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Manufacturing Jobs Continue to Drop and Josh Earnest is a Tool December 3, 2016

Posted by geoff in News.

Under the watchful, caring eye of the Obama administration, how could anything do other than flourish? Here’s how:

manufjobsdecember2016Yeah, that promise to add a million manufacturing jobs within 4 years was thoroughly and tragically broken a couple of months ago, and we’ve lost another 9000 manufacturing jobs since then.

lauraw mentioned this ridiculous quote from White House Spokesman Josh Earnest, who was talking about the 1000 jobs saved by Trump’s negotiations with Carrier:

“if [Trump] is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record number of manufacturing jobs” created during Obama’s eight years in office.
Earnest went further, saying that the roughly 800,000 jobs he cited were new jobs created under Obama’s watch.

You can see that Earnest doesn’t mention the failed promise of President Obama to add a million jobs, which would have been 1.5 million total (500K manufacturing jobs were added before he promised the additional million). 1.5 million jobs promised vs. 0.8 million jobs “added” ==> I guess that equals success in Josh Earnest’s mind.

You also don’t see him mentioning this:


President Obama hasn’t even managed to “create” enough manufacturing jobs to get back to  where we were when he was first inaugurated. In reality, an honest person would have to say that his administration lost 300K jobs.

You can only say that 800K jobs were created if you cherrypick the data by starting from the low point in February-March of 2010. And you can only call them “new jobs” if you ignore the fact that we lost nearly 3 million manufacturing jobs since 2006.

Bragging about this pitiful rebound is ridiculous and a terrible injustice to the manufacturing sector. Josh Earnest’s statement was misleading and insensitive.

Ah, the hell with it – let’s just call it what it is: Josh Earnest lied point blank to the press, and not one of them called him on it.

Par for the course for the past 8 years.


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Yes and yes. Fortunately it looks like the president elect takes this pretty seriously.

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