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Finally Some Hope in Earlier Pancreatic Cancer Detection January 20, 2019

Posted by geoff in News.

Pancreatic cancer took my dad a little over 9 years ago. He had some mystery ailments for months, but when they finally figured it out, it was far too late. He died 3 weeks after diagnosis.

So I’m heartened to hear this news (via Instapundit):

A new pancreatic cancer test could detect the disease before it progresses to later, deadly stages, new research says.

Scientists have developed tests that pinpoints close to 70 percent of pancreatic cancer with less than 5 percent false-positive rate, according to a study published this month in Clinical Cancer Research.

The article says that pancreatic cancer accounts for 7% of cancer deaths in the US. It’d be nice if early detection and intervention could save some of those 42,000 people (per year).


1. Abu Qalam Al-Hindi - January 20, 2019

My wife’s uncle went from healthy to dead in 3 months. He had stomach cancer. It was not a pretty fight. My wife’s a doctor, and she tried her best to explain why the doctors did not want to go with chemo or radiation therapy. He could not accept the facts. A major battle was brewing: the hospital said he needed to go home or be transferred to the hospice section. He was refusing to do either. On the day the decision had to be made, or the hospital would make the decision for him whether he liked it or not, he left us for his heavenly abode.

The speed with which it spread and how resilient it was, was my first close-up look at the beast that’s cancer.

My wife’s maternal grandmother, as old as she was, was diagnosed with breast cancer and few years ago. She overcame it. But her challenge was: I pray 5 times a day, I fast, I read the Qur’an, why is this happening to me? When she spoke with me, I accidentally went into lecture mode, and explained the prevailing theories about why such difficulties happen to pious people. I thought she would be offended that I, a young whippersnapper, was explaining Islam to her, but she was relieved to hear what I said.

By the way, when my parents submitted the marriage proposal to my now wife’s parents, my wife’s extended family was dead set against it. The commin refrain was: “What, have all the Bangladeshi men died that you have to marry a Pakistani?” The issue went to my wife’s maternal grandmother. She scoffed at all of them. “Is he nice? Is he Muslim? Will he treat her and her daughter well? If so, what else matters? I give my blessing to this proposal.” Since then, not a word has been spoken against our marriage.

2. Sobek - January 21, 2019

Hey Abu Qalam, do I know you by another name?

3. Abu Qalam Al-Hindi - January 21, 2019

Mr. SobekPundit: perhaps you do.

4. geoff - January 21, 2019

But does he smell as sweet?

5. Cathy - January 21, 2019

Thanks for the post, Geoff.

Thank you for your story in the comments, Abu.

Blessings, to you both, and also to Sweet Sobek.

6. Sobek - January 21, 2019

I’m glad to hear from you, Abu Qalam. If you need to reach me, I’m at croco, followed by pundit, all one word, and that’s a hotmail account.

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