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Crisising Our Way Toward Global Socialism May 13, 2022

Posted by geoff in News.

One of the hallmarks of good management is that you never notice it. Crises are anticipated and headed off before they ever emerge.* Negotiations are conducted and resolved before aggrieved parties reach an impasse. Supply chain issues, personnel issues, budget issues, etc., are all addressed early, before they balloon into disasters.

So if you’re not part of the management process, you never really notice it. Things are humming along, everything is stable, and you can enjoy the present and plan for the future.

Contrast that with the current administration’s approach, where even on the few occasions where they anticipate a crisis, they do nothing about it. Most of the time they seem oblivious or in denial when a crisis looms. And once the crisis finally arrives, they spend all their time deflecting blame and responsibility, rather than taking action.

They’ve been so consistent with not bothering to take effective action that I’m coming to believe that it’s deliberate: they are crisis nurturers and profiteers, rather than crisis mitigators (I know I’m late in finally accepting this, as other folk have been warning of this for some time). Now, rather than waiting for a crisis to occur organically, they nudge it along, inflate the threat, and then use it to move toward their ultimate goals.

It is instructive that even when the administration was warned about the threat of inflation, saw inflation occurring, and then saw it grow out of control, they didn’t change any of their spending plans. They didn’t do anything but stay the course, when that course was obviously damaging the American people.

Now, what are they proposing instead of throttling back on deficit spending ?

Price controls.

More government intervention and control, replacing capitalism with unilateral government decision-making. Or, more concisely, socialism. And, given their penchant for violating our sovereignty with ridiculous international agreements, global socialism.

I know conspiracists have been warning us about the New World Order for decades, and I always felt there was at least an element in society that was pursuing that goal. But I didn’t think it was a dominant element, or even that significant of an element. But now, it seems transparently obvious that the goal of the administration is to guide us toward that eventuality.

The old movie Rollerball has been coming to mind a lot lately, but I wasn’t sure why. Now I think I know. In that movie there were two classes of people: the executives, who ran things, and everybody else. The executives took care of everything: food, shelter, companionship… Commoners just had to toe the line and keep their mouths shut. Pretty much exactly the scenario that the administration is driving toward.

James Caan’s character (Jonathan E.!) is benefiting hugely from the system, with the best of everything provided him. But he eventually realizes that he’s a bird in a gilded cage, and starts to question whether all the comforts and security are worth the sacrifice of freedom, independence, and self-determination.

In the 70’s, it was obvious to most of us that they were not. Now, however, I think most of the population would be perfectly happy to let someone else take responsibility for their lives.

Better buy some roller skates.

*With obvious act-of-GodChina type exceptions, such as COVID-19



1. m1shu - June 11, 2022

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” “Now’s the opportunity to have a national conversation…” Two mantras political leaders use when the government screws up. It’s almost like the screw ups are by design.

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