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Dank Leopold/Trump Meme March 14, 2018

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I guess it’s from a contest last year, but I’m always behind the times. I LOLed. The Bugs Bunny “Long-Haired Hare” is one of my family’s favorites. I had a fantastic-strange disc I bought on ebay that came from the Philippines. It was a CD-Video disc and had Long-Haired Hare, Rabbit of Seville, What’s Opera Doc, Hillbilly Hare and a few more. It was always an adventure to try to figure out how to get it to play in the DVD player without stopping after each number.

Quite a few years ago we were singing a hymn in church (“We Are All Enlisted”) and there is a note that you hold for a couple of beats and then drop it down (like it’s hot) for the fermata. When the note dropped, I put my hand down and wiggled my finger and my kids all lost it at the thought of Bugs doing “Leopold.” Now I have to sit in front of the congregation and when that hymn comes along, I don’t dare look at my family or I will certainly start laughing. Anyway, I hope the guy who thought this up won something.

Employment Situation, March 2018 March 9, 2018

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Another month, another Employment Situation Summary report. This month showed a slight increase in the standard IB metric. Not awe-inspiring, but better than 2016, which was basically flat for the entire year.


On the other hand, manufacturing jobs are on fire:

What a yuge difference from 2016.

Gethsemane March 7, 2018

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I made a copy of a piece by a guy named Jorge Cocco Santángelo. I’ve never given Cubism much thought, but something about this one struck me. I realized in the process that focusing closely enough to make a copy means focusing closely enough to notice things you would otherwise miss, like how the cubist composition means all the elements of the scene are bound together. I thought I might try my own original design, and quickly realized I was in over my head. I have a newfound respect for Cubism after doodling a copy for a few hours.

Get Off My Lawn March 6, 2018

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Goodbye, Old Paint March 4, 2018

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I should have burned it, or shot it, or something dramatic, but it just went in the dumpster. I’ve had it since probably the mid-eighties. It belonged to my younger brother for a few winters and then he didn’t want it anymore and I claimed it. It became my cold weather “dirty jobs” coat. Many oil changes and much chain-sawing have been taken care of in this coat. The zipper gave way a year or so ago (see safety pins in picture).


Dave Stuff March 2, 2018

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I try to use descriptive, catchy post titles.

Anyway the weather was nice last Sunday so I decided it was time to power wash the deck area and hang up some lights to make the place all cheery and shit.


I know, gross right? Spider webs, bugs, leaves, dirt


Section After.png

Much better.

I know all this stuff gets made in China (or somewhere in Asia).  Christmas lights are not particularly complex so if there was a manual I ignored it like I do complicated stuff where I really should RTFM but still won’t.

But the vendor in it’s relationship with Amazon insisted that I get this information via the following email, including a an explanation of why these lights might not be exactly the “white warmness” I might have been expecting, AND a warranty and a sincere promise to resolve any customer dissatisfaction accompanied with a plea to please not rat them out on the item page.

I realize their English is much better than my Mandarin but these things are just so fun.

First, an Important notice regarding the warm white color (as advertised)

Section 2

A friendly greeting, an interesting explanation of why the product might not be exactly what I ordered but yet “It is not wrong item sent if you receive the color difference version”

It is definitely warm white if you compare it with white version, or maybe Slublog.

Then some handy instructions for troubleshooting.

Section 3

If bulb burns out, replace bulb. It will turn on.

And then a promise to resolve any problem but please don’t bust our balls with bad remark on item page.

Section 1

They did say please and kindly so were I disappointed with the warmth of whiteness I would reach out to them before posting an irate customer thing.  Besides I never do that cause everybody looks like an asshole when they do.

Besides, I think they’re quite warm and I am satisfied.

Thank you, MZD8391 Customer Service Team!

Japan. February 28, 2018

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So, there’s a show about a samurai who refused to kill a cat.

Here’s a couple still promo images.

Here he’s sneaking up on the cat and probably thinking, “This has got to be the shittiest contract I’ve ever gotten.”


But of course, they ended up the best of friends! Yay! Showing this pic to Japanese ladies makes them all turn fertile at once.



This is the trailer.


In one episode, the cat got fleas and needed a bath. The samurai sings a song. You’ll like this song.

The show is called ‘Neko Zamurai’ and the cat is a bigger star than any of us will ever be.

Thank you and have a delightful day.

Whence the Moral Authority of the Victim? February 24, 2018

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Just wanted to say that being a victim does not give you any moral authority or particular insight into policy. But our media and academia have turned victimhood from a tragic human interest story into a license to grab a pulpit and start lecturing the rest of the country.

As many have pointed out, it’s particularly ironic in the case of the FL shootings, where the Anti-Gun crowd’s recommended procedures for safety were followed precisely:

  1. Do not permit weapons in school
  2. Alert authorities if you feel that a student represents a danger
  3. If a shooting situation does occur, let the authorities handle it

There is also the unwritten rule: If the system fails and there are fatalities, trot out the survivors to blame gun owners and the NRA. [Because of their Cindy Sheehan-like absolute moral authority]

Though I’m not a member of the NRA, I’m terminally irritated with Symantec for dropping their NRA discount program on such an illogical basis. I’ve been a faithful customer of theirs for almost 30 years.

Time for another boycott.

R.I.P. Billy Graham February 21, 2018

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Billy Graham on Woody Allen’s TV show.

Still Limping Along After All These Years February 19, 2018

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[This is a repost of a June 10, 2007 post by Michael. I thought it was interesting that there was talk of closing IB over 10 years ago, but that the blog is still here. And no, I’m not thinking of quitting again (though my life is not leaving me much time for blogging).]

When Would You Quit Innocent Bystanders?

A rash of blog closings got me thinking about this: RWS, Feisty, HayZeus, All You Need Is Jack, Garfield Ridge.

Along with this comment by Geoff on his blog:

The unfortunate side effect of this proliferation of blogs is that the community at AoSHQ has lost some of its substance. And the same thing appears to be happening at Innocent Bystanders: comments are slowing down as people tend to their own posts and thread discussions.

Traffic hasn’t actually slowed down yet. If you adjust for Google Video hits on the infamous Jessica Alba pic, our “regular” traffic showed strong growth from inception until April.

In May, for the first time, we seemed to plateau, consistent with Geoff’s observation that recently a number of satellite blogs have launched that occupy people’s time.

So, when should we quit? We’re probably about to hit a summer traffic slump. Do we go out on top now? Do we wait until everyone is bored and traffic is rapidly trending down?

Innocent Bystanders started out as a joke by Retired Geezer.   It morphed into a continuation of the BlogWisconsin thread at Letters from Desolation Row, which was really kind of a chat room. Then it actually became a minor presence in the blogosphere, operating on the periphery of AoSHQ.

For me personally, IB was originally sort of a marketing experiment that I was very involved with. That experiment is over. IB started as Geezer and me goofing around. As it currently operates, IB will easily draw 25,ooo+ visits and 50,000+ page views per month, without anybody trying too hard. Now it’s a hobby, and a way to keep in touch with people I feel connected to. I put less effort into it than I used to.

It’s obvious that most small websites like Innocent Bystanders have a limited shelf life. So, Geoff got me thinking. When is the right time to quit?

I’m certainly not saying it’s now. I don’t really think we’re done yet. I’m just wondering — when?

A lot of you are involved in Innocent Bystanders, so I’m curious what you think.

When should we quit Innocent Bystanders?

Under Construction February 17, 2018

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I’m dinking around with the IB stylesheet, and naturally disasters are occurring. So don’t be alarmed – it’s not the end times.


Another Economic High Note February 17, 2018

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Forgot to mention this a couple of weeks ago, but US monthly exports in December just set a record: the highest they’ve ever been.

Almost all of the $3.5 billion increase from November came from exports of goods:

Exports of goods on a Census basis increased $3.4 billion.

    • Industrial supplies and materials increased $1.5 billion.
      • Organic chemicals increased $0.2 billion.
      • Fuel oil increased $0.2 billion.
    • * Capital goods increased $1.2 billion.
      • Civilian aircraft increased $0.8 billion.
      • Other industrial machines increased $0.7 billion.