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Headlines You’ll Never See October 29, 2013

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In Response, Palestinian Leaders Praised Israel’s Willingness to Make Concessions


Wendy Davis is a Disgusting Sub-Human October 28, 2013

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“As a mother, I would rather see our tax dollars spent on improving our kid’s schools rather than defending this law,” she said.

So not only is she radically pro-infanticide, but she prefaces her pro-infanticide agenda with an appeal to her own motherhood?

Special place in hell.

Bears Climb Trees! October 25, 2013

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A guy is hunting in a tree stand, in Canada.

You should probably watch all the way to the end.

NSFW ‘Holy S***’ whispering.


What’s Better than Going to the Range? October 18, 2013

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Playing hooky from work to do it.  That is all.


I don’t recall discussing this option with a guidance counselor. October 16, 2013

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“The Michelangelo of Nipple Tattoos”

I’m not saying I would have pursued the career, I just wish I would have heard of a few options besides phone psychic and snake milker.


One Pumpkin to Rule Them All October 12, 2013

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DFW Meatup Party Schedule October 10, 2013

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Posted in the password-protected page.

Attendees: please email me and I’ll give you my cell phone number. If you’re willing, I’ll add your cell phone number to a list and we’ll pass it around to everybody.

Non-Attendees: There’s still time to change your evil ways.

Bye-Bye, Taiwan October 9, 2013

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The Taiwanese forecast their own doom.

China will be able to fend off U.S. forces and successfully invade Taiwan by 2020, the island’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday, the first time Taipei has given such a precise timetable for the threat it says it faces.

Sadly for Taiwan, the fight-or-flee decision point is likely to be much sooner for the US, which no longer feels that Taiwan is worth defending if great cost to the US is required.

I can’t remember the prediction I made several years ago, but I think I said it would be 2015 or 2017 when the US would not longer pose a practical deterrent to China. Not too far off, if the Taiwanese think it’s 2020 for no deterrent at all.

Debt as Far as the Eye Can See October 9, 2013

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You may be wondering – what’s the point of this whole debt ceiling business? Why not rubber stamp the damn thing and get government services restored?

Well, let me show you the President’s own debt projection for the next 10 years, and maybe it’ll explain things:

Gross Federal Debt

Yes, the master plan is to increase the debt by another 50% over the next 10 years.

And that’s if everything goes right.

Shut Down Defense October 8, 2013

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I offer this as a modest alternative to closing the National Park Service.  Instead, let’s close down the entire U.S. military establishment and save some real bucks, with little impact on the average vacationing taxpayer.

Except, of course, for our air, sea and land-based nuclear deterrents, which are really the only “essential” components of national defense.  Otherwise, furlough the entire darn U.S.  military.   Let’s just announce to the whole world that we will only defend ourselves, and no one else, with nuclear hell until a budget is passed.  So, probably a bad time to piss us of, as we will not be capable of a nuanced response to any kind of annoyance until the government is fully funded.  We’ll also have to tell NATO, SEATO, Japan, Korea, and the Rio Treaty signatories that we are taking a few sick days and they are on their own, which will be embarrassing, but so what.

Think of all the money we could save.  Top priority is to dock all those frickin’ carriers.  Those things are really expensive to run.  I’m not sure how expensive, but it’s approximately a gazillion dollars per day.  Just tie them up in Norfolk, San Diego and Pearl Harbor and give everybody on board unpaid shore leave.


The interim Shutdown Defense Doctrine of the United States could be summarized as — “We are stardust, we are golden.”

Then let’s see what happens about this budget impasse.

I Am In Charge of Meat Fire On Saturday October 7, 2013

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This is gonna be GREAT!


How_To_Start_A_Barbecue_Fire-1md (336x448)


Eerybody just chill.  I got this.


Don’t Forget the Dallas Meatup This Friday!!! October 7, 2013

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Better start warming up (click for them newfangled moving pictures):