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Comment Hall of Fame


Nominations for Hall of Fame Comments should be sent to:
BrewFan (bkepapa-AT-Yahoo-DOT-Com)

In the category “Most Likely to be True”, Mrs. Peel nominates axl rose’s #1 fan for writing:
and i know whats its like 2 b made fun of
In the category “WP Says the Darnedest Things”, Michael nominates WickedPinto for writing:
so I’m masturbating to the pic of PJ, and guess what? The fucking librarian has the GALL to tell me to leave the fucking library! What a bitch!
Honorable Mentions to Lipstick and Cathy for being quick on their feet.
In the category “Hope This Helps”, Michael nominates compos mentis for writing in response to Bart’s comment “I like receiving packages in the mail.”:Mail is Bart’s code word for his ass…
In the category “Hot Women and Fun with Tubes”, Michael nominates Patty Ann for writing “♫ For once enema life I have someone who needs me
Someone I’ve needed so long ♫”
In the category of “Too Much Information,”  Lipstick nominates Pajama Mama for saying, with reference to a video of hot Brazilian sisters who are synchronized swimmers: “I don’t think I’ve ever stood that close to my sister unless I was trying to fart on her.”
In the category of “That’s Easy For You To Say” Michael nominates Pupster for saying, with reference to a request by blooginineure to depute all the communication: “Knavish user,
Unequivocally ridiculous communication out kazoo tomorrow, last port nautical storm.”
In the category “DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT OBAMA!” Mrs. Peel nominates yournemesis for saying, “You’re on the wrong side of reality…
Take your assets, enjoy the deflation and we’ll leave you avaricious fucks in the dust of history.
Watch out for the langoliers you tiny minded bean counters!”
In the category “What Do You Call 1,000 Lawyers Chained Together At The Bottom Of The Ocean?” BrewFan nominates lauraw for saying, “Lawyers shouldn’t argue with mathematicians about math, any more than mathematicians should argue with lawyers about the color of Satan’s bedsheets.”
In the category “I’ll Take Mormans for $1000 Alex” Pupster nominates bikbil for saying (among many other wonderful pearls of prose – read the whole comment!), “My wildest adventure in Alaska was the time that I drove to Denali National Park with my children and we counted all the mountain goats wile sitting in the car.”
In the category “You Can’t Make an Umlaut Without Breaking a Few Danes” Mrs. Peel nominates nizar for an ode to the pp of Denmark. Hit the link because I don’t know how to type Moise properly.
In the category “Is That You Spurwing?” Uriel nominates itself for “I said it over at AoS where he posted your graph, I’ll say it here. That graph is BULLSHIT.
It has no origin. This is the kind of weasely, manipulated horseshit that Leftist pull, and it drives me nuts. If you think I’ll accept GARBAGE just because it is fed to me by a conservative, think again.
In the category “Your Wish Is Our Command” BrewFan nominates Uriel for “And if you had any integrity, honesty, or balls; you’d put my comment above in your comment hall of fshame.”
Asst. Site Administrator Note: We’re all about the integrity here Uriel!
In the category “Crypto Comments” BrewFan nominates It Sucks To Be Christians for “Clearly now, the Christian religion based on the Bible is not totally, but he stood by an agreement between community leaders of different paganism in the past by adopting the letters of Paul as a justification.”
In the category “One Cheek Sneaks” Michael nominates reason for:

“Best thread ever.

When I accuse Mrs. Reason of bigotry, on account of her own noctural flatus, she gets offended, swears that I am lying, and makes a concious effort every night for the rest of the week to sleep on her back.


She clings to the ideal that a woman should never do anything socially inappropriate except when completely isolated. When we first got married, there was what I referred to as a “two-door minimum” in order for her to use the bathroom. She would always use the master bath, closing not only the bathroom door, but also the door to the door to the master bedroom. The first time I breached the outer hull, and was “found” in the bedroom watching TV when she emerged from the inner sanctum did not go well.

M.R “What are you doing in here!!!?”
R *points to TV* Deadliest Catch. *manly grunt*
M.R “The door was closed! What’s wrong with the other TV?”
R “Kids want.” *eyes remain fixed on Alaskan bad-assery*
M.R “I was in the bathroom! The door was closed!”
R “Yes.”
M.R *pause* “…you don’t even care!”
R “Hun, seriously..we’re married. I don’t care if I hear you in there ripping ass…”
R “Here, if makes you feel any better, you can hear me too…” *leans over and hikes a leg up as Mrs. Reason runs from the room in abject horror*”

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