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The Smithsonian Whiteness Chart July 16, 2020

Posted by geoff in News.

There’s much ado over the Smithsonian’s chart talking about characteristics of white culture, or “whiteness.” Here’s the chart:

I think the chart is largely accurate* and pretty interesting. Having grown up with all these assumptions of how things should be (and having tried to pass those values to my children), it’s interesting to consider what the alternatives might be.

But there I’m stuck, because the alternatives I think of are universally awful and incohesive.  Other authors have said similar things, so I’ll leave it to them to pick at the specifics.

Because, the thing I found most interesting about the graphic was that it was derived from a chart created in 1990 by Judith Katz. Here’s that original chart:

So we’ve been living with this whiteness stuff for a long, long time. When we used to protest against political correctness back in the 80’s and 90’s, there was always an undercurrent of, “Well, at least most people won’t take this seriously.” What we didn’t realize was that it would be taught in our schools as fact – that these were the characteristics of white culture and that they are bad.

After a couple of generations of this messaging in our schools, kids now accept this as being obvious: white culture is bad. Irredeemably bad. But note that white kids are not allowed to appropriate other cultures. That leaves them lost and vulnerable, with no cultural foundation to ground them. No wonder they’re addicted to social media and completely on board with rioting.

What, then, do the anti-whiteness folk think is the ideal society? Black Lives Matters gives us at least a hint with their promotion of socialism and the “it takes a village” notion of family. Yay.

As for the individual? Well, you can express your individuality through dress, body mods, and hair styles. But you can’t diverge from the mainstream in thought, speech, or achievement.

Because that would make you white.

*I’d take issue with a few statements, like “Win at all costs,” “Wealth=worth,” and “Women’s beauty based on blond…” One of my least favorites is: “Individuals assumed to be in control of their environment,” which should be “Life is hard and individuals have to struggle to swim against the stream, but if you swim hard and smart, with a little luck you may get to the shore of success.” Maybe a different metaphor, though.


1. Sobek - July 16, 2020

Here’s a fun thought experiment: imagine that this chart were written by a full on KKK Grand Wizard. How would it be different? I imagine he would agree with the implication that non- whites are irrational and don’t work hard or believe in families.

2. Jimbro - July 16, 2020

Under “Aesthetics” the notion that bland is best sticks out like a sore thumb of wrongthink

3. Mr. Matamoros - July 16, 2020

Holy Cow, Batman! I didn’t know I was white (mostly)!

4. geoff - July 16, 2020

Gad, the more I read those graphics the more I find to object to. Like “wife is homemaker and subordinate to husband.” That stopped being true in the 70s.

And “Progress is always best?” Not sure exactly what she means by that, but conservatives are well-known for being adverse to change.

5. Mr. Matamoros - July 16, 2020

I think you can say that conservatives are for technological progress (think aerospace, electronics) but for this so-called social progress (as defined by the far-left) not so much.

6. Photog - July 16, 2020

The chart should be titled AMERICAN VALUES & CULTURE.

That’s why the chart seem right to most Americans.
When people migrate to the USA they are expected to assimilate into this American Values & Culture.
They can keep their pre-American culture and religion.

There are certain points I disagree with … they are outdated more than wrong.

7. Victor Ware - July 17, 2020

Bro you stupid…. and its super racist to say black ppl can’t achieve these goals. What world are you from

8. geoff - July 17, 2020

…. and its super racist to say black ppl can’t achieve these goals.


9. William - July 20, 2020

This entire freaking chart and the premise behind it angers me so much! Hard work, family, always pushing forward, I was taught these values by my father. I am a black man and whatever this woman wrote on this whiteness chart is the antithesis of everything that is black and American. This woman is obviously insane and needs to be fired.

10. geoff - July 20, 2020

I was taught these values by my father.

I wrote a post some time ago where I claimed that all the so-called privileges enjoyed by whites were in fact a result of our parents and their parents, who worked their fannies off and passed down their values and benefits to us.

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