctor Wisely May 17, 2017

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…and don’t forget to discriminate against his/her age:

The age of your doctor may impact the quality of the care you receive—and even cut your chances of survival—researchers report in the British Medical Journal.

Harvard researchers looked over data on more than 700,000 hospital admissions of elderly patients cared for by nearly 19,000 physicians between 2011 and 2014. They found that mortality rates crept up in step with physician age.

Seems like 60 is the age when things get interesting:


Snizzle in the Hizzle May 17, 2017

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Or Sneezy in the Heezy? Whatever. It’s snowing here this morning. I’ll send it along to my friends to the east with my compliments.image

Is Healthcare a Right? May 15, 2017

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This is an old post (November 2006) I wrote at Uncommon Misconceptions. I thought it was topical given the kerfuffle over Miss USA 2017’s statement that she didn’t believe healthcare was a right:

[Horribly long, what with all the historical stuff – I apologize]


A Boat Load of Balls May 15, 2017

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AKA “Check out my balls”.


It’s actually part of the “Dale Chihuly: Magic & Light” exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.


Sunset May 14, 2017

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This is Why We Don’t Deserve to Survive as a Society May 13, 2017

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Co-Bloggers Beware!! May 12, 2017

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Manager Poisons Part-Time Worker Because of “Poor Work Ethic”

Wimpy Exports May 11, 2017

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Exports dropped a bit in March, mostly due to declining oil exports. Not a catastrophic decline, but I could definitely use more winning in the exports area: