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Thanksgiving, 2015 November 26, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Another year gone, but another year where our little community can be thankful for each other and our families. And presidential term limits.

OK, the three things we can be thankful for are each other, our families, and presidential term limits. And the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which (temporarily) buffer us from the worst that’s happening around the world.

OK the four things we have to be thankful for…

But seriously, thanks for hanging out, and thanks to all the IB-cobs who posted something this year. All youse bums should post more and comment more, though.

Have a great and excessive day!!

The Muting Effect of the Microaggression Concept November 25, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

I was watching the MTV video on microaggressions the other day:

…and it struck me that all those “microaggressions” really seem to be the sorts of things people way when they don’t know what to say.

The microaggressing white person has been told that they should relate to minority groups and try to understand their perspective (and it’s a natural sort of impulse anyway). So they try to strike up a conversation about their differences. But the danger of causing offense to a member of a minority group limits the sorts of topics one can broach in casual conversation. So instead, whites have tried to reach out by talking about the most banal topics: accents, hair, music, etc., with the prospect that it will lead to more meaningful discussions and relationships after the ice has been broken.

Having identified these as microaggressions, the conversation now appears to be restricted to how right and just minority groups are, and how evil and tainted whites are.

Which, even if true, makes for very boring conversation.

Rocket Ship Landing November 24, 2015

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ballistics, Heroes, Science.

HuffPo Explains Why Taking Refugees In Is a Bad Idea November 24, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

HuffPo lays “Some food for thought” on us.

This Thanksgiving, Remember America’s Pilgrims Were Refugees, Too

Yeah, that worked out really well for the Native Americans.

Spinal Stenosis November 24, 2015

Posted by digitalbrownshirt in Family, Personal Experiences.

Guess what I’m doing this morning? I could use any prayers or happy thoughts for the next few days. I’m headed to the hospital in a few minutes and even though I was pretty calm before, I’m starting to get kind of wound up about having my insides rearranged. The funny part is this won’t be the worst Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. At least my family can visit me at the hospital.

I look forward to six weeks of Fallout 4 when I come home.

Wretchard on the Russia/Turkey Situation November 24, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.
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From Wretchard:

The shootdown of a Russian SU-24 by a Turkish F-16 is a clear sign of how dangerous¬†Obama’s Syria policy has become. The vacuum left by his policy has not only engendered a chaos which has destroyed whole countries, but it has drawn in great powers whose armed forces are operating in dangerously close proximity. It is an disaster waiting to happen.

Couldn’t agree more, except to say that it’s not just his Syria policy – it’s his policies around the world that are causing trouble spots to become the norm, rather than the exception.

From the “I Should NOT Have Clicked on That” File November 24, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

This is old, but no less unsettling for its age:

How to Make Breakfast With Your Vagina

Cultural Appropriation, Tushar Style November 22, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

If you haven’t read it already, check out Tushar’s outstanding Yogasplaining to those who feel that whites teaching yoga is “cultural appropriation.”

Here is a cute puppy November 22, 2015

Posted by daveintexas in Ballistics, Commenting Tips, Crime, Handblogging, Humor, Love, Mufuckin Pie!, News, Philosophy, Science, Sex, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, Women Ranting, WTF?.

It’s not great content but it is cute content




Flyin’ Ain’t Easy November 22, 2015

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ballistics, Handblogging, News.

I love Destin’s videos from Smarter Every Day.


Here’s the helicopter that Flyin’ Brian flies now.

Image 8.jpg

The CBO Fesses Up – “We Suck at Predictions” November 21, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.
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[I may have paraphrased that quote a bit]

You asked for debacles, Theo; I give you the CBO.


Yes, that chart shows that the best-case scenario has us never reducing the federal debt, while the nominal scenario sees it increase by almost 50% over the next 25 years.

I don’t want to even think about the worst-case scenario.

But why do I call it a “debacle?” Well, for starts, the CBO’s predictions are always optimistic (they were predicting budget surpluses by the end of Bush’s 2nd term), and they always assume that Congress will do the right thing.

But the real reason is because when your accuracy is that poor, you shouldn’t even publish the results.¬† It just gives people the false impression that things are under control.

As an aside, I don’t really understand this chart. We ran a $440 billion deficit in 2015, but the chart shows no change in debt from 2014. Someday, when I have extra time, I’ll have to find out why that is.

What is this? November 19, 2015

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, News.

IMG_5085.jpgHaven’t seen this in quite a while. When was the last time you saw one?



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