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Journalists Are Dumb People November 17, 2015

Posted by anycomments in Gardening, Honor, Law, Philosophy.

Journalists are basically hair models whose mouths spew Democrat party tickertape. We would get better reportage if we replaced any one of these styrofoam heads with a person randomly chosen from any fast food line in America.

As her many respondents pointed out, this person works for CNN. Which even with their ratings is still considered The Media. And neither she nor any of her colleagues covered the Beirut bombings on CNN. So she indicts her own employer and coworkers for this oversight in coverage.

Sadly, many people also took the time to comb through her twitter account for any mention of the attacks in Lebanon, and it too was empty of any references to those events. So she further indicted herself as a “racist.”

The reason the word racist is in scare-quotes is because both the Lebanese and the Syrian people, are white people. Which destroys her whole premise plus…she should know that, shouldn’t she? If you’re accusing people of being afraid of other people because of their race, shouldn’t you do a little double-check? Or is she just so certain that these people can’t be white because they don’t look anything like the CNN newsroom?


1. lauraw - November 17, 2015

I mean, not that I care. I don’t. Because I’m not trying to keep out people based on race. That’s projection on the part of white liberal people who think that Arabs are not members of their own race.

2. Mr. Matamoros - November 17, 2015

Just what is this “white fear narrative” anyway? I fear a terrorist attack upon myself and my fellow citizens just as much as the next guy.

3. osoloco11 - November 17, 2015

I recently read that Portuguese people are “Hispanic” and I thought of you. It was on an opinion page separating “Latinos” from “Hispanics” blah blah POC from whitey. (People Of Color)

4. MJ - November 17, 2015

She should quit her job so as not to be associated with the racists.

5. lauraw - November 17, 2015

She should quit her job so as not to keep stealing oxygen from everyone else who works in her building.

6. osoloco11 - November 17, 2015

RL Gay friend is posting Syrian refugee crap on FB. Dude, you die first!

7. Pupster - November 17, 2015

Well, they are kind of…swarthy.

8. geoff - November 17, 2015

And neither she nor any of her colleagues covered the Beirut bombings on CNN.

Yeah – first I’d heard of them. But regardless of the ethnicity of the victims, hearing that radical Islam is causing still more violence doesn’t do anything to lessen my “white fear.”

I’d say that the real reason that the Beirut bombings went uncovered is due to the media’s desire to advance the “Islam doesn’t have a problem with radicals” narrative.

9. geoff - November 18, 2015

If you haven’t seen it, this Monty Pythonesque parody of the Islam apologists is very good.

10. geoff - November 18, 2015

More Sally Kohn goodness:

CNN’s Sally Kohn has today been kind enough to provide us all with a perfectly distilled example of what, post-Paris, has become a popular progressive talking point. “Y’all realize,” Kohn wrote on Twitter this morning, that “ISIS wants to provoke a war, right? If we go to war, we’re doing exactly what the terrorists want.”

Worrying about whether or not they want war is beside the point, Ms. Kohn.

The point is to make them never want war again.

11. daveintexas - November 18, 2015

CNN “experts” are experts in the sense that they don’t know jack shit about anything.

Sally Kohn: Tonight we asked CNN Rail Transportation and Logistics Expert DaveinTexas for his thoughts on the recent derailment in North Dakota that forced dozens to evacuate their homes. Dave, what caused this accident?

DaveinTexas: CHOO CHOO wugga wugga

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